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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet App (DApps Platform, Inc.) v.8.13

Trust Wallet serves as a multi-chain self-custody cryptocurrency wallet and a secure gateway to numerous Web3 decentralized applications (dApps).

Already embraced by over 60 million users, Trust Wallet provides the simplest means to store, transfer, and receive digital assets, manage NFT collections, and explore realms like DeFi, GameFi, and the metaverse.

Functioning as a secure self-custody crypto wallet, Trust Wallet empowers you with complete control over your crypto assets. This ensures that your funds cannot be frozen, withdrawals cannot be halted, and no one can access your funds without your explicit consent.

With support for over 8 million digital assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), across 70+ blockchains, Trust Wallet enables secure connections to thousands of Web3 dApps.

Download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp
Filesize: 38 MB, Requires Android 7.0 and up


USER_JF92IGIW8D This app urgently requires a feature to display the final cost of swaps, even when you don't possess the coins for swapping. It's crucial for planning purchases for swapping purposes, yet currently, you can't view the swap cost unless you already possess enough coins. Additionally, integrating a built-in calculator to estimate the cost of acquiring a specific amount of coins at the current value is necessary. Moreover, there should be more options to directly purchase a specific coin instead of relying solely on swapping. Lastly, implementing a filter to exclude providers that don't serve my state would greatly enhance user experience.
USER_C7WJJFUSI At times, this app performs admirably, but the swapping function consistently fails, even when attempting to swap within the same network. While there are decentralized finance web apps that facilitate swapping seamlessly, the convenience of executing swaps directly within the Trust Wallet was previously appreciated. However, since the advent of BTC ETF, this functionality has become unreliable, causing unnecessary frustration. Such issues should have been addressed after years in the market. It's imperative to rectify these issues promptly.
USER_HX7Q8TKI28DID After updating the app to the latest version, it refuses to launch and crashes immediately upon clicking. Despite exhaustive troubleshooting efforts such as restarting the phone, switching networks, clearing caches, and updating the operating system, the problem persists. This renders the current update ineffective and disappointing, especially considering years of reliance on Trust Wallet. Urgent attention is needed to resolve this issue and restore functionality.
USER_1848JFUWIF Following the latest update, wallets fail to load, leaving the app stuck on the loading screen upon opening. Despite attempts to resolve the issue by restarting the device and clearing the cache, the problem persists. This necessitates switching to a different wallet that functions reliably. Testing updates thoroughly before release is essential to prevent such disruptions and inconveniences for users.
USER_JC82IGMO92Z Since the last update, withdrawal functionality is completely impaired. Withdrawal attempts either get rejected or remain pending indefinitely. Despite reaching out to customer service, the issue persists, with assurance of a fix for the withdrawal service. Such disruptions are unacceptable, particularly for users dependent on cryptocurrency. The current state of the app raises doubts about its reliability and warrants caution in recommending it to others.
USER_UD728GKD99Q93 The lack of human support makes it challenging to address issues effectively. After sending $1200 in LTC to my wallet, the transaction appears successful on the blockchain but fails to reflect within the wallet. The bot support is unhelpful, emphasizing the need for human intervention to resolve critical issues promptly. Such shortcomings undermine user trust and confidence in the app's reliability.
USER_JF7VJWJIA8F72 Trust Wallet, once esteemed for its functionality, has regrettably declined in quality due to recent updates. Each update seems to exacerbate existing issues, resulting in a deteriorating user experience. Reverting to a previous version could potentially restore functionality and garner positive reviews. Currently, the app's functionality is compromised, detracting from its reputation as one of the best in its category.
USER_FJ82KYLOXOAO The latest update proved to be disappointing, as it not only failed to resolve existing issues but also introduced new ones. Attempting to stake DOT results in a recurring white screen, while staking coins like OSMO and ADA consistently crashes the app. Moreover, the process of staking and restaking now requires manually selecting a validator each time, with the app randomly assigning validators instead of using the user's preferred choices. This becomes particularly frustrating when managing multiple coins that require frequent restaking or compounding. Overall, the app has become virtually unusable. It's a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." While some issues have been addressed, the overall experience has significantly deteriorated.
USER_IF72JGIX8Q8 I eagerly anticipated trying out the updated version of the Wellert app, particularly with its feature of secret face matching word keys. However, my experience has been far from satisfactory. Despite repeated attempts, I consistently encounter an innocent match error when attempting to create Wellerts. The constant prompt to retry without any success is incredibly frustrating.
USER_JF8285LOOSOOD As a long-time user of Trust Wallet, I've always relied on its automatic updates. However, after the recent update, I've been unable to open the app at all. While some of my wallets are backed up, others created recently remain vulnerable. Upon attempting to launch the app, I'm greeted with the Trust Wallet logo on a dark screen, with no progress even after hours of waiting. Despite clearing the cache, the issue persists. Resorting to clearing data would result in the loss of all wallets, including those not backed up. I can only hope that a future update will resolve this distressing situation.
USER_ID828TLKFO9A9 Upon opening an account with Trust Wallet, I encountered a smooth process until I attempted to stake 2 BNB. Despite having the BNB in my wallet, the app erroneously displayed a balance of 0 BNB for staking. However, I'm relieved to report that the issue has since been resolved, with no faults found in the app's trading system.
USER_CJ7WITK3OXIOS My experience with Trust Wallet turned sour when I had to restart the app after forgetting my password. Upon successfully logging in, I discovered that my funds were missing. Despite submitting multiple support tickets, each one was promptly closed with the issue supposedly resolved, which is far from the truth. This lack of resolution and accountability is unacceptable, leading to a severe erosion of trust in the wallet's reliability.
USER_GJ48QCLOGK2Z Following the creation and backup of my wallet on Google Drive, I encountered persistent issues with password verification. Despite entering the correct password multiple times, the app consistently rejected it, making it impossible to trust the app with my assets. This inability to verify passwords poses a significant risk of asset loss, further diminishing confidence in the app's security.
USER_JF82ITIA8F While the app functions adequately when no issues arise, the absence of reliable support renders it inadequate when problems occur. Moreover, inaccuracies in displaying coin balances, such as showing a balance of 0 despite available coins, further undermine user confidence. Overall, Trust Wallet could vastly improve with better support infrastructure and more accurate coin balance tracking.
USER_JX72OYOSKCKOW I'm experiencing a severe issue after updating my Trust Wallet app. My account was logged out, and now it's prompting for a password that I can't recall. Unfortunately, there's no option to request a "forgotten password," leaving me confused and frustrated. Despite emailing for assistance, I've received no response yet. I've rated the app with one star due to this issue and the slow customer service via email.
USER_C7WK84KG8A I'm unable to withdraw my funds, whether in BTC, ETH, or through swapping. This issue isn't related to network errors, as other settings pages fail to load after attempting verification. Despite creating a support ticket, I haven't received any replies. It's disheartening to see the team engaging in the reviews section without providing actual assistance to fix the problem.
USER_UF72JVOQ8G Since the last update, the app has become sluggish, making any action tedious. Attempting to add a coin results in a message stating it's unavailable, regardless of input. Moreover, the balance in the Chrome extension wallet differs from the Android version, despite being loaded from the same backup.
USER_JC72JXIOG While the app functions well overall, withdrawing money proves to be a cumbersome process. The app requires private ID verification but lacks clear instructions on how to activate the camera. Customer support is virtually non-existent, with only a bot providing generic responses without addressing the issue at hand.
USER_CJ71IDIIS The recent update has caused my smart contract, previously deployed to Trust Wallet, to vanish along with my 100 billion tokens. I'm currently seeking support to investigate this matter further. Trust Wallet needs to address these issues promptly.
USER_JC7WIFICQ I've downgraded my rating to one star because I'm unable to perform essential actions such as staking, swapping, converting, withdrawing, or transferring my ETH balance. Despite numerous attempts using methods found online, the issue persists, rendering the app useless for me. I'm seeking assistance to resolve this matter without having to email support, as the details are already known through this feedback.
USER_FK82OGKSF I wish I could rate this app 0 stars. After a lengthy night of trading, I attempted to transfer 97k MYRO to MEXC to sell at $0.42 on Wednesday morning. It's now been pending for four days, during which MYRO plummeted to $0.25, resulting in over $16,000 in lost profits. Despite sending over 20 emails to customer support, I've received no responses except for automated replies to multiple help tickets, which offer no useful information or assistance. The FAQ pages are utterly useless, as they don't even pertain to the Android app. Additionally, the browser extension fails to function. Overall, this app and its associated customer service are complete garbage.
USER_FJ82I5L1OOD While I appreciate all the features of Trust Wallet, the inability to recover a lost wallet is a significant drawback. Not everyone can recall their recovery password, leading my team and me to temporarily cease using Trust Wallet until this issue is addressed.
USER_FJ8SQ8KFKF My Wallet was hacked, resulting in the draining of my BNB balance to an unknown wallet address. Despite only signing a transaction to send BNB to a specific address, another transaction was initiated, emptying the remaining BNB and sending it elsewhere. Despite being a long-time user, I've decided it's time to switch to a different wallet.
USER_NXIQI3PQ9DO Please, I urgently need assistance with recovering my TRONs. After unstaking my TRONs following a few days of staking, my balance is displaying correctly but shows as 0.00 when attempting to swap or transfer. Even after updating the app today, the issue persists, causing increasing frustration. This error needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
USER_JC7WI19DIKG Since installing the app on my new phone (S24 Ultra), I've been unable to add or import a single token using the auto-population feature. Even when pasting a correct contract address, it simply shows "Not Available." Furthermore, manual import results in an excessive number of tokens, such as 598 trillion instead of 598, regardless of the input decimals.
USER_JC8C8WIAIIF I solely use this wallet for Cardano, but for the past 2 or 3 days, I've been encountering technical issues with the endpoint, preventing me from seeing my updated balance, despite it being visible on the explorer. As a result, I'm contemplating abandoning this wallet.
USER_JC8W30TLDOS While I've had a positive experience with this company until recently, the latest update has caused issues. Despite the appealing new aesthetics, my old balances remain frozen in time, displaying outdated figures that no longer reflect my actual balances.
USER_JD8QIRKS99AK Before the update, everything was functioning smoothly. However, after updating, I encountered issues transferring some of my coins to other exchanges. Every attempt resulted in an error, and despite numerous tries, the transactions consistently failed. Specifically, I'm having trouble transferring Filecoin and IOTEX within the same network. Despite reaching out to support, the problem remains unresolved. I'm extremely disappointed with the new update.
USER_H95TGOJGDG I'd appreciate it if you could add features for basic buying and selling. Additionally, having an option to disable the "Discover" and "Dapps" sections would be beneficial. I prefer a straightforward and uncomplicated wallet. Thank you.
USER_H845GIJFD8R The lack of safeguards to vet tools within the app is concerning. I fell victim to a scam involving the browser function within the app, where I unknowingly transferred my money to another exchange. When attempting to withdraw my funds back into Trust Wallet, the transaction entered a "waiting for review" status and became frozen, preventing me from accessing my money.
USER_V844GHO865HJ The app was functioning perfectly until the latest update. Now, I'm unable to access the app at all—every time I attempt to open it, it remains stuck on the Trust Wallet introscreen.
USER_BO5GJLFW57 Since the last update, the app fails to load. I've lost my recovery phrase, and now I can't open my wallet. Although I have a passkey on my phone, attempting to recover my wallet using the passkey prompts a message stating that there's no passkey on my device. This situation is absurd!
USER_V74TGJJF65 This app is the worst I've ever encountered. If you're reading this, do not download it, as the pending transactions within the app will frustrate you and prevent you from sending your coins out of the wallet. Additionally, attempting to cancel the process may result in your coins disappearing.
USER_H64IJHDS86 The perpetual trading feature in the app is terrible and incredibly slow. Moreover, the app doesn't work on rooted devices unless you hide it from the root. After completing a swap, you'll receive countless fake NFT "airdrops." Unfortunately, there's no way to select multiple NFTs at once for deletion and reporting. Trust Wallet, please address this issue if you want to maintain our trust.
USER_G74HHVDD79J After the latest update, I'm unable to send or transfer any crypto to other wallets. Even after clearing the cache, transactions aren't going through. Interestingly, the screen continues to display BNB transactions as pending, even when attempting to transact with Ethereum or BTC.
USER_VU85CHML05H I believe there's a security feature that can automatically filter out spam and scam NFTs that randomly appear in every wallet. The OKX Web3 wallet already has this feature, automatically detecting and hiding such spam and nonsense NFTs, which can be quite annoying. Additionally, it would be helpful to provide a feature that allows me to rearrange my wallets in the order I prefer.
USER_VU4EDGJIB74H The app is buggy. It displays a value of 0.00 for both my wallet and crypto. The first transfer took an unusually long time to register. I'm currently exploring alternatives. An update: I transferred USDC as a test five days ago, but it never arrived in the wallet. Support via email is slow to respond, and it's been three days with no sign of my USDC. Update: The response to this review didn't resolve the issue. I wouldn't trust this wallet. My USDC still hasn't appeared in my wallet. Always conduct a test before sending funds!
USER_G64YVK07JKL I sent LTC to Trust Wallet a few days ago, but it still hasn't appeared in my wallet balance. Although the transaction is visible, it's not particularly useful. Today, I attempted to send BTC, and the same issue occurred. The worst part is the message on the app blaming congestion on the BTC network for transaction delays, which isn't accurate since BTC transactions were smooth in other transactions today. Trust Wallet should acknowledge the widespread issues with their wallet!
USER_HU733GGSGBJ7 I've become better at minimizing the risk of losing my cryptos on Trust Wallet. While it's easy to dislike this wallet, especially for newcomers or those who fall victim to airdrop hacks, it's actually a solid smart-contract wallet with a strong community and comprehensive FAQs to address most issues. Two essential rules to follow until you're more familiar with Trust Wallet: 1) Never claim any airdrop, and 2) Stick to using just one wallet with a seed phrase, despite it being a multiwallet app.
USER_VI755GBKDFH Hi Trust Wallet! After the latest update, I'm unable to locate my token in my wallet or view my deposits for the past few days. Sometimes it appears and disappears intermittently, causing significant inconvenience during transactions. As of now, the app isn't user-friendly. Please address this issue promptly.
USER_5FIB20HR8YH I sent Bitcoin worth $25 and $20 to the correct Remitano wallet address five days ago, but the Bitcoin didn't reach the Remitano wallet, nor was it refunded to my Trust Wallet. What's even more concerning is that both transactions ($25 and $20) I made that day changed to a different amount. I'm perplexed by what's happening with Trust Wallet. Should I be wary of using it now?
USER_GI2IOCOAOT This update is the worst. I have about a million "bonk" in my Trust Wallet. After updating, my wallet displayed a zero "bonk" balance. However, when I checked the explorer, it indicated that I still had "bonk," but it wasn't displaying my balance or price in Trust Wallet. I'm confused and uncertain about what's happening. Please clarify the issue as I don't understand.
USER_JC8Q8TKDIOZQ I've been unable to transfer my Kava tokens for several weeks now. Despite submitting a support ticket, I haven't received any response to address this issue. This lack of resolution has eroded my trust in this wallet. Additionally, I'm concerned about transferring other tokens from this wallet because they're still in the 21-day unstaking period.
USER_U82KGKZ9A9F The latest update is glitched, preventing money from reflecting in the wallet. Accessing tech support has been challenging, and I'm unsure how to resolve this issue or obtain a refund. Timely responses are crucial, especially when funds are in limbo. Despite sending an email for support, I haven't received a response even a day and a half later. This level of responsiveness is unacceptable. Are they actively working on addressing the issue? Transparency regarding the timeframe for resolution is necessary. Fortunately, the issue was resolved two days later with another update.
USER_JC8QTMOW9XKC It could be easier to trade coins on the app or provide clearer explanations. However, apart from that, it's a great app. If you obtain the address of a coin, you can add it to your wallet, even if you don't purchase it, allowing you to keep track of it on your watchlist.
USER_JC8AFNDI8QIXA The app was functioning well until recently when I encountered difficulties purchasing anything. Whenever I click on any crypto, it displays "Not Available" on the screen where you enter the purchase amount. Despite searching for help, I haven't found any articles or YouTube videos offering a solution to this problem, which is frustrating.
USER_JCIF8QIGLQ09X 1. Every time I attempt a transaction, the app erroneously states that I don't have enough balance to cover the gas fee, despite having a higher balance. 2. The swap options are very limited. 3. The customer care unit is severely lacking. It would be beneficial to have a dedicated agent to handle emails and provide prompt responses. Despite these issues, the app is secure, which is commendable.
USER_62IJGOSCQY The app is satisfactory. I'm puzzled by the negative opinions some people have about this wallet. I've been using it for a long time and haven't encountered any negative aspects. I feel confident in its security, which is paramount for safeguarding valuable assets. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and facilitates easy transactions.
USER_962KCIYWKS If I could rate this app zero stars, I would. It's absurd to force users to pay a balance fee. I have $54,641 sitting in my account that I can't access because of this fee requirement. This policy is outrageous, especially considering the exorbitant fees. As a Canadian, this amounts to approximately $10,000 to $18,000, which is unreasonably high. I'm frustrated by the lack of live support and the overall experience with this app. It's a complete disappointment and best avoided.
USER_8949QKFOS As a tool for transferring funds, it's decent, but it lacks robust security measures and mechanisms to report scams involving certain exchanges. If such a method exists, it's not easily discoverable. While it's not the responsibility of Trust Wallet to police cryptocurrency activities, having visibility into an exchange's history of potential fraud would be beneficial for users.
USER_84O2IJFIS8 My deposit isn't reflecting in Trust Wallet despite confirmation from Binance that it was completed. This discrepancy leads to my neutral rating. I've been waiting for over a week for a response from Trust Wallet support regarding the whereabouts of my funds. Once resolved, I'll update this review with the outcome. It appears to be a transaction date issue, displaying the year 2021 instead.
USER_JF8S8EKXIOS While the app seemed functional, I encountered frustration when attempting to buy crypto. It presents Google Pay as a payment option, but the transaction doesn't progress when I attempt to pay through Google Pay. Instead, it remains stuck on the same page indefinitely, displaying "Pay with Google Pay." This issue urgently requires resolution.
USER_HF82WOFODLG After backing up my wallet with Google Drive and noting the secret phrase, I uninstalled the app due to persistent dust errors when sending BTC. Now, after reinstalling the app, I'm unable to import my wallet, encountering an "error importing keystore" message repeatedly. I'm seeking assistance to resolve this issue, as others may be experiencing the same problem.
USER_95P1LDOA9ORF Trust Wallet has made improvements, but I'm encountering issues where I receive notifications of successful transfers, yet my balance remains at zero. Additionally, unless I click on the notification, the transaction doesn't appear in my history. Moreover, after deleting and reinstalling the app, all my transaction history vanished. I'm in need of assistance to address these concerns.
USER_9491RKXKKQK The menu layout is confusing and poorly organized, while the support resources and materials are unhelpful. Despite searching with various keywords, I couldn't find answers in the provided sources. Although the support team responded to my email after six days, the response didn't address my issue adequately, providing information I already knew.
USER_IFI288EIDHL The app is non-functional as the Google Drive backup feature fails repeatedly. Despite multiple attempts, every effort results in an error, rendering the app pointless in its current state.
USER_KF939WKFKKGA I'm experiencing persistent issues with sending funds due to recurring "TX dust errors." This problem is unprecedented for me, having used numerous BTC wallets over the years. Additionally, the funds in my mobile wallet don't appear in the browser extension on my PC. The numerous five-star reviews appear spammy and fabricated. I advise avoiding this app.
USER_JF8WJDJAP97 Initially, this app was helpful with an intuitive interface, but recent upgrades have hindered its functionality. I'm frustrated by the recurring "Not Available" message when attempting to purchase a specific amount of crypto.
USER_72KKGICISIE I've experienced financial losses with this wallet. Merely initiating a swap triggers a smart contract, resulting in monetary expenditure, even if no actual swapping occurs. Additionally, smart contracts fail without cause, leading to further financial losses. I've lost approximately $30 due to these errors, which is incredibly frustrating.
USER_JFIW9YLWOXLFO Staking consistently encounters errors and fails to function properly. Despite encountering server errors, all other staking attempts eventually succeeded, albeit with difficulties. For instance, when attempting to stake 1,500 ADA, the app erroneously claimed I lacked the minimum requirement of 4 ADA, necessitating multiple attempts over several hours before it finally went through. Overall, my experience with this app has been disappointing. Despite reaching out to the support team, I've received minimal assistance. After weeks of waiting, I received an email stating that my issue was resolved, despite it still persisting. This lack of effective support is unacceptable.
USER_KG95P30DLLS I would like to commend this app; however, I consistently encounter obstacles when attempting to make purchases to initiate transactions. Every time I try to purchase, I'm prompted for bank verification. Although I'm willing to comply, the information displayed is incorrect, particularly regarding the phone number associated with my account. Despite updating my information with my bank, the app continues to display an outdated phone number that I haven't used in three years. Regrettably, I can only give this app a one-star rating due to this recurring issue.
USER_KTOE9VKS9TKWD This app is by far the worst I've encountered. Despite purchasing BTC several days ago and receiving confirmation of a successful transaction, the funds have yet to appear in my wallet. This situation feels like a scam, and I'm incredibly frustrated. Urgent action is needed to address these issues, and this app should be shut down immediately.
USER_JF83KSKFIS99F I switched from Coinomi to Trust Wallet due to its broader support for blockchains. However, Trust Wallet lacks a critical feature present in Coinomi: the ability to wipe out the entire wallet data and userdata from the device after a certain number of incorrect passcode attempts. Until Trust Wallet implements this feature in a future update, my review will remain unchanged. Thank you.
USER_JF828R8GO52 There are two major issues that need immediate resolution. Firstly, the balance is not displaying correctly on the wallet's main screen. Secondly, when attempting to send BTC, an error message "Try Again" appears after entering the receiver's BTC address and amount. These issues are highly frustrating and need to be addressed promptly.
USER_8592TK9EF I'm unable to sell for fiat currency as selecting the sell option results in an "unknown error occurred" message. This is concerning, as time is of the essence in the crypto market. Despite reaching out to support, I received no helpful response. Due to the platform's unreliability, I intend to transfer all my assets away from this wallet as soon as possible.
USER_KROXGKE9Q0XL I transferred crypto from another wallet to Trust Wallet, but my funds have disappeared. Both ends confirm the transactions, and I've verified that the crypto address I used was correct. However, my $1000 is missing, and the customer service provided by Trust Wallet has been abysmal. I've submitted two support tickets without receiving any response. This wallet is more aptly named "DIStrustWallet."
USER_I5O2OOFKKSK Since updating to this new version, I've encountered difficulty removing wallet connections, preventing me from connecting to another site. If there's a pending request, it continually shows "connection failed." Please address this issue. Thank you.
USER_JF828QKKGKD Exercise caution when using this app as it's rife with scammers. I've lost USDT three times, totaling almost $4k, despite not executing the transfer instruction. However, the transfer instruction appears in the transaction history. It's incredibly disappointing.
USER_KG9720AOFO Avoid using this app with Solana! It wouldn't allow me to unstake natively, and their support hasn't responded. After importing my wallet into Phantom, it worked much better. Their auto-generated response to my review, much like their helpdesk, makes no sense. Stay away from this app!
USER_06829YKF9 Recently, I opened Trust Wallet, but after about a week, the AI bot removed the funds from my USDT wallet without explanation. Although it still allows me to trade, my funds are no longer there, and I've been unable to reach anyone for assistance. It's concerning and makes me hesitant to continue using it.
USER_185KD82KT The latest update has caused the app to crash. Upon pressing the app icon, the screen remains white without progressing further. It requires another update or the option to roll back to a previous version.
USER_85JW8DIQJ I'm unable to sell or send my cryptocurrency from the app as it keeps displaying various error messages. It's nonsensical for an app to halt crypto transfers after several upgrades. Please rectify this issue as I need to trade.
USER_JT738WIFI In this new update, there's a bug where one or two of your coins disappear, and their prices aren't included in the total. This discrepancy is very annoying. **Update: The issue is resolved with the new update as of 2024/03/24.
USER_UF7WJRJFIS TrustWallet team, please take down version 8.10. After updating, the app stopped loading on my Android phone. Version 8.9.2 worked fine, but this update is causing issues.
USER_JT8E82ITJID Transactions on this app are too expensive, making it impractical to use. The high fees, sometimes reaching $40 or more, make it prohibitive for many users. Additionally, there are often multiple transaction fees.
USER_UF72IKF967 Since the last update, the app has stopped working entirely. It crashes frequently, and now it's unresponsive altogether. It seems the development team didn't thoroughly test the updates, leaving users to discover and report issues.
USER_7499195KF8S I won't use this app again until I've withdrawn my deposited amount. Additionally, swapping and transferring TRX and other coins incurs illogical fees. The network fees are exorbitant, and it's frustrating that they claim no control over them.
USER_UF7WUJDAKG Today, I'm unable to access my wallet. The app keeps showing "couldn't get wallets, please try later or reinstall application!" despite having used it for years without issue. This sudden disappointment is baffling.
USER_UD72MROOW9DK My recent experience with Trust Wallet has been very poor. After the latest update, some of my coins like LTC, KUSAMA, and FILE are missing from my wallet. Furthermore, these chains aren't functioning properly, making it impossible to withdraw tokens. Despite updating to the latest version and restarting my device multiple times, the problem persists. It's incredibly disappointing.
USER_JF7W8E98KGOS I'm puzzled why tapping on "connect wallet" in Uniswap or PancakeSwap doesn't yield any response. Solution: If this happens to you, delete the old connection in your Trust Wallet and set up a new one.
USER_NGIE81OKDA This app frequently glitches, and at times, the sending rate fee can be as high as 80%. The most recent bug involves my account showing double the actual balance and preventing me from taking any action. Almost any other Bitcoin app would be better than this one!


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