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Sweatcoin・Walking Step Counter App (v.171.1.1)

Introducing Sweatcoin, a revolutionary step counter and activity tracker that transforms your physical activity into a digital currency redeemable for various rewards, gadgets, fitness gear, services, and experiences.

Sweatcoin is more than just a tracking tool; it's a symbol of achievement for the modern era. Redeem your earned sweatcoins for products, services, and experiences offered by our partner brands in the marketplace. Additionally, you have the option to share or donate your sweatcoins to friends, family, or charitable causes through Sweatcoin for good.

As you prioritize your health and fitness, your wealth grows. With Sweatcoin, every step you take holds value!

Whether you're working out indoors or exploring the outdoors, you'll earn sweatcoins for your physical activity. Our activity tracker meticulously monitors your steps and exercise routines, ensuring you stay informed about your progress every step of the way.



USER_BD92URJEJDIW Everything was going smoothly until the step counter suddenly ceased to appear on my phone, rendering it unable to track my steps. Despite granting all necessary permissions, it refuses to run in the background. Even after attempting to reinstall the app, the issue persists. EDIT: I recently upgraded my phone and initially managed to resolve the issue, but following a recent update, the step counter has become highly unreliable. Despite reaching out to support for assistance, my efforts have been in vain. It's time to explore alternative options.
USER_27HRAIWJR This app is fantastic; it effortlessly tracks your steps and offers the opportunity to exchange them for various items. However, the drawback lies in the high conversion rate for truly valuable items, and it's not advisable to use it alongside RAM-intensive apps like PokΓ©mon Go, as it tends to stop running in the background. Nevertheless, it's perfect for running idly in the background without consuming excessive memory.
USER_BDQ974HSID I've been a loyal user of this app since 2019 without encountering any issues until last year when the step count suddenly stopped registering. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps, such as updating, reinstalling, and adjusting all Samsung permissions, including location, data, WiFi, and Bluetooth, the problem persists. It's truly disappointing, especially considering the significant number of sweatcoins accumulated. While I appreciate the past reliability of the service, I can only give it two stars now, with hopes for improvement next year.
USER_W627HFIAFJIW The step counter in this app is highly unreliable. While the developers attribute the issue to the phone, I've been using the app for many years without encountering such problems until recently. Some days, the step count inexplicably decreases from what was initially recorded, while on other occasions, it shows zero steps despite prior activity. It's frustrating to suspect that the app prioritizes displaying ads over accurately tracking steps. Update: The issue has escalated to negative step counts.
USER_HE8FU2JIAUF I've been using this app for years, albeit infrequently, only to find it consistently disappointing whenever I check the offers. The main drawbacks include its heavy focus on advertisements, the necessity of a premium subscription for meaningful rewards, and the lack of worthwhile incentives. Despite the occasional deal, most rewards are either easily obtainable elsewhere or require additional payments for postage.
USER_DH8QYTBSUQ While most aspects of the app are commendable, there are certain components that fail to function properly. For instance, the double daily points feature only operates sporadically, despite following all troubleshooting suggestions provided in the "Help" section. This issue seems to be prevalent based on similar reviews. Overall, the app appears to have potential, but these shortcomings hinder its effectiveness.
USER_HE82JZPA8GJ Over the past few months, this app has become increasingly problematic. From failing to count steps to disregarding boost analyses and even ceasing to record steps altogether, numerous issues have arisen. Despite thoroughly reviewing all FAQs and reinstalling the app nearly 20 times within the last few months, the problems persist. I've granted every possible permission for the app and ensure consistent 5G service everywhere I go. I'm at my wit's end! If these issues cannot be resolved, users should be informed so we can seek alternatives.
USER_JE9WIDJDOAOD Since September, the step challenges haven't been accurately tracking my steps. While the marketplace used to be enjoyable, the desirable items are consistently sold out shortly after they're listed. At this point, I primarily use the app for the step counter, hoping that an update will rectify the step challenge and sweatcoin redemption issues. While earning sweatcoins is appealing, it loses its allure when there's nothing worthwhile to spend them on. Edit: Despite sending multiple emails, the issues remain unresolved, and I'm no longer receiving sweatcoins.
USER_81HR8AJ1051 After a period of not using this app due to inaccurate indoor step tracking, I was pleased to see that issue resolved. However, I've recently encountered a new problem with the daily 2x boost not functioning properly. Today, it erroneously indicated that I earned 0 sweatcoins from 0 steps, which is clearly incorrect. Additionally, the app frequently fails to display any results, remaining stuck in the processing phase.
USER_4729BD9AOE The app's user interface is not intuitive, with an overwhelming number of advertisements and dubious offers to earn rewards through gaming. The step counter is unreliable, requiring excessive personal information and failing to accurately track steps. Attempting to redeem rewards, such as $5 and curology, prompts requests for extensive personal information. Overall, this app is frustrating and time-consuming, leading to its immediate deletion.
USER_7FBWO83jwi While the concept of the app is promising, the step counter is highly inaccurate, and the app has been non-functional for the past three days. Despite ensuring that all recommended settings are active, allowing it to run in the background, and updating it to the latest version, steps are not being counted. Some feedback on this issue would be appreciated. I'm awarding one star, as there's no option to give a lower rating.
USER_0481JDOW Today, I spent 2.5 hours at the gym, including 60 minutes on the treadmill, and walked my dogs for over 2 hours, yet the app shows zero steps. I've checked the phone settings and reviewed the patronizing, likely automated responses by the developer to other users experiencing similar issues. As I only recently downloaded the app, it should be the latest version.
USER_72RHHSIQ This app was functioning well until the introduction of the Sweat wallet. Now, multiple times a day, it deducts 300 steps from my total count. This has occurred twice just before writing this review, dropping my count below 1,200 from 1,500 steps. I don't have the time to manually track my steps every day, so the app randomly reducing my count is incredibly frustrating.
USER_BFOQ9FJRO29W The app has completely ceased to function. Upon opening, it briefly displays the sweatcoin logo on a purple background for a moment before abruptly shutting down. Despite ensuring it's up to date and attempting to uninstall and reinstall it, the issue persists.
USER_E7HTN2OZ9R This app is a scam! Every complaint about the step analysis error is justified. Additionally, the marketplace deals are fraudulent. I purchased and paid for a Sonixa smart band that never arrived, and there's no way to contact them.
USER_HE8D7H2OSOF I was informed that the first 5,000 steps would be converted to SWEAT. However, in the three days since I started using this app, I've consistently walked over 5,500 steps, yet not a single SWEAT was awarded to me. It's deceptive to make a claim or inform users about something and then do the opposite. If your converter is ineffective, why not allow manual conversion? Disappointing!
USER_27HRIDWIIR This app is very unreliable. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it numerous times, but it hasn't improved. It's supposed to motivate you to walk, but it's so frustrating that it has the opposite effect. I use Strava and a smartwatch, so I can see the correct step count.
USER_HR8SHQO74 Honestly, this app is terrible because it doesn't accurately count steps or reward users properly. The tasks required to earn rewards are excessively difficult and time-consuming. The rewards section is very disappointing.
USER_U28T7SNIW94I3 Your step counter app is inaccurate, and the 2x boost feature doesn't work properly. The more steps I take, the more you decrease my count. Additionally, the only way to withdraw money is by inviting others. Why should I promote your glitchy app? It's scamming people.
USER_7WRGHR8S8WII There's no justification for this app taking up so much storage space. It's my second largest storage-consuming app. Also, there's nothing worthwhile to purchase with your coins, unlike other apps where you can redeem gift cards. I might just delete this app.
USER_EU8WJXQKORNE I was initially going to give this app five stars, but after some workouts, I've changed my mind. It's stealing your actual steps, so as a user, you end up paying the developers for very little in return. This is a critical issue that needs to be addressed.
USER_27RVD8WJRIW As long as the step counter isn't synchronized, there will be a bug affecting the translation of steps. Steps that haven't been counted, but remain in the app history as actual steps taken, should still be convertible. Until this is resolved, many users like myself will feel disadvantaged.
USER_HE8R62JSOD8 Please fix the bug I'm experiencing. It started a few days ago when I tried to send SWC to my friend, but after confirming the amount, the app shows an "unexpected error" dialog box. I've tried reinstalling, clearing the cache, and sending to other people, but nothing has worked so far.
USER_27Y4HSI8DIFH2I In the marketplace, you can't actually obtain anything without spending money or entering a prize draw. There aren't even any prize draws that I'm eligible for, apart from the step-based daily one. It's all just partner ads and the like. I've had this app for over a year and haven't won a single thing. There's absolutely no point in downloading it, and I would never recommend it.
USER_RK0PWPFUQKOA Boost often gets stuck on "Analyzing," even after restarting the application multiple times, resulting in no reward for that day. When I do receive a reward, my boost step count is significantly lower (by approximately 500 steps) than my main step count, which shouldn't be the case since I take a 20-minute dog walk every morning and compare the counts. The discounts available for purchase are deceptive, as they appear to be from different sites but are actually from the same vendor. You can find the same items for a lower or similar price elsewhere.
USER_HE8174JWIDID8 I dislike wasting my data without gaining anything in return. I occasionally purchase data just to make transactions, but I've been unable to buy anything from the marketplace so far. Every attempt to purchase an item results in an "unexpected error" message. This issue needs to be addressed immediately.
USER_JEI83IRHKS While I appreciate the app's concept and will continue using it, there is room for improvement in its development. The daily boost occasionally fails to reset, the daily wheels never stop spinning, the app takes a few seconds to respond each time, and it occupies too much space.
USER_EU8F62JJSID After redownloading Sweatcoin, I encountered issues that I hadn't experienced before. Over the past few days, my steps haven't been counted, and I haven't received the Sweatcoins I should have earned. The app constantly crashes due to a bug prompting an "update required" message, despite there being no available update. I've walked thousands of steps and was unable to convert them into tickets for the ongoing drawing for three days. The step-tracking icon is also not appearing.
USER_HF76EOAKDJWI This app is useless. It doesn't glitch or behave unexpectedly; rather, it offers items that are already free, such as a month of Amazon Prime for new users. While you can earn cryptocurrency by walking, attempting to trade Sweatcoins for other cryptocurrencies results in unexpected fees. Steps are the least of this app's concerns.
USER_YE7F6WJJFHIA While I appreciate the app's idea, I have several issues that make me question its longevity on my device. Sweatcoins are practically worthless and capped at 10,000 steps. You can't purchase anything with them, and although you can use them for bidding, you need over 10,000. I like the concept of Sweat, which is why I'm still using it, but earning rewards is overly complex with too many earning caps. You can only earn $SWEAT worth less than $0.01 with a lot of effort.
USER_BR8C73QKKSIDIW There are no 100% free rewards available. Typically, you have to pay 5 Sweatcoins to access a retailer offer. Additionally, many of the rewards for 5 coins are overpriced. You can visit the vendor's site directly and get the same price without spending your Sweatcoins. I've verified this multiple times. The only reason I keep the app is to earn Sweatcoins from my steps. I've redeemed two or three rewards that I couldn't use and didn't receive a refund.
USER_HE8V6WJSO9W83 Feedback cannot be provided on the marketplace; every attempt results in an error message instructing me to check my internet connection, despite my internet working fine on other apps, including other areas of Sweatcoin. Perhaps they don't want to receive customer feedback, both positive and negative, which is essential for improvement.
USER_HE8F6WHJSOE9R8 My steps are being inaccurately tracked. At one point, the app showed around 6,000 steps, but after 30 minutes, it decreased to only 4,067 steps. I don't understand why this discrepancy exists; by that time, I should have covered 10,000 steps, yet the data shown is incorrect.
USER_Y27D6HAIW9RURH This is my second review. The first was a 5-star rating, but things have changed since then. The app isn't updated anymore, and it no longer accurately counts my steps. Despite installing the latest version, the app downgraded itself, and there was no option to update it again. This response from Sweatcoin is unacceptable.
USER_HE8F73JSKD This app has significantly declined in quality, and I see no reason to keep it on my phone other than as a regular step counter. Previously, you could redeem real rewards and use your Sweatcoins to pay for items. Now, everything is just discounted coupons and free trials, which you can obtain elsewhere. The app no longer offers anything unique or worthwhile.
USER_HE87FYHJZOW9E The top application for winter deals, yet there's a scarcity of products, limited to just headphones. The advertisements are highly unethical, which is quite disappointing and unacceptable. Kindly remove these ads.
USER_WU7R72HSJFIIT I've been a long-time user, but now I'm encountering a black screen despite having premium! Please address this issue immediately! Update - Still experiencing the same problem!! Please resolve this promptly! Update - I've switched to a new phone, the S24 Ultra, and it's not rewarding me for anything. It's inaccurate, and even when there are thousands of steps showing, I don't receive any rewards. They blamed my phone, but it wasn't the issue! Many of my friends are also experiencing reduced rewards or getting nothing at all! This could jeopardize the crypto token! Cash out what you can and consider deleting the app!
USER_JW8F7WJJZIFIW I recently returned to using the app after a year, and not much has changed. The app functions fine, but I'm disappointed with their customer service. I've forgotten my sweat wallet passphrase and have repeatedly requested a reset, but they haven't responded. Please improve your customer service.
USER_UE82BFIAIEJJRJ The step counting seems somewhat accurate (though not as precise as my Galaxy watch), but I'm unable to load ads for rewards. It keeps showing an error message saying "couldn't load, retry." The partner rewards section is facing the same issue. I have data while outdoors and Wi-Fi at home on the treadmill, so the problem is definitely on your end.
USER_HE8F7WJSKFIIR Frustrating! The app no longer tracks my steps. It worked flawlessly for years, and now it's not registering anything. I've reviewed all the FAQs, watched videos, and checked my phone settings to ensure physical activity tracking is enabled. I've tried everything, but if steps are tracked, they disappear when the phone locks. Please don't respond with generic apologies and suggestions to check help documents or support, as they haven't been helpful. Many users are facing the same issue—please take it seriously and resolve it.
USER_37648WJR8W I've been using the app for over a year and a half, through updates and layout changes. However, for the past three days, it hasn't recorded any of my steps. This is frustrating because I like to monitor my daily step count, even if it's above or below my average. Is anyone else encountering this problem?
USER_92PQKFJSO2OR Stop deleting honest reviews. This app is highly suspicious and full of red flags. The 20-minute double step challenge shows my 3 to 4,000 steps as zero! The ads don't credit you and prompt you to watch again due to an alleged problem. It insists on connecting to Google Fit yet fails to utilize the data. Stay away from this app!
USER_73BRHZIWNIROW Great for tracking steps and earning rewards, but there's a bug where the app sends the same notification repeatedly. I've tried restarting my phone, but it didn't resolve the issue. Update: The app is now functioning perfectly fine.
USER_7WHDOW048RJW I used to adore this app and had it running on my phone for years. Recently, I revisited it, remembering how you could exchange your accumulated sweatcoins for various memberships. However, now you have to pay for them, and the shop, which used to offer fantastic items, has shifted primarily to discounts. When I first started using the app again, I didn't have nearly enough sweatcoins for the higher-end products I desired, so I decided to wait and accumulate more points. However, now everything has changed, and I'm disappointed.
USER_2764BEISO1JEJ My account, which is nearly three years old, got banned? I received a ToS violation notice with no explanation of what I did wrong. When I asked for clarification, all I got was "we stand by our decision" and "you can delete and create a new account." I used to love this app, especially with its new release involving crypto. It made me feel accomplished, but then suddenly, I got banned. It's a drastic turn of events, and I'm incredibly let down. While I might consider creating a new account, I would appreciate knowing what I did wrong to avoid the same fate in the future.
USER_72RHBSIWOIR I've been using this app for years, and as a free member, it's not as promising as it's made out to be. I have around $3000, but I always have to spend my own money to redeem anything from the shop. Lately, it's been extremely glitchy. I only keep it in hopes that one day I'll be able to cash out real money as advertised for premium members or at least use my sweatcoins for something worthwhile.
USER_72BRKSOQORJR The step counter works sporadically. Today, I did 5,000 steps, but it only counted 383. Additionally, when the main counter does work, the 2x boost option fails. Yesterday, during a power walk of 4,000 steps, the main counter worked fine, but the 2x boost showed 0 steps completed. The customer support is lacking and often just blames your device. My other apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health, and even Pokemon Go can count steps, so why can't Sweatcoin?
USER_BSOPWIEBEJW The marketing of this app is highly misleading. You're not actually "paid" to walk since there's no way to cash out for anything worthwhile. Although they mention crypto, they don't disclose this in their marketing. I wanted to like it, but I'll be uninstalling it and potentially reporting it to Google due to its misleading advertising. Perhaps they should update their marketing images.
USER_WO2ORNZOWORK The app was good the first time I used it, but for some reason, it stopped counting my steps. I tried reinstalling it, but the problem persisted. Even when I installed the app on a different phone, it worked for two weeks, but now my everyday steps are disappearing. For instance, I would have a certain number of steps one day, but the next day, they would reset to 0. I'm not sure if the problem is with my phone or elsewhere, but I would appreciate some assistance because I love using it.
USER_72GRBDJOQO3IE While it's convenient that the app counts my steps, the items in the shop are mostly free trials or mere coupons. This makes me question the value of sweatcoins, especially since they're earned at a rate of one per 1,000 steps. However, if you look at the bidding section for gift cards, people are bidding over 1,000 sweatcoins for a $20 gift card. Although they've introduced crypto, it seems worthless if it can only be used for a chance at a free trial or giveaway.
USER_01OEIIFHAJJE Don't waste your time on Sweatcoin. The pedometer software is unreliable, sometimes working and sometimes not. Additionally, their crypto wallet system is subpar. If you lose your activation email or change your secret phrase without receiving an email with a new access code, you won't be able to recover your wallet if you log out or switch to a new device. I canceled my membership and am relieved I didn't invest more time into it.
USER_HDIWO4NWOOSO Today, I installed the app, and so far, the UI looks beautiful. However, I've noticed a few things: The ads aren't working for daily rewards; the app freezes while loading them. Also, it's challenging to keep the app on a specific page; whenever I switch to another app and come back, it resets as if I were reopening it. Edit: The 2x step boost hasn't been functioning for about a month, but the ads are working fine now.
USER_DHIQOR982JDJ The boost feature doesn't seem to be functioning properly. After walking 2500 steps, the boost only registered 235 steps. This issue occurs frequently, making it difficult to trust the accuracy of the daily step count. I'm considering switching to a new app in hopes of finding a more reliable option.
USER_BFOW0482JDNJE The app won't load at all; it keeps crashing. It was working fine last night. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. We've tried restarting both the app and the device, but the problem persists. 3/14/2024: The app is crashing again. Please address this promptly.
USER_27RGBSOQOEIE This app is utterly disappointing. The payments are minuscule, and it seems like the only ones benefiting are the developers, as their ad revenue likely outweighs what they pay users. Installing this app seems like a quick way to enrich the developers rather than the users. The surveys initially appear promising until you realize that after answering numerous qualifying questions, you're often disqualified for not meeting the target audience. Overall, it's rubbish!
USER_WY7BFIW938EU The recent update is terrible. I've had to restart my streaks at least three times because the app doesn't recognize when I've opened it. The new UI is worse; it seems like the revamp was intended to improve it, but it's horrendous. Please enhance the UI interface or consider reverting to the old UI.
USER_WYBDKWPR83JR I've noticed that the app counts 2000 steps but then reduces it to 1500 steps for no apparent reason, especially with the daily double counting feature. Are you aware of this issue, or is it intentional? It's a perplexing situation that I hope you can address. So far, my problem hasn't been resolved, and I'm concerned that the app is becoming unreliable.
USER_738QHDNSOEOJR I've been using this app for over two years now, and during this time, I've never received daily rewards of more than 10 coins. Does this mean my luck is exceptionally poor? Please consider revising the wording, as it contradicts human emotions and your algorithm for predicting coins.
USER_73GEBSPQ0RNND After completing a challenge and logging over 3000 steps, the reward only registered 700 steps and awarded me a mere 0.75 sweat coins. This app is fake and absolute garbage! I would provide screenshots to demonstrate how much of a scam it is if I could. Additionally, throughout the entire workout, the step counter would deduct hundreds of steps, forcing me to walk well over 3000 steps to even register on the board. After all that effort, it only rewarded 700 steps! I'm uninstalling immediately!


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