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MetaMask - Blockchain Wallet app (v.7.18.1)

MetaMask serves as your bridge to the decentralized web, regardless of whether you're a seasoned blockchain user or just starting out. We're relied upon by millions globally, striving to democratize access to this emerging decentralized internet.

The MetaMask application functions as both a wallet and a browser. It enables you to purchase, send, manage, and exchange your digital assets seamlessly. With MetaMask, you can make payments to anyone, anywhere, and securely log into websites to engage in asset trading, lending, borrowing, gaming, content creation, purchasing rare digital art, and a myriad of other activities.



USER_NC00QKG9OWKE It takes a considerable amount of time to open, and once it does, all my coins disappear. No matter how many times I refresh or reload the app, my assets fail to appear. I don't want to experience the panic my friend did; she uninstalled the app due to this issue, then reinstalled it, only to find her assets gone. Even with the same account, her wallet address suddenly changed. Please fix this immediately; it's causing us a lot of stress.
USER_8TI2KKFAOFOOF Developers urgently need to address the following issues, as they could lead to the app becoming obsolete long before 2030: - Inability to view real-time balance currency value for tokens added within each network (the most significant issue by far) - Performance latency when switching networks, with inaccurate token values displayed until multiple refresh attempts - App's inability to accurately detect all available tokens within each network; when it does detect them, it only captures tokens with very low amounts
USER_JCJS88WOKGKX Initially, I was inclined to give more stars, but the inconvenience caused by the error I'm encountering is truly frustrating. Every time I attempt to open the ETH network on my first account, Metamask automatically closes, and a message pops up indicating a bug in the app. I'm aware that something went wrong; I simply want this bug fixed. I've already updated to the latest version of the app, so no further updates are required. Metamask needs to address this issue ASAP. Update: Now it's asking me to restore my wallet.
USER_JF8188RLLZOC The browser functionality is poor, and the user interface lags and becomes unresponsive. This app is horrendous; it's impossible to even open. I shouldn't have to clear app data/cache and restore with a seed phrase every time I want to make a single transaction when there are other excellent EVM wallets available. Edit: I only returned to use this app for testnets, but it's still garbage. Suddenly, the app erases itself, along with your biometric settings and your manual password, which then becomes invalid. It then prompts you to restore with a seed phrase every time.
USER_ODOQOF9OXO9 After a recent app update, all my saved assets in Metamask disappeared. Despite trying to retrieve them, all added networks displayed zero balances. Additionally, all staked assets (Core) on the core staking platform showed zero. I didn't click or import any links to the browser, nor did I leak or share my passphrase. This occurred after an update, and it's very disheartening.
USER_KV0Q0RLX9A03 The wallet app is decent, but the security options seem ineffective. When I turn on fingerprint identification to log in, it prompts me to use my fingerprint three times, then still asks for my password. Similarly, when I switch to using a device pin, it asks for my password and then has me scan my fingerprint twice but never asks for my pin. Additionally, setting the lock after option to never doesn't prevent it from locking when switching apps on my phone.
USER_9TO2OCOSOG Following the app update, it now refuses to load. I've been attempting to open it since then. There are significant improvements needed in the app's UI. My experience with Metamask has not met my expectations. Please fix this bug as soon as possible.
USER_CKIS92OYO0D0WFL The app has always been buggy, but today I found myself logged out, and it won't log me back in with either fingerprint or password. Although I was able to restore with the recovery key, this instability and risk are unacceptable. Not enough effort has been put into solving bugs and issues, especially the Swiftkey keyboard typing problem. I'll be transferring my coins to another non-custodial wallet. Now I understand why there are so many complaints.
USER_KX9T00WOFLXOA Metamask is an exceptional platform for cryptocurrency. It stands out among others and will continue to shine! I adore the interface; it's incredibly user-friendly, with conveniently located tabs. The design is simple yet well thought out, even for beginners like myself.
USER_JC8WIIQICKIS From today (March 19), whenever I open the app on my phone, it displays "You don't have any tokens to display" on the Ethereum network. Unlike usual, it doesn't show the list of tokens with their respective amounts. Even if the wallet had no currency, it would still display a list of all tokens with a value of $0.00 each. However, the wallet does contain currency and different tokens. Switching to the Polygon Network still shows the list normally, but Ethereum doesn't.
USER_IC8W9Q9FOOF Where do I begin? The app has become dysfunctional, displaying zero balances or completely incorrect balances, with tokens showing zero. It's all over the place. When using their swap browser, the app redirected me to a different exchange and sold me old tokens that were worth zero at full price, resulting in financial loss. This wallet/app is frequently targeted by criminals' phishing schemes to drain all your assets, and there are inadequate warnings. MetaMask shows zero interest in fixing any of these issues. Be prepared for smug and rude emails from support.
USER_6P3LCSOOGOD This is the third time I've had to uninstall and reset the app in two months. Setting up several L2 chains and testnets repeatedly is becoming tedious. The app has become unusable and freezes constantly. I can view my wallet but can't perform any actions. The user experience has been terrible over the last few months, especially on Google Pixel 5.
USER_KG9EO1OFX9A9F My experience was positive until today. After not opening the app for about a week, it's frozen on the last wallet I accessed a week ago. It's completely unresponsive; everything is frozen. I can't change networks or wallets, access the browser, or adjust settings. The app is essentially unusable right now.
USER_IG8CO1OTL9W The typing in the import wallet window is extremely slow and non-erasable, making it very buggy. It's frustrating to experience such slow typing speeds when trying to import your own account, taking at least 5 minutes to reflect what's typed on the keyboard. Developers need to focus on resolving this issue promptly.
USER_OF9W9ODOAOF My coins aren't displayed, and when I attempt to transfer them to another wallet, it shows no balance. However, when I check on the coin blockchain site, it confirms that I still have a balance. Additionally, my second wallet suddenly displays coins that I didn't acquire, and attempts to transfer them fail, indicating a bug. Furthermore, no transactions, not even one, are successful using the browser; it's stuck on loading/processing. These issues need to be addressed.
USER_842PXOA9OFOG The Windows application works smoothly and effectively, but the mobile app isn't functional. A significant UI upgrade, robust cloud server, extensive database with backup, and skilled developers are essential for improvement.
USER_IG8RO4Q9S9DO While the wallet functions fine, I was defrauded of £2k, and the support team showed little concern. They provided pre-written responses and avoided answering direct questions without prompting. It seemed they were more interested in protecting themselves than assisting me. Now, I have £2k Presale tokens linked exclusively to a corrupted MM wallet, and I'm told they are too busy to help. It's disappointing; there's no concept of 'client' support.
USER_KV8OEOQOFOOC Reaching customer support is nearly impossible, and withdrawing money can become quite frustrating. I suggest using the web version for transactions, as the mobile app tends to be unreliable. Given these challenges, it might be wise to explore alternative wallet options for peace of mind.
USER_G893QOOGOTOOS Your app doesn't even deserve two stars, to be honest. I've never encountered an app as annoying as your Metamask app. It's incredibly slow, a real time-waster, and inefficient in operation. If this continues, I'll have no choice but to delete it from my phone. Everyone is complaining bitterly about this slow and inefficient app. I thought your technical team would have fixed it by now to make it more lively and effective to use.
USER_CK9S3P50W0FP This is my first time trying this wallet, and to my surprise, the experience is terrible! The app is extremely slow; most times, you have to continuously tap on a button for about four minutes to get it to respond. That's the only downside of the wallet. I don't think the devs really care about user experience because the app is way too slow. It's very annoying!
USER_IV8EOQOXODOA The wallet won't connect using Chrome or any other browser, and the internal browser won't connect to the wallet either as it used to automatically. When you click to connect, it opens Metamask, but then nothing happens. It's useless, and funds are stuck due to this error. Please help!
USER_8CAOOEOWOFHX It's never been great with the lack of two-factor authentication and the slowest browser ever, but at least it worked. Now, it won't show me my balances, and when I click on an asset like Eth, it shows -$3200 in red as if it went to zero. It's really frustrating.
USER_CJ85W0PDOGOWF I really don't understand why my Metamask wallet app keeps crashing despite doing all the necessary troubleshooting steps, such as clearing the cache, stopping and reopening the app, and restarting my phone. None of these solutions could stop it from not opening. Then I uninstalled and downloaded another one with my seed phrase, only to find all my available balances lost due to some dubious means, and the problem persists.
USER_CU8491OOFOFOA It takes forever to open, crashes unnecessarily, and lags way too much. Please fix your app! I haven't been able to open it for the past two days since I updated it. Please fix it; I have things to do.
USER_VJ88E8QOOFIFX There's a consistent bug forcing me to reset the wallet. It's super annoying, especially when you have more than ten wallets that need resetting due to a connection bug. This issue should be fixed and not displayed on the first screen as if it were normal.
USER_VK9299QOGOWOCA It's a shame that the history has disappeared, and now you have to view it on Etherscan. I used to be able to see my spot buys and the profit and loss of each position. Now, I have to trawl through Etherscan, which is complicated for some users and doesn't provide position profit and loss anyway. It feels like a downgrade following the recent update. 😒
USER_KC9W91LF9G9S9SOFL I was initially inclined to give it a higher rating, but the inconveniences and errors I'm encountering are so severe that I can't overlook them. The app has been loading for hours, and I still can't open it. Metamask needs to address these issues urgently. I'm using the latest version, yet the problem persists. 😤😤😤
USER_JC883OQOODLXOAC I used to praise this app and considered it one of the best, but lately, it keeps resetting the wallet, wiping out all my holdings. I've lost some coins for which I don't even have the contract address anymore. I wish I could rate this app zero stars right now. The developers need to address these errors promptly.
USER_KCOWOQKFKOS9X I reinstalled this app hoping for improvements, but I was disappointed to encounter the same issues: limited country support, significant lag while navigating, sluggish browser performance, and support for only a few assets. Overall, this app requires significant improvements.
USER_KC9F0WPXLH02Q There are two major issues with this app, in my opinion: firstly, it takes quite a while to load completely every time I log in, which is somewhat tolerable. However, the second issue is horrendous and unacceptable: the lack of 2FA verification for withdrawals. This means that your funds are at risk every time you connect to a dapp or third-party app, even by mistake. Today, I experienced a situation where a scammer was able to steal my funds because there was no 2FA verification required. If 2FA verification had been in place, the scammer wouldn't have been able to succeed.
USER_8F2OODOFS9FOAOF I couldn't log in with my password due to an error. I thought a quick uninstall and reinstall would resolve the issue, but now I can't access my secret recovery phrase, and I can't find the hard copy. Consequently, I'm unable to access my wallet and the funds within it. There doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve the necessary information manually either.
USER_OC0104PPX0A Every time I open my Metamask wallet, an error message appears, indicating that something went wrong. When I input the correct information to open it, all my previous settings are changed, and this persistent error message remains on my screen. Please address this bug promptly.
USER_839WOCOZOHSAC Placing a banner notification that cannot be swiped away over the entire bottom area, where buttons are usually located, is incredibly frustrating. Please make it possible to swipe away notifications from the bottom of the screen.
USER_OC9A0QFOF9C9S Initially, this app seemed promising and reliable, but later on, I realized it's not. I couldn't import my existing wallet on my new phone; whenever I enter the provided phrase, it unfortunately shows as incorrect. I'm unsure what the correct phrase is, as the one I've been attempting to use is the one provided when I created the wallet.
USER_82OTODOOCAOWO Despite my appreciation for the utilities offered by this app, the past two days have been extremely frustrating. It repeatedly prompts me to restore the app, and while I comply and restore my accounts, the issue persists. Even if I log out and attempt to reopen the app, it asks for restoration again. This has occurred more than ten times today alone.
USER_JF8925WPDPFP At times, the app loads very slowly, and certain tokens don't display correctly. There are occasional malfunctions with the charts, and there's no option to disable fake airdrops or hide multiple instances of them simultaneously.
USER_92ORLDLAO I'm feeling quite disappointed with this app. Why must I be redirected to start a new login session after updating the app? I can't comprehend the reason behind this. It's absurd and frustrating to spend so much time with one app, especially when I already have an account with them. I hope this issue is addressed promptly for a smoother user experience.
USER_VIIDI2O01FX I don't recommend using this app. Trust wallet is a better alternative. The login process is too slow, and the support is even slower. I had a simple question about adding popular networks safely, but it took an eternity to receive any response. Fortunately, it wasn't a complaint about my assets.
USER_C82KOQODKDLLF While the previous version of the app worked well, the updated version is a mess. It takes a long time to load the balance, and unlike other apps, there's no option to view the passphrase with biometric authentication. Developers should look into these issues.
USER_KG020GL0WPCPF The previous features of the app were better than the current ones. I changed phones, but I can't retrieve my account. Despite entering my recovery phrase, the app claims it's incorrect. The previous version had a serial number feature where I could enter my recovery phrase in ascending order, but this feature is missing in the current version. Please assist me with this issue.
USER_71KFOX9QOFLOD This app is simply disappointing. It's been almost three days, and I still can't activate it. Even after updating it, it refuses to open. I'm afraid that if I delete it, I'll lose my tokens. The one star I gave doesn't even do justice to the frustration I'm experiencing.
USER_IF9E99F9FOWOKF It's disheartening how this app performs. It takes forever to load, consumes too many resources, and randomly kicks me out of my wallet. The transaction approval modal is also broken, displaying errors if the user clicks approve before the fee is displayed. This app's only saving grace is its ease of sharing wallets for development purposes.
USER_KF8W9GOX00013 This app constantly glitches, freezes, and fails to display my ETH balance accurately. It prevents me from sending ETH because it falsely claims I have none. Even Uniswap fails to perform swaps. It's been an absolutely horrible experience overall.
USER_05IJGD85JJ97 I can only give three stars because my wallet locked me out. Despite using the passphrase to restore it, I couldn't find my tokens. All attempts to restore them were unsuccessful. Such occurrences raise questions about the integrity of the wallet.
USER_GO7RVLPOIHGF7 Having a bad experience with this wallet. It consumes too many resources, making it slow to load and unresponsive. While it may work well on high-end mobile phones, it performs terribly on older or budget devices. I've tried numerous wallets on the same phone, and MetaMask is the only one that's slow and constantly freezes. If you're using an older or budget mobile phone, I recommend staying away from this wallet as it's almost unusable.
USER_2GXJNO0769IJ I'm growing increasingly concerned about this system. My wallet has been reset multiple times, and I'm still unsure why. As a result, I've lost several tokens that were added, but I can't recall them.
USER_G864GKLNFH86 This app crashes repeatedly, causing me to lose coins due to its inherent crashing problem. I advise others to beware before opting for it to avoid financial losses. It's not even worth a single star.
USER_BKP8TGKLDSYU Experiencing constant freezing on my Samsung S23. No matter what I do, whether on the welcome screen, in the browser, or when changing the account, it freezes. Additionally, the lack of 2FA is concerning. I'll be deleting my wallet and switching to another app.
USER_7RBJKBKLKJ999 This app is the worst I've ever encountered. Instead of improving performance with updates, it's only getting worse. It often requires multiple clicks before responding, which is frustrating. There's a need for significant improvement in this regard.
USER_ I'm pleased with the support team for assisting in recovering coins from the wallet. The security, fast transactions, and reliability are appreciated. However, I recommend making the app faster since it's essential for securely managing assets.
USER_G857JVVXHOO86 Encountering an issue when opening the app from different platforms. While it works fine when opened directly from my home screen, I receive a message prompting me to download the app when attempting to open it from elsewhere, even if it's already open on my phone. Additionally, I participated in Blings games, where MetaMask was offered as a payment option. However, nothing arrived in my MetaMask wallet. Though it was a small amount, it's still concerning. Thank you for the quick response. I'll give it another try and see how it goes.
USER_6RVLKBJPO97YG It's always had its bugs, but lately, it's gotten even worse. Among other issues, it doesn't even calculate the fiat values of ETH network tokens anymore. This could be a sign of something more serious happening. I'm not willing to take any chances, so I'm moving out of here!
USER_H955FKLBVDU Please don't install this risky app. It's causing me to lose funds every time. I can't even log in this time—is this some kind of joke? Someone else's ID is showing up from my account, and the other account isn't opening either. I've had to create another one, and the funds are gone. Who's going to reimburse me? I keep creating accounts repeatedly, and there's no solution in sight. It's the worst and most insecure app.
USER_U988KOJGHL077H I can't believe that even after all this time, the MetaMask mobile app is still incredibly unresponsive. I have to wait forever for it to process almost any button I click. It seems like the developers of this app aren't taking it seriously at all. If there was an option to give negative stars, I would.
USER_Y6644GGFFFGJKOKO If there were a rating less than half a star, that's exactly what I'd give to MetaMask. A coin that was distributed since February 28, 2024—I haven't been able to import the token under the BNB Smart Chain network up to this moment. My friend who uses Trust Wallet received theirs on the 28th, while I'm still struggling to import the token. MetaMask, I still don't understand what's wrong!
USER_58JGGJLJVF679 I opened an account with MetaMask and invested in BabyBonk coin. When my investment started to rise, I tried to send it to my other account, but suddenly, nothing was working. I was told to uninstall and reload the app, but that didn't work either. After investing, I tried to get my recovery phrase, but it wasn't given to me by the app. Whatever I tried, it always gave me an error. Now, 3.4 trillion Baby Bonk coins have disappeared. It's not trustworthy, guys.
USER_G7654HJJJGG8 This team is incompetent. I wish I hadn't updated it—I lost all my coins along with your useless update. Now I can't even open the app. Your update is nonsense; just revert it to the last one. If there's a way to downgrade it, that would be better for me. I lost all my coins and money because your updated application refuses to open, and I don't even have the phrase at all.
USER_G866999HDYJJ I think it's a great app, but please consider making it more user-friendly. The interface is too difficult to navigate, especially for novices like us. Thank you!
USER_94O1LLFLSLWOLF Update on February 1st: The issue still exists even after updating the app. I'm unable to access my MetaMask wallet. I keep getting the error: 'View: Root TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined.' When trying to access the private key, it says: 'Show private key for "[missing {{account name}} value]"... The MetaMask team says it's a known issue, but there's still no fix. I need to access my wallet ASAP to swap some tokens, but the MetaMask team doesn't seem to be taking it seriously. I don't think it cares about its customers.
USER_NCIODO1KF0S0OERO Truly horrible browsing experience. The wallet rarely connects, and all sites run extremely slowly. Try other competitors—Trust Wallet is much better. Even after two years, this app is still terrible. Don't use it.
USER_84O2DKKDOSOFCKSO The swap option hasn't been working for the past month, and it's been a frustrating experience. The gas fees are excessively high, which isn't a big deal in itself, but I ended up losing $30 because I couldn't swap on time.
USER_FNW8I5O3S0F0WLD Whenever I open the app, it's sluggish and doesn't display any of my tokens. I have to manually refresh by sliding down to make them appear. Even when I click on a token to open, it's incredibly slow.
USER_BCIW8WKXOS9FKWK Metamask used to be my preferred wallet, but now it's the worst one out there. I constantly have to restore my wallets and add my assets manually every time I try to access the app. It lags so much! If there were a rating less than one star, that's what this app would deserve.
USER_X8QOFKW9DOLXL Great app! It's my preferred Web 3 wallet. I wish the MetaMask developers could integrate the functionality to add non-EMV networks like Solana, Tron, etc. Just to name a few examples.
USER_JC8S89QKEKK253 Please ensure that the Web version syncs with the mobile app. Currently, I have to add networks separately, which is inconvenient and stressful. Please fix this as soon as possible!
USER_82IWKKDKAODF The confirm password button to create an account is neither visible nor functioning on my MetaMask. I've had to delete and download the app several times without success. My last app was hacked, resulting in significant losses. I'm concerned about the compromised security level of the site. Urgent assistance is needed, thank you.
USER_JF8WIKOR9153 After the last update, my tokens disappeared! I could only add one custom token, and adding more custom tokens wasn't possible. Why was the update so bad? After changing the app's language to English, it started working. Who would have guessed? This is a serious bug! Additionally, why does MetaMask only ask Coingecko for prices and not CoinMarketCap, which is larger? It should query both! The app developers don't seem very smart, do they? Haha!
USER_8WKFIXIJFIW9Q All of a sudden, the app stopped logging in. I keep getting the error message "MetaMask has stopped." I used to open it with fingerprints, but now the fingerprint option has been removed. I have assets in two wallets inside. How do I explain that I lost all my assets due to a faulty app?


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