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Taming Master : Pet Guardian (Studio LB) 50,000+ downloads

Introducing "Taming Master," an idle game that delivers far more excitement and enjoyment than your typical taming games! Log in now and unlock the ★Infinite Growth★ bonus!

▶ Engage in pet trading and soul stone mining in this play-to-earn (P2E) game! Earn tokens effortlessly through currency mining and diverse pet trades!

▶ Dive into an idle RPG where your character can swiftly progress even without active play! Your summoner engages in battles continuously, even when you're offline! Witness your unique summoner evolve through idle gameplay!

▶ Manual pet capturing? Not here! Pets are automatically captured! Say goodbye to the hassle of manual pet gathering! Whether you're logged in or not, it makes no difference – you'll automatically acquire pets through idle gameplay!

▶ Craft your strategy to construct a formidable pet deck! Assemble a deck of pets with diverse attributes and types to emerge victorious in battles!

▶ Explore endless pet farming opportunities through the Potential system! Every pet in the world of Taming Master is unique! Enhance your pets' power through rebirths and evolutions!

▶ Exchange your pets freely on the market! Trade the pets you've diligently nurtured with other players! Dive into the marketplace and discover powerful pets to buy and sell!

▶ Rise to the top of the rankings with your formidable deck! Familiarize yourself with the ranking system and compete with fellow summoners to claim rewards!

Download ⬇️⬇️ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studiolb.tamingmaster.global


I'm unsure if it's a problem with the game's optimization or just my phone, as the game randomly crashes or force closes. Otherwise, I'd give it a 5-star rating. Overall, it's an enjoyable game. However, the inflation rate of the blue crystal in the exchange tab is exceedingly high. I hope it drops to at least 100k for 1ts.


Overall, the game is okay. However, it's incredibly buggy and laggy, which might be frustrating for those lacking patience. Since the recent update, I've been unable to log in. After tapping the screen, it finishes loading, but then nothing happens. Funny enough, this issue arises even after purchasing three add-ons within the game. I sincerely hope it's not scamming me.


I'm hopeful for an update regarding the exchange rate of SST to TTL. Each passing day, the amount of SST required to convert to TTL keeps increasing. I hope the developers address this issue soon.


I'm eager to try the game, but it won't load. It crashes consistently, especially when it reaches a loading screen.


It's a cool and relaxing idle game with plenty to keep you busy.


It's a pretty good idle game centered around pet taming. However, the leveling-up process can be a bit dull.


I'm eager to play, but I keep encountering a loading circle after every action. Even with good Wi-Fi, it lasts 1-2 minutes.


Instant one star. My name, Hitishi, apparently contains invalid words according to the filter system. This needs to be fixed before I'll consider playing.


So far, the game is entertaining. It's a great time killer and doesn't bombard you with ads.


The game suffers from severe lag, and the buttons fail to respond 90% of the time. This feels like a scam. Avoid playing it altogether.


I'm enjoying climbing closer to the top, and the pets are incredibly cute.


I played for a few days and had fun exploring the numerous pet options. However, when I tried to log in yesterday, I was stuck on the loading screen for several minutes. Despite attempting multiple times to access the game, I've since given up.


I'm currently unable to progress past the login screen, and when I do manage to log in, all my pets are gone. I'm unsure if everything resets after a certain period or if I've lost all my progress. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but the issue persisted after three days. This has been happening for the past week and a half.


Every time I attempt to connect my wallet for an exchange, it opens the wallet app, I connect it, then it reopens the game, forcing me to repeat the process. It's stuck in an endless loop.


I just played this game, but I couldn't even equip the pet. Please fix this issue, and I'll consider playing again.


Great game! 💕🥰 However, please pay more attention to the leaderboards, as there are too many players using mods.


I'm enjoying playing this game; it doesn't consume much of my time, and there's a chance to earn money.



Currently, I'm unable to access the game. There are instances where I get stuck in certain game functions, such as when upgrading research. Despite these minor bugs, the gameplay is enjoyable. I'll definitely stick around if they're fixed
It's a typical collecting and idle game, but I find the art style cute. Unfortunately, it's difficult to appreciate it due to visibility issues.
While ads are meant to help boost resources, they often take too long to load and sometimes result in errors.
This game requires a lot of patience, especially during login. If you're playing to earn, it's not worth the effort.
Everything seems fine, but it's unfair to water types as there's no legendary skill available for them. The focus seems to be more on light and dark elements.
I'm unable to log in, and the login process is excessively long. It turns out there was maintenance, but it would be helpful if the developers included notices within the app, as not everyone visits the website.


The game is wonderful, easy to navigate, and straightforward. One suggestion would be to provide simpler explanations for all the marketing features.


It's nice that you can AFK in this game, especially if you're busy and still want to level up your character.


I love games where you collect mythical creatures. I wish there was more interaction with the monsters, but overall, it's a good game.


SSTs are becoming increasingly abundant with every maintenance update, rendering mining less valuable. Only strong players benefit from each update, making it challenging for free-to-play players to keep up without spending money.


I'm unable to sell pets; it consistently says there's a mismatch with the server data.e


It's definitely enjoyable and friendly to free-to-play players. Hopefully, more content will be added soon, along with additional competition for resources similar to the arena.


The gameplay feels dull right from the start. Every interaction with the UI is laggy, the HUD is too small, progression lacks meaning, the art style feels outdated, and the designs are uninspiring. The game lacks a sense of passion, which is immediately noticeable. Very disappointing.


It's a fantastic idle monster-collecting game with a fun MMO RPG monster-collecting sibling developed by the same team. While there's some currency inflation in the MMO RPG game, it's not as prevalent in this one, which is a positive aspect. However, there are frequent loading/connectivity issues, which detract from the experience. Without these issues, I'd rate the game 4.3/5.


It's a fun game with great visuals and a well-paced progression system, offering plenty to do. However, without purchasing the No Ads package (~$8), the game can be somewhat bothersome. Some aspects of the game mechanics are challenging to grasp, and there's a lack of online guides.


A great game that's easy to understand, with plenty of content and minimal battery drain on my phone. However, there's a minor bug that's quite annoying: sometimes there's an error when watching ads to claim rewards, requiring a game restart.


I'm completely addicted to this game! I loved the original, but somehow, I enjoy this one even more. It's free to play with no pressure to make purchases. It's simple, incredibly fun, and you even level up while offline. The trading aspect has me hooked; searching for bargains is a blast. If you enjoy games like Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Pawn Stars, you should definitely give this game a try—it could become your next favorite.


The connection is terrible. Despite my phone and internet connection being fine, this game constantly stops, crashes, and disconnects. Other games I play, with higher FPS and resolution, don't have these issues. Even after adjusting most of the game settings, the problem persists, and I've only just started playing today.


The game prompted me to rate it before I even had a chance to play. I can't provide an honest and personalized opinion under such circumstances.


I'm playing Taming Master because I loved the original version. Apart from that, there's little reason to play this game. There's minimal excitement, except for the rare occasions when you acquire a natural SS-rank monster. The events are all pay-to-win oriented, and even then, the rewards are minimal if you max them out. The gameplay is passable, but the main goal seems to be competing in the arena. Spending money won't guarantee you a spot in the top 500


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