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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App (v.

Waze is a navigation app powered by a community of users, aiding millions in reaching their destinations with real-time road alerts and an up-to-date map. Leveraging our extensive network of drivers, Waze efficiently saves you time by promptly notifying you about traffic congestion, construction, accidents, police presence, and other relevant updates. Offering traffic-optimized reroutes, live safety alerts, and notifications for low gas prices, Waze embodies a community-driven ethos, where drivers support each other in navigating the roads.



USER_73IQJDJJWJNFNAI3 It's functioning properly, but I'm hoping the option to choose from three given routes: Express Way, Service Road, and Sky Way will be reinstated in the app. Currently, only the service road option is available. These three choices are beneficial for Grab drivers since sometimes the passenger selects the route we'll take.
USER_IE8QIFKKWIFJKW It's not accurate and complicates things. Perhaps because the app relies on user reports in a specific area. However, the app shouldn't solely depend on these reports. This might explain why it occasionally directs me in circles due to reported traffic when there's actually no congestion at all. It should stick to the original route like Google Maps. Now, it's up to the driver to decide which option to take, although the app still provides options.
USER_JD7EJAJFNNJWIFNIS I love Waze, my preferred traffic update and navigation app, but please optimize the user interface for landscape use. I use a tablet as a head unit for my old car, and when I run Waze in landscape mode, my car icon isn't centered; it's on the lower right side of the screen. I'll update my rating once this issue is resolved.
USER_IE8QJXJFJWISJFJD Worst app experience ever!!! Instead of providing the shortest and fastest route, it always suggests the longest route despite the app settings. We're constantly stuck in heavy traffic because of the app's route suggestions. It even directs you to unknown roads where you're the only vehicle passing through. Moreover, it fails to search and provide routes back. There may be a main road, but it always chooses a difficult route.
USER_7RTIWIKDKGJEJD Better than Maps. However, I have some critiques. Night mode using Android Auto won't turn off or is on by default. This isn't due to my settings, as Maps changes perfectly. There's also no sound test when selecting the navigation voice, which is an odd omission. I encountered an issue with night mode during the day while using navigation. When I replaced my phone, it asked if I wanted to continue the route, and when I said yes, it started directing me home instead. Then, when I restarted the route, it got stuck loading. Weird glitch.
USER_JE8ZJJFNJWISIFUIE A+++ The more you use it, the better routes it gives you. The best part about the app is its real-time user base. All we need is a heads up on what's ahead of us, and you've executed that perfectly. After Trapster, there hasn't been a map as helpful. You guys save lives. Thank you to everyone who interacts and uses Waze. We can only make it stronger (no subscription please). It seems like that's the direction companies are going.
USER_JE8Q7ZJFJWIDIDI Overall, a great app. I find it easier to use than my other navigation apps. However, it keeps taking me through routes I'd rather avoid. It would be nice to have the ability to rate a trip or route suggestion so that the app doesn't take you through routes you dislike. For me, I'd rather travel longer distances at night on safer motorways than through unpaved single-carriage roads like the ones in the Peak District.
USER_JD8Q7ZJFJWI7XDU Generally, a very good app. It's our preferred navigation choice through Android Auto in the car (via Pixel 7 in the UK). However, since the most recent app update, the voice volume has decreased slightly (set to full on the phone and car), and the screen is permanently in nighttime dark mode (set to auto). Hopefully, these issues will be fixed in the next update, and it will go back to working in five-star mode.
USER_JF7Q8IANDJAIRUJF In night mode, the streets now appear blue, which is confusing because it's too similar to the color of water on the map, making all the roads look like canals. I'm still encountering difficulty disabling the "Drive Now" feature. Additionally, the "thank you" notification after sending a report takes a few seconds too long to disappear, which is very distracting.
USER_JR8Q7DJJANRJWIQ This app was fantastic until the last update. Now, it fails to connect to networks (5G, with full bars showing) and consistently shows it's using offline maps. Consequently, it doesn't provide any traffic updates or allow me to report ANY events along my drive. Removing and reloading the app didn't help; in fact, it took about four hours to log back into my account after the new download. Such a shame!
USER_UD71JDOAJFNGIWIXJD Waze makes GPS navigation fun! It offers lots of options and is accurate. If you want to enjoy your time on the road and prefer not to listen to the standard GPS narrators, grab the Waze Navigation App to take your driving experience to the next level. It offers various voices and themes to choose from, allows you to customize your car, gives you points, and displays your MPH. It's like a regular GPS but upgraded. Head to the play store and get WAZE!
USER_UEUQUDJGJWISIF I used to like Waze, but for most of the past year, it freezes all the time. Occasionally, a full reinstall gets it to work for a few days, but then it freezes again. When Waze asks for help, their request is to "Send us a screenshot." However, I can't do that while driving, and even if I could, what good would a screenshot of a frozen screen do? I just installed the latest update, so I'll see how it goes, but this issue has persisted through the past year of updates, so I'm not optimistic.
USER_7R81KDMGNSIICS The phone-controlled night mode no longer works with Android Auto. This was my primary reason for using Waze. It seems to have been disabled since a recent update. Now, there's no reason to use Waze over Maps. Many of us have aftermarket radios in cars without ambient light sensors. It's disappointing. Is a GUI toggle switch too much to ask for?
USER_7WUQUSJNGJWIAUDUD I loved the app, but there are a lot of missing and misplaced roads. I'd love to fix them, but when I open it on PC, it doesn't allow me. I would love to contribute, but I don't know how. Besides that, I really like the interface. It doesn't lag or crash on my cheap phone. Overall, I really love it.
USER_7RI1MDKAKNGIWUCJ Where is the "view routes" button? After the update, I noticed it's no longer there. Please bring it back. It helps to provide different routes than the one suggested. Sometimes, we like to see the route options so we can choose to continue with the suggested route or change to a different one. Optics are super important.
USER_JR82ISJFJQIFJIA I would've given it 4 1/2 stars. I like the idea of interacting with other drivers and find it helpful to report traffic. But I have some requests: 1. I use Poweramp to listen to my downloaded music. Is there any chance you can add that to the media apps list? 2. I became a map editor but still didn't get the special moods available. Did I do something wrong? Other than that, Waze is a great app and perfect for navigation!
USER_UWIGJJXJSJEJJT Overall, it serves as a reasonable alternative to Google Maps. However, I've observed that it occasionally fails to provide the correct route and may direct you to a nearby location instead of the intended address. Fortunately, in the few instances where this occurred, it was to destinations I already knew, allowing me to disregard the directions and take the correct path. I also hope to see the feature for reporting hazards retained (or not) with Google Assistant voice commands.
USER_UEIQIDJXJJAIJFJR Initially, I rated it 5 stars. Then, it dropped to 1 star due to connectivity issues, particularly when used with Android Auto. After receiving assistance to resolve the dropouts, everything seemed fine. Despite this, I still prefer this app over Maps. However, while Maps provides audible guidance, Waze's voice guidance isn't audible. Despite having the guidance volume set to full in settings, I still can't hear it. It does lower the radio volume, indicating that it's attempting to function. I've encountered this issue across three cars and three phones. Hopefully, someone can provide a solution!
USER_72JTIZMFIWIFMJAIR Transitioning from CarPlay to Android Auto has been somewhat jarring, especially regarding the UI. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find that the main directions UI has been moved farther from the driver, and the main text size has been significantly reduced. The route numbers are now incredibly small, making them difficult to see, with no option to adjust any of these settings. Otherwise, I would undoubtedly rate Waze 5 stars, but the UI can significantly impact navigation software.
USER_37UTIQJDJANFJSI Recently, Waze has started to refuse to remain in Dark Mode (whether set as night mode or a static theme) when connected to a 2019 VW Passat via Android Auto. This issue appears to have arisen in a recent update. Given that I drive approximately half of my daily commute during darkness, having the app blind me with a white screen in the early morning hours is far from ideal.
USER_74I8QKDMANNFUXUW It used to be excellent. Now, it's terrible. Previously, it provided turn-by-landmark guidance and offered choices between shortest, fastest, or scenic routes. However, these features have been removed. Now, it only offers the shortest routes, often leading drivers off highways and through neighborhoods or down dirt roads. Reporting bugs has become challenging, and reporting hazards without using voice commands is difficult or impossible. Additionally, the program lags in providing turn-by-turn instructions after missing a turn, and voice files become corrupted.
USER_IE8R8QJDJJVISIR If Android Auto isn't functioning properly, reaching out to support is futile. They'll dismiss your concerns and attribute them to your cable or advise you to install the latest version, even if those aren't the root causes. Unfortunately, you can't send their internal logs while connected to Android Auto. While I'd be willing to send ADB logs, apparently they don't accept those. (Sorry, I don't use Facebook.)
USER_73IQIDMAJNGJSIEI How about adding "sun glare" as a Weather Hazard option or a general option, as it can be blinding? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sun glare causes approximately 9,000 crashes each year, making it the second environmental-related reason drivers get into crashes, after slick roads. Additionally, consider moving "vehicle on side ahead" to the first screen, as it's the option I use most frequently. As it stands, it takes two screen prompts to access it!
USER_TJ8EISJXJAIFKKF After relying on Google Maps for an extended period, I find it challenging to fulfill my needs with Waze. It seems absurd that while driving, I can't utilize a speech feature to instruct Waze to navigate to a grocery store or restroom—a necessity for my work in home health care. Furthermore, I discovered that "grocery store" isn't even listed as a category in Waze, which reinforces my preference for Google Maps. It's frustrating, especially considering I always use Waze on Android Auto.
USER_JFMD018RJQJZKGKR I've been using this app for several years now, and its simplicity is commendable, but its usefulness goes beyond that. Navigation has never been smoother, and the alerts about upcoming issues like police presence, stranded vehicles, and potholes are invaluable. It's almost like a game to see how many observations I can make and report to assist other Wazers. Additionally, I've found joy in contributing to map editing, especially in my rapidly developing area that requires constant updates. The supportive and friendly community adds to the enjoyment!
USER_75I1KFKAKNHKIWID While I appreciate Waze as an alternative, I find it much easier to determine the distance between two points using Google Maps. Waze also needs to enhance its live location sharing feature. Sometimes, you simply want to calculate the distance between two points, either for yourself or for others traveling between them, and Waze's route planner doesn't facilitate this efficiently.
USER_UWIDJFKFOW9ITNDQ Since the latest update, the maps no longer switch to night mode automatically on Android Auto, which was a significant reason for my preference for Waze over Google Maps. Despite using a CarPlay device fully compatible with Android Auto and running the latest version of the software, Waze support incorrectly stated that Waze isn't compatible unless my device is on their supported list. However, Waze worked perfectly on my device until the recent update. I hope they resolve this issue promptly.
USER_JFIW8QKFNNTKEID Waze is a fantastic app with stunning maps, but its core functionality to display traffic has been broken for almost a year. The traffic lines appear and disappear arbitrarily, even when stuck in standstill traffic. This issue persists on Android Auto as well. It seems like the developers either aren't aware of this bug or simply don't prioritize fixing it, which is disappointing, especially considering I use a Google Pixel 7 phone with the latest Android version.
USER_7T82JCJAJTJWJX Although I'm fond of Waze, it's not performing as expected on Android Auto. Twice today, it froze during a trip, causing me to miss a turn and endangering myself and my wife on the highway. Unless this issue is addressed promptly, I'm hesitant to continue using it. I've checked permissions and ensured the app is up to date, but the problem persists.
USER_7E71IFJOA0ODI While I appreciate the app and use it daily, I have to rate it poorly due to safety concerns and the difficulty in reporting them. While navigating with Android Auto, the app displays tiny white road sign boxes with even smaller black text to indicate certain roads, which are practically unreadable from the driver's seat and could pose a distraction. Reporting such issues is cumbersome, as Waze directs users to a suggestion site without providing direct access to the team for reporting urgent matters. It's a significant drawback.
USER_IW9ITKWIJFJS The voice guidance in Waze is clear, and it provides timely updates during recalculations and regarding road conditions. It's an app I favor over others due to its user-friendliness. However, it lacks audible turn notifications, which could improve the overall experience. Despite this drawback, I recommend Waze for its overall functionality and ease of use.
USER_FU7WIXJUAIUEJJF The recent update has either removed or modified the "Add a stop" feature in routing. When adding a stop to the drive, if the stop precedes the final destination, Waze will still direct you to the final destination first and then to the added stop. It seems logical for Waze to route to the closest stop first and then proceed to the next one. Alternatively, users could be provided with the option to input stops sequentially, such as stop one, stop two, and so on, through a screen input.
USER_CY8Q3ITMIXIQI This app is fantastic; I particularly appreciate the ability to warn other drivers about hazards. It would be great if there were a feature allowing users to input a hazard on the map when they've stopped. Sometimes, it's too challenging to input a hazard while driving, and by the time you've stopped, the opportunity has passed. Just a suggestion, but definitely worth considering.
USER_UG83I1OIRNSIW I'd appreciate it if Waze stopped insisting that I take the motorway for just two kilometers. It's as if the smaller roads don't even exist. Even when I intentionally choose the slower route, Waze often reroutes me without notification. Automatic rerouting is frustrating; I prefer to make route changes myself. Additionally, it has never helped me avoid traffic; instead, it often directs me through congested areas.
USER_NVWO84JQO7DUF I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with this app; each new update seems to make it worse. The "Routes" option for alternate routes has been removed, forcing users to stick to a single route. While I used to love this app, its recent changes have compelled me to explore other navigation options.
USER_UR7WUDNAIRU The support provided by Waze is severely lacking; it's either lazy or incompetent. I experienced a voice issue, but when I reached out for assistance, they blamed it on my Huawei phone, claiming it wasn't supported. However, they failed to acknowledge that the voice packages are identical for all phones, regardless of the brand or model. This level of support is unacceptable.
USER_JDNGOS8TIEIJD Due to the frequent crashes of Google Maps, I've had to resort to using Waze, despite its inferior voice guidance. While Waze is better than risking an accident due to frustration with Google Maps, its voice guidance often directs me to turn after I've passed the intersection or provides street names only two miles prior to the turn. It's frustrating that I can't even copy an address from Waze and must open Google Maps for that purpose.
USER_17ITKXKKQKKTK I've been a loyal user of Waze for years, but it suddenly stopped working on my 2022 Subaru in early February. Despite using the latest versions of Waze, Android Auto, and the Subaru Outback software, I receive no response. Although Bluetooth indicates connectivity, I'm unable to use Waze on my car's system.
USER_648QKDGNJXJS I used to rely solely on Waze for navigation on Android Auto, but since a significant update some months ago, I've had to minimize its use. The intrusive black background sometimes fails to disappear despite multiple attempts, making it harder to establish a Wi-Fi connection and often suggesting longer routes. Consequently, I've resorted to using Google Maps until these issues are resolved.
USER_72TJ8XGKWIIX While I used to adore Waze, its integration with Android Auto has become a nightmare. The inability to type an address to find a location is incredibly frustrating and poses a safety risk, as voice commands rarely work effectively. This forces me to focus longer on the screen, increasing distraction. I've been compelled to switch to a different navigation app because I can easily type addresses on my phone—a crucial feature, especially when navigating to multiple destinations.
USER_3IITKAKKFKKA Routing can sometimes be unreliable, suggesting challenging or confusing maneuvers, but I consistently rely on it while driving for user-reported information. For those inclined to speed or frequently running behind schedule, it serves as a valuable tool for avoiding speed traps and pairs effectively with a radar detector. Despite catering to a fairly large user base, unlike some niche apps, it maintains a strong focus on reporting that larger apps often overlook. Overall, I'm satisfied with its performance.
USER_UE8ZJJGWIID With 40 years of experience in software design, I'm not easily baffled by app interfaces. However, I don't have the time to decipher why there's an obstructive window that cannot be minimized, covering half the map, or why the map size cannot be adjusted to view the entire route. Consequently, I've opted to uninstall it.
USER_375J1OFJISE I've been a Waze user for several years and have generally been pleased with it. However, after the latest update, the voice instructions no longer transmit through my car's sound system, despite the phone being connected via Bluetooth and the audio system functioning properly. Instead, the voice instructions only play through the phone's internal speaker.
USER_DU72TJWIXJD While Waze used to be my preferred navigation app, it has recently led me to multiple incorrect locations. Today, I had to resort to opening Google Maps on my passenger's phone to navigate to the correct destination, which was only eight minutes away. Even when I arrived at the correct location, Waze continued to direct me elsewhere, despite the street names being completely different (Benton versus South Main) and the erroneous location lacking the inputted address number.
USER_JDO28RUJWDI Although Waze boasts a good user interface, ease of use, and live updates from other drivers, it fails to avoid routes within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, even with or without the necessary London ULEZ pass. Despite assurances on the Waze forums and Reddit that this issue has been addressed or resolved in updates, it remains unresolved, causing frustration as this was the primary reason for using the app.


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