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PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage App (PayPal Mobile) v.8.58.0 android & iOS

Explore additional PayPal features—a straightforward and secure method for receiving reimbursements, sending funds to friends, uncovering cashback deals from your favorite brands, handling your account, and much more.

For android download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paypal.android.p2pmobile
Filesize: 97 MB, for android user's it requires 6.0 and up, 100,000,000+ downloads


USER_JFIWF9184 I'd rate this app zero stars if possible. It consistently declines my card despite multiple attempts to link it. Even when a transaction goes through, it fails to send the money and deducts a large amount from my PayPal account. I can't recommend this app due to the inability to retrieve funds and the lack of live agent support for issues.
USER_KF9WKGIEIF I'm giving this app three stars because I've encountered some issues. As a freelancer, the app is useful for me, but my account is currently locked, and I'm unable to send documents through the message center due to attachment errors. Restarting the app hasn't resolved the problem, and I urgently need to use my account.
USER_7VKD8QKTOGThe security aspect of the app has become incredibly frustrating since I joined in 1999. After spending almost 10 minutes and going through about 100 picture verifications on my phone, I gave up, closed the app, reopened it, and encountered no verification issues. Despite having no pending updates and using a Pixel 7 Pro connected to Fiber WiFi, this inconsistency is bothersome.
USER_MC9WTK39D9GThe app has been easy to use without any issues for years. However, recent updates have caused bugs. Despite using my fingerprint, the app prompts me for a pattern, which I never set up. Reinstalling the app hasn't resolved the issue, as it remains stuck on the loading screen.
USER_DJ8WIFK8X Companies can charge for auto-renewals without prior notification, a known issue since before 2019. Despite disabling auto-renewal, they still accessed my new credit cards through PayPal. Even after canceling renewals, they managed to charge other credit cards. Contacting support was futile, leaving me forced to pay for canceled services.
USER_CK02LG9QKFK For the past two months, clicking on "Payin3" causes the app to immediately crash. Despite uninstalling and trying various solutions, the issue persists. The help center doesn't offer relevant assistance, making it difficult to resolve the problem.
USER_82LG9QPKG39F Updating information on the app is challenging, especially removing an old number without calling tech support. Transaction charges are labeled under "merchant," making it difficult to identify them. Contacting support only leads to automated responses, necessitating a call to speak with a representative. I've decided to close my account due to these frustrations.
USER_JF8WKGOQFL This app is currently unusable. In the past two updates, I've encountered issues entering amounts correctly. The keyboard and entry field malfunction, randomly inserting periods and limiting the input to four digits for yen. I had to resort to using a browser to make payments accurately.
USER_JF8QKG9WODOA After adding a bank account for one-off transfers, the app changed my recurring payments without warning or consent, resulting in overdraft charges. Customer support failed to understand the issue, which involves an alert for changes in payment sources.
USER_910FVUSJ83The app's recent change, omitting the automatic decimal point addition, has made it perilous. Previously, typing "1000" would result in £10.00, but now it sends £1000.00, risking overpayment. Despite PayPal's suggestion to reinstall the app, the issue persists. A friend mistakenly sent £1,133 instead of £11.33, fortunately rectified without repercussions, but the issue demands a prompt resolution.
USER_CEUI2HW915This app offers a dreadful experience. While it boasts overall user-friendliness and functionality, it frequently logs users out after a mere 10 seconds of inactivity, even during active tasks like filing a report, causing infuriating setbacks. The app's incompetence is glaring, necessitating urgent fixes.
USER_US8RV28S Their proposed solutions are ineffective, leading to a terrible user experience. The inability to complete the final step, coupled with limited alternatives for non-US bank accounts, showcases neglect for users outside the US. Emailing support through the app repeatedly fails, indicating a flawed system in need of attention.
USER_GWYYWG274H Despite its widespread use and perceived security, PayPal's Resolution Center proves utterly useless when resolving issues, leaving users to fend for themselves. Denied appeals and unresponsive support make the platform frustratingly inadequate. Direct credit card usage seems more reliable, with responsive support and direct communication channels.
USER_72GIZPWJ The app's interface has become overly complicated, sacrificing speed and convenience. Options like instant transfers with high fees may confuse new users, while additional fees and tax implications undermine its accessibility for those relying on it for bill payments.
USER_GS827TEGWH PayPal's security measures are now overly burdensome, with exhausting verification processes. Concerns about privacy and data security arise, compounded by changes in the app that hinder access to essential features like viewing PayPal Credit balances. Despite these drawbacks, the app remains functional but less user-friendly.
USER_VS873GUSI While the PayPal Android app facilitates seamless transactions, occasional glitches and slow loading times detract from its otherwise intuitive interface. Customer support addresses issues promptly, enhancing productivity, but the app still has room for improvement to achieve a five-star rating.
USER_V918GEU3BPayPal has been a lifesaver, particularly during financial crises, offering seamless transactions and installment payment options without interest. Its minimal fees and effortless money transfers have made it an indispensable financial tool. Despite occasional glitches, PayPal's reliability earns high praise.
USER_VS029YEV3HAfter recent updates, PayPal seems to have abandoned outdated SMS verification methods, streamlining the money transfer process without requiring SMS confirmations. However, some users face challenges selecting transfer amounts, though this may be due to oversight rather than a system flaw.
USER_GS862GHSHIt performs well initially, but the moment an issue arises, it exacerbates and deteriorates. It prompts me to update my account information, then requests my password, which fails to work despite being correct. Subsequently, it suggests a password reset and sends a verification to my phone, which I never receive, leading back to square one.
USER_GS827EGEUU Attempting to utilize two physical security keys, one primary and one backup, proves impossible. Instead, users are compelled to use one security key and one authenticator OTP, a limiting approach by PayPal. This decision fragments the user experience when configuring accounts, particularly for those reliant on FIDO-supported security keys.
USER_GWU6SG3HE I've been a longtime user of PayPal, experiencing occasional imperfections, but overall, it fulfills its intended purpose. From facilitating secure money transfers among acquaintances to facilitating international business transactions, it has been instrumental in digitalizing global financial exchanges. Initially employed for online purchase security, it has evolved into a secondary checking account and investment avenue.
USER_VS927EG3H Like many others, I've encountered issues with the app crashing upon loading the homepage. Despite attempting standard troubleshooting steps such as clearing cache, reinstalling the app, and restarting my device, the problem persists. The mobile web experience, though functional, lacks the app's efficiency. This recent malfunction is disappointing, compounded by unresponsive customer service.
What has transpired? The app's functionality seems to have regressed. Most autofill fields fail to operate, leading to doubt regarding registered clicks due to lag. The home screen contains largely irrelevant content, while changing addresses and card information proves needlessly cumbersome. Despite using PayPal for casual payments, the process has become arduous, nearly dissuading me from making purchases.
USER_GS863HHEHThe app consistently crashes on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra after the latest update, rendering it unusable. Despite contacting support and attempting various fixes, including reinstalling the app, no resolution has been forthcoming. This experience is disheartening, especially considering the app's previous reliability.
USER_VS75EGGEHSUSimilar to others, I encounter constant crashes upon opening the app, despite following PayPal's troubleshooting advice. Personally, I prefer the app's convenience over visiting the website, making this issue particularly frustrating. PayPal should address this issue promptly to restore the app's functionality, which has been reliable for years.
USER_VS763GVEJSThe app exhibits a persistent bug, necessitating frequent sign-ins and notification sound reactivation. Despite enabling notification sounds, they intermittently deactivate, leading to missed payment alerts. This recurring issue is exasperating, requiring urgent rectification to enhance user experience.
USER_V8S63GEGGSOSNavigating the app poses challenges, particularly when pasting emails or entering payment amounts. Pasting emails is cumbersome, sometimes inaccessible via long press, and the keyboard layout complicates entering payment amounts accurately. These usability issues detract from the overall app experience.
USER_VD6T2GSIWOPayPal proved invaluable when resolving a purchase issue, showcasing its effectiveness in protecting consumers. Despite encountering difficulties with customer support, filing a claim through PayPal was straightforward, resulting in a swift refund. This positive experience highlights PayPal's role in safeguarding consumers' financial transactions.
USER_82538WI3GHWAccessing transaction history is unnecessarily cumbersome, requiring multiple steps to locate. Additionally, the absence of the year in the date display and unclear sorting methods further hinder usability. These shortcomings render the app less effective in resolving transaction-related issues.
USER_VS751VSIIPreviously, accessing PayPal Credit was straightforward, but recent app changes obscure this feature under the "Wallet" section. This rearrangement, although possibly aimed at streamlining, introduces needless complexity, requiring users to search for essential features.
USER_735EGH3IS8SPoor experience. I primarily use the app to send payments to business partners from a linked bank account. After one successful transaction, subsequent attempts have failed. Despite reaching out to support, I was advised to contact my bank, indicating a lack of initiative in resolving the issue. Additionally, my correct phone number fails to register in the app, and the security checks are ineffective. Although my linked bank account appears, attempting to transfer funds prompts the app to request card details, resulting in overall functionality issues.
USER_VE853VHSI2Initially impressive, the app's security measures have become overly restrictive. Sending amounts over $30 prompts PayPal to hold the funds, citing "risk reasons," even for minimal amounts like $8 or $20. These delays have caused significant inconvenience, especially in urgent situations, undermining the app's reliability and usability.
USER_72TEGGEU While basic functions operate smoothly, sending money via the app, particularly amounts with four digits, poses challenges, especially in German-speaking countries. For instance, attempting to send €1000 results in the app automatically adding a comma in the first step, but the subsequent step converts the amount to €10.00, disregarding the initial input. This issue urgently requires resolution.
USER_7WNFIAKRO My experience with the PayPal app's check cashing services has been consistently disappointing. Utilizing a third-party service for check processing, the app often fails to provide specific reasons for check clearance failures. Support is inadequate, directing users to the third party for resolution, necessitating additional account creation. Enduring a ten-day wait for clearance, only for the check to fail without explanation on the final day, highlights the app's shortcomings.
USER_HF82NGA92FJ For immediate money transfers, alternative platforms surpass PayPal's efficiency. Arbitrary delays in processing payments as "e-checks" prolong wait times unnecessarily, while persistent attempts to promote credit cards during transactions are intrusive. Considering switching to Cash App to avoid these inconveniences.
USER_BX7QNT8X8A4 While the app facilitates easy money requests from friends, a setting oversight often leads to inadvertent seller fees. Reclaiming these fees proves challenging, despite the app's clear display of balances and transactions. Improvements are needed to streamline this process and prevent inadvertent fees.
USER_NF6QDK9QRJ2 Although typically functional, the app's buggy keyboard layout impedes money transfers. Inputting amounts often results in misinterpretation, such as turning "7.80" into "7,8000.80." Despite residing in Germany and setting the system language to English, similar issues persist among friends. This issue remains unresolved, hindering the app's primary function.
USER_NF7C6WJEJ The app remains cumbersome and unintuitive, especially for users solely interested in online payments. Issues with updating bank account mandates and persistent address update prompts detract from the user experience. Simplification is necessary to restore the app's original usability and appeal.
USER_JE7CYWJJFU I strongly discourage using PayPal. Despite its peer-to-peer payment capabilities, the app fails to meet expectations. Linking a Capitec debit card is problematic, with missing instructions and inaccessible features. Despite attempting various solutions, including navigating to the wallet section, the app's usability remains frustrating and unreliable. Consider alternative apps for hassle-free transactions.
USER_V9E6HSOEU Recently, upon opening the application, it automatically shuts down. Despite reaching out to customer support, their assistance has been futile. I continuously receive generic responses advising me to ensure my software and the application are up to date. It's evident that no one is actually reading the feedback, as I receive the same unhelpful responses. This issue is affecting numerous users, indicating a problem with the app itself, not individual devices.
USER_VSI02GRLSP There's still no way to view declined transactions, and customer service is inaccessible after business hours. It's essential for users to have access to their account information at all times, especially during business hours. Being charged multiple times before customer service is available is highly inconvenient, especially without visibility into the charges. Improved customer support options are needed instead of relying solely on AI responses.
USER_V0S93YGEEHIW I use the app primarily to manage payments to PayPal Credit. However, since the latest update, accessing PayPal Credit has become unnecessarily cumbersome. The widget that provided direct access to PayPal Credit has been moved from the front page to a hidden location under "wallet," while less relevant features, such as PayPal rewards, now occupy prominent positions. This rearrangement is unwarranted and inconvenient for users.
USER_92YEVEI I filed two fraud transaction reports last night, which are documented in the PayPal Message Center. However, attempting to access these records yields an error message stating, "Something Went Wrong... Please try again." At times, the app even redirects to an HTML page, requiring reauthentication. This inconsistent functionality is unacceptable and reflects poorly on PayPal's reliability.
USER_849W9FKWI The PayPal app exhibited odd behavior, as it forced me to use USD despite my account being in EUR. This required an unnecessary process of buying USD from my bank, converting to EUR within PayPal, and incurring exchange fees twice. Additionally, PayPal's exchange rates are unfavorable. Frustrated by these issues, I opted to delete the app due to its subpar performance.
USER_JF829TMDI8W Despite PayPal's claim of offering fraud protection, my recent experience contradicts this assertion. After disputing a transaction for an order from what I believed to be Bed Bath and Beyond, PayPal credited my account but is now demanding repayment. Despite providing evidence of being scammed, PayPal is holding me accountable. This failure to uphold fraud protection has left me disillusioned with PayPal's services.
USER_JD7GJ3ISKGW The intrusive "Transfer in Minutes" pop-up is deliberately designed to deceive users. It consistently appears just before selecting the standard free transfer option, leading to inadvertent selection of the fee-based transfer. This deceptive tactic by the developer is unacceptable and may warrant legal action. PayPal should reconsider its button placement to ensure transparency and prevent further deception of its users.
USER_DU7WDJJAI As a longtime user, my advice to those encountering difficulties with refunds or transactions is to first contact the merchant directly. PayPal solely functions as a money service provider.
USER_JD838TJDI Recently, I utilized the Cash a Check feature, but the Check Status option consistently crashes the app. I've replicated this issue across multiple smartphones, including different models. As an individual with expertise in IT, I am reporting this technical issue for resolution. Simply suggesting uninstalling and reinstalling the app, despite my clear explanation of the issue occurring across various devices, is not a viable solution.
USER_JF72ITJW8D While I recognize the importance of security measures, the current system is excessively stringent. Minor oversights can result in prolonged delays, with users spending up to 20 minutes navigating security protocols. Additionally, the inability of the system to understand certain requests, such as connecting to Google Pay, and the recurring issue of being unable to add cards, despite having sufficient funds or using a valid Visa card, are significant drawbacks.
USER_FJW9G72J A previously favorable review from the past two years now reflects recent experiences. Following the latest update, the app repeatedly crashes, despite attempts to resolve the issue through uninstallation and reinstallation, as well as clearing cache. This recurrent issue diminishes the app's functionality and reliability.
USER_KF919RIKF Initially lauded for its convenience and mutual protection benefits, PayPal's recent performance has led to a reduction in ratings. I frequently encounter password reset requests due to purported "unusual activity" on my account, causing significant inconvenience. However, recent updates have resolved this issue, allowing me to resume regular use of the app.
USER_NFIISIFIJS PayPal unexpectedly subjected three of my payments to a compliance review after a decade of seamless service. Unfortunately, live customer support is inaccessible during their stipulated US business hours, and the promised New Message button for contact is nonexistent. This lack of effective customer service undermines user confidence in the platform.
USER_JF9QOTMSO9A This app is highly problematic, frequently freezing or displaying error messages. Additionally, discrepancies in transaction history, such as inaccurately calculating simple arithmetic or inexplicably disappearing entries, are common occurrences. Customer service is consistently unresponsive during standard office hours, exacerbating user frustration and dissatisfaction.
USER_NSJSJ83O4IOW Having utilized PayPal extensively since its inception, I've witnessed a notable decline in service quality and customer support. From reliable funds transfer to a lack of assistance with disputes and an overall unfriendly user experience, PayPal's recent performance has been disappointing. Considering alternatives like Zelle or Venmo may offer comparable ease of use without the associated drawbacks.
USER_ND85O92DI Is there a way to give this app a zero-star rating? I'm utterly perplexed by the state of PayPal. The app, or should I say the platform, has become exasperating. For days, if not weeks, I've been unable to link an account or debit/credit card. Despite repeated attempts, there's been no improvement. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the same issues persist. It's truly frustrating.
USER_ND91YK9A The app has become utterly unusable. I've had to endure significant frustration just to attempt to pay off my credit card using two different devices. If the call center still exists, I anticipate spending hours trying to resolve this issue. It's clear that PayPal doesn't value my business.
USER_ND827TJIW I've always been diligent with payments, using PayPal Pay in 4 to build my computer without missing a single payment. However, I'm suddenly no longer eligible for a preapproved $1500 option, which my friend still has access to. This inconsistency is specific to my account, and it's incredibly frustrating. If this is how loyal users are treated, I'll have no choice but to switch all payments away from PayPal.
USER_NFQ948JDIS Despite making several payments to my PayPal credit account, the available credit hasn't updated. Even after paying $295 since last week, there's been no change in available credit. If this issue persists, I'll have no choice but to stop making payments altogether.
USER_NSIA7FJW Sending money to the wrong person is far too easy due to the app's flawed default contact selection. It's baffling why it doesn't prioritize contacts when typing a recipient's name. Although reporting such errors achieves little, I can only hope the recipient is as honest as the intended one.
USER_ND8QTKDOS I've relied on PayPal for years, both personally and in my small business, primarily for its reliable invoice system. However, accessing the resolution center through the app is needlessly difficult, requiring a web browser instead. Despite this, I appreciate the app's convenience for tracking purchases and resolving disputes.
USER_8NF9WJFE In summary, while PayPal isn't my preferred option due to its numerous flaws, it's occasionally my only choice. Streamlining the app's features and fixing persistent bugs would greatly improve the user experience. Additionally, a clearer pathway to customer support is desperately needed. If these issues persist, I may need to explore alternative payment platforms.


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