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Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse (v.3.0.6) Android & IOS in 2024


Reviews (4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

I just installed it yesterday, and it immediately grabbed my attention, especially with the crafting mechanics allowing you to craft items directly from the storage box. I also appreciate the convenience of using a helicopter to travel to different locations. However, one feature I'd love to see added is the ability to craft a storage box, eliminating the need to search for items to upgrade the current one. Thank you for considering this suggestion!

I'm only giving it two stars due to three issues: Firstly, when starting the game with wifi or data enabled, it takes an eternity to load. Secondly, the inconsistency with watching ads for free items, where they may not be available or cause the game to crash. Lastly, the server save feature seems to be stuck in an endless loop. Developers, please address these issues promptly.

This game is simple yet entertaining. Despite only playing for a short time, I can already tell it's amazing. The minimal ad interruptions and fun battle mechanics are commendable. One suggestion I have is to add quick formation buttons for easy switching between Defensive and Mobile formations.

The graphics are truly impressive, with attention to detail evident in every environment. The soundtrack complements the visuals perfectly, enhancing the overall atmosphere. Adding multiplayer functionality could greatly expand the game's appeal, allowing players to explore and compete together.

Compared to its predecessor, this game offers significant improvements, providing a variety of ways to strengthen yourself and explore interesting areas. Ads don't disrupt the gameplay, and I've encountered no issues while playing. I highly recommend giving this awesome game a try!

This is a great game. However, I have a few suggestions. Firstly, increasing storage capacity as items become more costly at higher levels. Secondly, providing graphics settings options for adjusting frame rates and quality. Currently, there are only three available settings.

Overall, it's a very good game, but I have a few suggestions. Firstly, enable cloud saving in the settings, as it currently doesn't work despite having an internet connection. Secondly, improve the weapon-switching mechanism. Lastly, exploring areas feels tedious, especially due to limited daytime. It would be helpful to make this process less exhausting.

It's a fantastic game with minimal bugs or glitches, and the graphics are excellent. However, gameplay can become dull as you progress, especially in single-player mode. I hope the developers will introduce different game modes or an online mode for added excitement and interaction with other players.

It's an awesome game, but there are a couple of things I'd like to address. Firstly, cloth is too easy to obtain, and the cost to craft certain items like bandages and clothing is too low. Secondly, the game is a bit too easy overall, and I hope for more challenges to keep things interesting.

I'm eagerly anticipating the update to delve into the world quest and address the Goliath issue, given how captivating the story and graphics are in this game. Additionally, I'd love to see more intricate details added, such as water bodies, buildings, or temples in countries like Indonesia. It would also be fantastic to introduce fourth-generation outfits, helmets, gloves, etc. However, there's a glitch that causes lag when numerous enemies are present or when they rush simultaneously. I hope this issue can be resolved soon.

Hey, Dawinstone. Could you please enable control customization, particularly for the joystick? I'd like to adjust it slightly to the right for better comfort. Also, if possible, allow us to rearrange the placement of skills or other elements. Additionally, adding more quick formations would greatly enhance the gameplay experience. Thanks for the recent update; I believe these adjustments would benefit other players as well.

Discovering a game like this is a delightful surprise—a true hidden gem. It perfectly aligns with what I've been seeking—an adventurous and challenging experience. I'm pleasantly surprised by the expansive map and thoroughly enjoy collecting items. The unintrusive placement of ads is commendable and actually enhances the gaming experience. This is quite rare to find.

This game is truly wonderful! It's a paradise for grinding enthusiasts like me. I particularly appreciate the option to go solo and leave comrades at the base, the diverse formations, and the variety of weapons. However, there's room for improvement. Since it's set in a forest, adding villages to some maps would enhance exploration and reduce repetitiveness. It would be great to see more varied locations to explore.

So far, the game is enjoyable. However, I'm withholding a five-star rating because the initial stages feel somewhat empty and repetitive due to the massive maps filled with easy enemies and repetitive loot spots. Scaling down the size of Level 1 maps and adding unique Points of Interest would alleviate this issue. Additionally, the abrupt camera snap when changing formations and using certain abilities can be discomforting. Nonetheless, it's an overall excellent game with fair monetization practices.

This game is amazing! I've never spent so much time and real money on a single-player offline RPG before. Here are some suggestions to enhance the quality of life in the game: 1. Custom button layouts for all buttons. 2. Implement in-game weapon switching without needing to open the inventory. 3. Refine the auto-fire feature to prevent soldiers from shooting when an enemy is within range but not in their line of sight, to conserve ammo and durability.

A refreshing take on the shooting survival genre, now infused with crafting and gathering elements. The addition of a 360° shooting angle is commendable and adds a new layer to gameplay. The introduction of new perks, leveling systems, and improved environments breathes new life into the game. However, I would appreciate a manual aiming stick for shooting, as the current system can feel clunky at times. Overall, well done to the developers; the wait was certainly worth it.