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My Dragon - Virtual Pet Game v.

Are you longing for the companionship of a dragon? Fulfill your dream with My Dragon! Welcome a charming dragon into your life through our simulator.

Introduce yourself to your new virtual companion, designed to mirror the characteristics of a real dragon. Admire its majestic gaze and delight in its joyful roar, bringing warmth to your heart and light to your day. Interact with your dragon, indulge it with tasty treats, embark on adventures together, and revel in boundless amusement. Shower your dragon with affection, and it will reciprocate tenfold. Wherever you go, your loyal dragon is by your side. 🐲

Nurture your faithful tamagotchi companion with love, care, and attention as you explore the enchanting world of My Dragon.
Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dragon.virtual.pet.game


Wow, a new game hits the market and within moments, it's bombarding players with payment requests and incessant ads, practically making it unplayable without constantly being interrupted. It's disappointing to see such a promising game tainted by such greed. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this game if you don't want to be bombarded with ads. The developers should be ashamed of themselves for their exploitative tactics.


Upon launching the game, I was immediately prompted to subscribe for £9 per week, a cost higher than maintaining a real pet. Within minutes of gameplay, I was interrupted by an ad. This approach is unacceptable. Instead of bombarding players with ads, why not offer them on their own terms? While the game is free, the business model is offensive to players. My rating remains unchanged.


Although the game has its charm, the excessive ads detract from the enjoyment. Furthermore, the £9.99 weekly subscription fee seems steep for the offered content.


Why include pop-up ads when there are already optional ads available for double rewards? Game developers should rethink their strategy and rely solely on optional ads.


The game immediately prompts a $9.99 payment screen upon opening. Needless to say, I opted out of the 3-day trial.


The game shows promise, but it's frustratingly laden with immediate ads, causing freezing halfway through gameplay.


There are far too many ads in this game. However, I'll give it a plus one because it reminds me of baby Malleus Draconia.


This game is fantastic! I adore the dragon; he's incredibly cute. His adorable sounds make the experience even better. I'll definitely rate this game five stars.


Yes! This is my favorite game! I can play games and earn coins (which the dragon needs) for food, bathroom breaks, sleep, and happiness.


This dragon game is perfect for kids. Thank you, Vickie Jenkins.


I love having the little dude hanging out in my room with me. Unfortunately, there are too many ads, making it difficult to enjoy the game.


This game is the worst; it's so laggy. I wanted to record and post it on YouTube, but the lag is unbearable.


I adore this game so much! The expressions are fantastic, and it's perfect for kids like me (don't worry, I'm 10 years old). I've never loved a game as much as this one. I absolutely love it! And there's more to say about it...


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