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Worms Zone .io - Hungry Snake game (v.5.4.1)

Are you a fan of games packed with real excitement and dynamic action? Then step into the thrilling world of Worms Zone.io, an exciting arcade experience where you can rise as the ultimate champion of the arena! Gather delicious treats and various power-ups, vanquish foes, and dominate the leaderboard as the largest worm in the game!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, the rules are straightforward - navigate the arena, gobble up all the food you encounter, and expand your worm to unprecedented sizes - there are no boundaries!

Stand out from the crowd by selecting a skin from the wardrobe or crafting your very own unique style. As you progress, unlock a plethora of skins to personalize your worm.

Worms Zone also offers intense player-versus-player action! Stay vigilant of other players and avoid collisions at all costs, or risk starting over. However, if you manage to outmaneuver and encircle them, reap the rewards with additional points and a feast of their collected food. It's truly scrumptious!



USER_BR0284HEHWUR This game is truly awesome! I've had no issues at all. I highly recommend it for flights, long car rides, or even when you're bored! It's never disappointed me. ❤️ However, I do have a suggestion: why not introduce more abilities like a 10-second protection? Also, having teammates and a no-friendly-fire rule would be fantastic for inviting friends to the game and boosting the rating. 😋
USER_H9W948NEKSOQ I enjoy playing this game, but my only concern is that when you defeat a giant worm, it doesn't reward the correct number of points it's supposed to. For example, if I defeat a worm worth +1M points, I only receive a portion of those points. I'm not expecting the exact amount, but it would be nice if defeating such challenging opponents felt more rewarding. 😐 Additionally, it would be great to have a feature to link accounts, allowing us to save our progress and play on other devices.
USER_BD97482JDJS I really adore this game, but there are a few issues that need fixing. Firstly, when I open a chest and receive a 250-coin reward, watching a video for double coins doesn't increase the reward. Also, the scoring system seems to decrease my score after playing for a while, which is confusing. Please address these issues and improve the controls as well.
USER_H8F62BSIQOJR While it's a good game, there are times when I can't control my worm properly, which is frustrating. The option to watch an ad after dying to resume gameplay sometimes restarts the game instead. I'm not sure if the enemies are real players, but if not, I suggest adding an online mode where we can play with real people and invite friends to be teammates without the risk of killing each other. 😂 It's just a suggestion, though, and I doubt anyone will follow it.
USER_HE827RBSOORJ The game lacks a pause feature, and stability skills are lacking. As my worm grows larger, it speeds up unexpectedly, leading to collisions. The "no thanks" button is too small, while the payment for revival is disproportionately large, making it hard to avoid losing progress. Despite these frustrations, I find the game very entertaining, although sometimes it really gets on my nerves. I hope for improvements in future updates. The offline capability is a plus, though.
USER_639QJF9SI2O I used to be addicted to this game, but recently I've been experiencing glitches when playing offline. My worm moves by itself, and attempts to regain control are unsuccessful, leading to a black screen. Despite these issues, I still highly recommend the game, but I might take a break until these glitches are resolved.
USER_HE8F73JJDIA I'd like to address a concern with the developers of this app. Despite collecting enough coins to level up potions or whatever you call them, they reset every time I quit the game and start again. It feels like the coins I've collected are being wasted. Please acknowledge this issue and fix the bug. Thank you.
USER_BEOW9U4NSKO This game is enjoyable and addictive, but there are a few major issues I'd like to highlight: 1. The statistics could be improved, as overall statistics are irrelevant due to separate statistics for different game modes. 2. It would be helpful to have the option to view kill numbers during gameplay. 3. Adding the ability to apply the skin of defeated worms would be fantastic. 4. The frequency of ads diminishes my interest in the game.
USER_NE9F73JQKDK I find this game quite engaging and potentially addictive; I play it daily. While I appreciate all the features it offers and haven't encountered any bugs, there are a few improvements that could enhance the experience. Adding a "Pause" mode and incorporating safety or freeze mode on the chemicals would significantly improve usability and enjoyment.
USER_HE828AKFNEIIE I've enjoyed this game, despite a few glitches that were quickly fixed. The ability to choose from different worms/snakes, customize backgrounds and food, adds to the fun. However, some worms are quite expensive, and it's frustrating when they gang up on me. Overall, I've been playing this game on and off for a long time, finding it both entertaining and amusing.
USER_NW9W7RNDOOAOR I'm changing my rating from a 5-star to a 1-star due to a sudden reset that logged me out of all my devices and erased my progress. After investing time and money into the app, losing all my coins and progress is disheartening. I started playing this game on a "get paid to play" app, but now I'm uninstalling it.
USER_74UQNISODNEOW While I like this game, there are a few bugs that need addressing. Automatic speed-ups, occasional point losses, and unwanted ads detract from the experience. It would also be nice to see more interactions for the worms to communicate.
USER_JD9482NSKS Overall, this game was one of my favorites, but an accidental uninstall resulted in the loss of all my progress. Despite enjoying it, I'm unwilling to start over after investing so much time and money. Sadly, I'm uninstalling it.
USER_ND8572NDKAP0W I adore this game! Whenever issues arise, the creators are quick to respond and offer assistance. It's an entertaining game with in-app purchases for special worms, themed obstacles, and holiday themes, making it even more enjoyable. The challenges posed by opponents, goals, and theme-oriented obstacles keep things interesting. Thank you for your generosity and all the effort you put into this game. If I could, I'd give it more stars. Also, kudos for keeping the game clean and updating it with current themes and content.
USER_72URBFBPA0Q I really enjoy playing this game; it's a great way to pass the time. However, I wish there were more color options and customization options for the skin and face. Adding more ads would detract from the fun, so please refrain from doing so.
USER_8374I2NEIFO I'm a fan of the game, but I have a few suggestions for improvement. It would be great to have an option to set a username independent of Google Play. Also, having updates available without requiring a network connection would be convenient. Additionally, a mode where the worm is in a protective zone while AFK, a chat option, and a safety potion would enhance the gameplay. It would also be nice to have a multi-account option.
USER_37QIJDNSPQ Using advertisements to upgrade a skill feels like a manipulative tactic. While I understand the need for ads in free games, this approach feels underhanded. The presence of bots in the gameplay makes it stale, and the lack of interaction with other human players is disappointing. I wanted to like the game, but these issues turned me away.
USER_74I2NFOANGOW0S I'm addicted to this game and highly recommend purchasing the "no ads" option—it's worth it and reasonably priced. I'd give it 5 stars if you could: 1. Add names to the snakes so we can track who killed us, 2. Provide an instant replay of our death, and 3. Enable a 1-minute view mode after dying so we can identify our killer.
USER_1864HEJFOAO While it's a good game, the frequency of ads is excessive. Additionally, some snakes are too expensive. Despite these issues, I appreciate the game's background, creativity, and customization options. Thank you for developing such a wonderful game.
USER_HE9F82JWOD It's highly addictive, with minimal ads, and the best part is that it can be played offline too. The only issue is that it deducts a significant amount of points with just one tap of speed, approximately 70 points. I hope the developer can address this problem. Thank you! 😀😀
USER_UR838QIJDJS The game is enjoyable, but I don't recommend paying to remove ads. Despite paying for ad removal, ads still appear, and to receive any in-game bonuses, you must watch ads that last from 60 seconds to 2 minutes. I would have rated it 5 stars, but the fact that paying to remove ads doesn't eliminate them entirely led me to give it only 2 stars.
USER_BEOD0ALEL3O5 I like the game, but there are two issues. Firstly, sometimes a black type of worm appears that is difficult to see, resulting in sudden deaths, which has occurred 11-15 times. Secondly, there are numerous ads. Anyway, I enjoy the game, and I suggest adding a 'pause' button!
USER_748WJFJAKD The game is fantastic, but during special events, it often requires multiple logins to access the home screen with the option for the special event. There seems to be a bug that needs fixing.
USER_28TNNDKAOOW Why does this game take up so much storage? It's frustrating because I can't play it on my previous smartphone. Also, I want to report a glitch: sometimes, I die for no reason at all. This glitch has caused me to lose significant progress. Additionally, why are the skins and offers so expensive?
USER_U274UNDKOAPQK I love this game; it's incredibly addictive. I find it amusing when some worms try to end others but end up messing themselves up. It's great fun, and maybe I'm the only one who sees it this way, but I've been told I have the mind of a 5-year-old as I get easily amused. 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
USER_BEIFOAM1LO49 Today, I lost my 3 million coins, which were really difficult to earn. When I started playing today, I received a notification about terms and conditions. After accepting, I lost all my earned coins and progress. This is unacceptable. I'm confused; please explain. I'm giving it one star only to send this message.
USER_7364WJJDJKAPQ The game is interesting, and I would rate it 5 stars, but the ads are too distracting. Every time I want to play or restart, ads keep popping up, which is quite frustrating. If I could pay to remove these ads, I would. Sorry, but I'm really disappointed.
USER_7582JDMGNOS Is it intended for the snake to kill when it encircles and captures a smaller snake? It shouldn't be. This happened to me twice, and that's why I'm uninstalling the game. Edit: It wouldn't improve the ratings; why introduce unnecessary complexity into your game? Or at least mention it in the game.
USER_2U848SJNGISOS Not good at all. It was fine when I first played, but then it started asking for ads, and they never appeared. Very disappointing. I would recommend Snake.io; it's better than this, and there are no ads if you play offline. Seriously, such a good game.
USER_H38R8WJNDS It's a bit worse than I expected. I mean, it's fun, but why is it so bad? I was playing, and it suddenly stopped responding to touch! I moved the joystick, but the game wouldn't register my movements, even though I was touching the screen.
USER_B38T84JENF This game is terrible. It takes too much time with ads, and after every game, there's another ad. It's a very bad experience for me. Please work on this issue and reduce the number of ads after each game.
USER_JR028SJSOQLE This game is incredibly interesting, but there are too many ads that disrupt my gameplay. Please reduce the number of ads. Thank you.
USER_722IO4KDNOAOE This game isn't working on my phone because I need to get the same thing as the north of the cover. But I'll still give it 4 stars because of its graphics.
USER_UE849ALKFJEOW This game is quite enjoyable, and it offers many types of skins of good quality. You should try it; it's quite fun.
USER_73QOSJFJDKSK It's pretty cool, but there are some other problems that need fixing. When you kill a big snake with 1M points, it doesn't give you the right amount.
USER_73IQJFKAKF92 A very enjoyable game I've ever played. I really love this game. It's all about competition, which is why people like to play it in their free time. My favorite game 🙂
USER_U38W8DJQKD Worm Zone is a very fun game! However, there are too many ads that distract me a lot. Sometimes I feel like not playing because of the ads, but overall, it's a really fun and good game. I also loved the new Valentine's special! Thank you.
USER_HD829TJODOQ9 It's a good game, and I enjoy defeating worms and growing larger. The ability to change worm texture color by earning coins is also nice. I play this game in my free time and find it enjoyable.
USER_7371UDJFJJZ Since worms are now able to go through other worms, the game has become rubbish. It's no longer about skill; it's cheating and rubbish. If this feature is turned off, I would gladly give it a higher rating.
USER_UFHW818RJD I wish there was a pause option in this game because it's exhausting to reach a score of 5 million and then realize you can't pause the game when you need to do something else.
USER_628RI8WJDJ This game is fantastic and consistently updates with holiday-themed prizes. You can earn or purchase novelty snakes. I love it!! It's been my absolute favorite game for the past 5 years!! I've tried several games and deleted them for various reasons, but this game has always remained!!!
USER_HD885929DK It's a bit challenging because the worms have their own momentum. They can't turn immediately. Yes, the controls sometimes glitch, causing the snake to move straight while the control button stops responding.
USER_HF8274929EJ Twice I've started the game only to find that I've been logged out. When I logged back in, ALL progress was deleted, including the $10 golden pass I had purchased. The first time, I contacted support, and it was a hassle to have my progress mostly restored. Customer support suggested checking my Google settings and uninstalling/reinstalling, but this issue has only occurred with this game, and I'm fed up with it.
USER_HF827482IFJJ This game has the best price. It's hard to find words to describe how much I love this game. Snake Worms.io is an incredibly nice and beautiful game. I can't express how much I enjoy it. I can't imagine it being the worst game ever. I can't go a day without playing it. Do you like my review? Do you find it helpful? But the ads are a problem. Do you agree?
USER_BFIQ97482NDJS This game is amazing. It's my favorite game. However, it would be even better if we could play with our social media friends. Please consider adding an update to enable this feature.
USER_UF738QIDUJS This game is truly awesome. I enjoy playing it a lot, but I do get bored after playing for a long time. However, I don't uninstall it because I like coming back to it after taking a break. I'm not too bored with this game, so I think giving it four stars is fair. :)
USER_HD8W94U2JDJJD It's enjoyable to play this game to pass the time. The updates for upcoming festivals are very entertaining and engaging. Yes, I'm addicted to this game lol.
USER_HD737R8WIDUHD It's fun to play, but there are too many ads in this game. Even when I'm offline, there are still ads.
USER_HDI1874I2JEJ The fortune wheel appears to offer a good opportunity to earn money, but it's disappointing as it consistently provides only 50 to 200 rupees, regardless of how much effort I put in. It's frustrating, and it tempts me to delete the game. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you awarded coins for participating in various events. For example, during Valentine's week, I collected nearly 50k hearts but received nothing when the season ended. Please address these issues; otherwise, the game is good.
USER_UHT8284I2JSJD It's decent for passing the time, but I won't dwell on the ads that consume a significant portion of it. However, I do want to highlight that this game could be exceptional if it introduced multiplayer features.
USER_BD97592IEJD This game is really enjoyable, and I love playing with the snakes, but sometimes the speed button activates automatically, and when I load the game, many ads appear, which I don't appreciate.
USER_HD87528JDJF This game is fantastic! I would give it five stars, but there's one thing that bothers me: there are many skins and flag options, but there's no Indian flag. That's why I'm giving it four stars. I hope this feedback is helpful.
USER_HDIW8472JNR I adore this game, and even my uncle enjoys playing it. It's incredibly fun, as you can grow your worm by eating lots of food and eliminating other worms. Overall, it's quite enjoyable.
USER_HS8W74JEJFID It's my favorite game. It would be great if we could retain all the items we collect, such as hearts transferring into coins after special events have ended.
USER_UR72Y4NSKF9W I really enjoy playing this game. However, there are some issues such as the inability to access the lunar mode, even with an internet connection, and the controls aren't very responsive. I hope the developers can improve these aspects of the game.
USER_HR836482JDJD I love this game, but there aren't enough coins on the battlefield, and it would be helpful if you could earn coins and apples for watching ads. Other than that, everything else is fine. It's a great game! 😊


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