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LINE: Calls & Messages App (v.14.4.2)

LINE is revolutionizing communication, bridging the gap between family, friends, and loved ones at no cost. Through voice and video calls, messaging, and an extensive array of lively stickers, you'll have the freedom to express yourself in ways previously unimaginable. Accessible worldwide on mobile, desktop, and Wear OS, the LINE platform is continuously expanding, introducing fresh services and functionalities to enhance your enjoyment and convenience in life.



USER_ND918TJJDJ The customer support response effectively resolved my Bluetooth call issue. Overall, the app has served me well for years, fulfilling its purpose reliably. Call quality is generally satisfactory, and I appreciate the absence of intrusive advertising. Security and privacy features seem adequate, but there are inconsistencies in conversion rates, notably a sudden doubling of coin prices when converted to local currency.
USER_72TJ8XWJFJJD The app's UI/UX is responsive, and messaging and calls are reliable. However, the lack of multi-device support is a drawback. While there's a workaround, it's cumbersome and not user-friendly. Accidentally logging out of all devices can lock you out, requiring additional workarounds to resolve the issue. Adding multi-device support, similar to Telegram, would be beneficial.
USER_HFVNW884NQJDID There have been recent issues with Line. Sending text messages sometimes fails, although other media types send successfully. Notifications are delayed, and messages may not appear until the app is refreshed. Additionally, there are instances where calls don't ring, and sending photos or videos takes an unusually long time. These issues need prompt attention and resolution.
USER_HF72I1JFIAJR2ISI It would be helpful to include features indicating online status, last seen status, and typing status. Additionally, certain unnecessary features like Line Today contribute to app bloat without adding significant value. Focusing on core features like calling and messaging while streamlining the app's size would enhance the user experience.
USER_HF7WBZWIFJNFIS There are ongoing issues with sending chats, delayed notifications, and message visibility upon opening the app. These issues are particularly frustrating for users relying on Line for communication. Improving chat functionality and addressing notification delays are crucial for enhancing user satisfaction.
USER_HD7V82IAJFJW My experience with LINE has generally been positive, earning it a 4-star rating. However, access to some features may be restricted based on location, which could explain recent negative reviews. Despite occasional errors, I've found LINE to be reliable for chat and calls over the past decade.
USER_6D62JAOWNFIAI While messaging works well on my Samsung A14 5G, there are issues with calls, including dual ringtone notifications and call connection problems. These issues need urgent attention and resolution to ensure a seamless calling experience for users.
USER_2773NJZIGJWIZ Text messaging functions flawlessly, and it seamlessly supports picture messaging within the app. While I haven't tested the calling feature extensively, it's logical to assume that in locations with limited WiFi infrastructure, it may not perform optimally. Nevertheless, it's a reliable option for those seeking to avoid international phone plan charges or daily activation fees. I do miss the Avatars feature, though.
USER_HD7CUWUAIXNW I've been a loyal user of this app for years, but recently, it's been plagued by significant bugs. Although I receive message notifications, I can't view them upon opening the app. Profile pictures fail to load, and sending messages becomes impossible. Previous solutions like clearing the cache and restarting my phone no longer resolve the issue, making the app increasingly frustrating to use.
USER_74J1JDUIAJFJDJXI Chat notifications are completely unreliable. While I receive notifications from some friends, others go unnoticed. It's a hit-or-miss situation, forcing me to constantly check the app for new messages. This inconsistency affects all my contacts, making the notification feature practically useless. Prioritize fixing these fundamental issues before implementing new features.
USER_HF72JQU7ZHDJWUS While this app has some merits, it's marred by several issues. It once randomly logged me out, resulting in the loss of numerous contacts. Despite numerous attempts, I couldn't sign in on my new phone, as the app refused to accept my credentials. Moreover, it lacks basic functionality like remembering email addresses, making it frustratingly inefficient.
USER_YE72USHFHUWUS Although the app has improved, it still exhibits peculiar behavior. While my partner and I can view years of communication history on our phones, the Line PC app displays a significant gap in data. This inconsistency undermines the app's reliability and usability, highlighting the need for consistent performance across all platforms.
USER_YD6FNWKZ837US This app is both insecure and bloated, consuming excessive storage space. It forces users to open links within its proprietary browser, compromising user privacy and security. Moreover, the embedded browser automatically redirects to malicious websites, posing a significant risk to user safety. Allow users to open links directly in their default browser and optimize app cache management to alleviate storage concerns.
USER_HW7HCAI8RUWJD I've encountered persistent issues with this app, rendering it unusable. Despite numerous attempts, I couldn't search for or add a single user. Login attempts via the Windows application and Chrome extension were equally futile. This widespread dysfunctionality severely undermines the app's utility and reliability.
USER_7R81JDNSJWI My experience with this application has been overwhelmingly negative. Despite complying with all regulations, my messages failed to reach my friends and colleagues during crucial meetings. Despite seeking assistance from the help center, I received unhelpful responses, exacerbating my frustration. Such critical flaws in the app's functionality have cost me important opportunities, leading me to consider alternative applications.
USER_7EJQJCUWIZJRI Facebook login support has been discontinued, and now Line requires your old device for account recovery. If you don't have access to your old device, you'll lose all your contacts, game progress, and more. This system is frustratingly flawed. Additionally, I've encountered issues with the app's functionality, leading me to reinstall it. However, this resulted in a temporary block from the app for 170 days. This experience has been incredibly disappointing, and if it weren't for my overseas friends, I wouldn't continue using this app.
USER_NFIS82NGIW8D LINE version 14.3.2 takes nearly 60 seconds to load on all my devices, which is significantly longer than other messaging apps like Telegram, which load in just 2 seconds. Furthermore, the chat windows with official friends frequently freeze, making the user experience appalling. The update and refresh process is sluggish and laggy. Given these frustrations and the lack of responsiveness from LINE developers to user feedback, I no longer see the need to use this bloated software.
USER_HR72UXNFJAIIF Initially, I enjoyed using the app, but now I'm unable to view my friends' posts because LINE VOOM is allegedly unavailable in my region, despite using it just three months ago. This sudden change is frustrating and confusing. Moreover, I'm experiencing difficulties loading simple images and messages, which adds to my dissatisfaction with the app.
USER_NF827XHWURU The app used to function well, but over the past year, it's become increasingly unreliable. I consistently receive message notifications, but upon opening the chat, the messages fail to update promptly. Sometimes, messages take up to two minutes to appear, causing unnecessary delays in communication.
USER_BF1817DAUHR There are several issues with call notifications, as they don't receive the same priority as other calling apps. Additionally, the speaker/phone button disappears after closing the camera, requiring users to terminate the call and recall to switch modes, which is inconvenient.
USER_HF727QJDJWIS8 Despite having my account for seven years without any problems, it was suspended without justification on March 25th. Despite providing all necessary details for account recovery, LINE's support was unresponsive and provided automated responses. This lack of assistance and accountability is unacceptable.
USER_BD7274NQIIDID Apart from the regular bugs, Line generally fulfills its intended purpose, but its user interface desperately needs a refresh. Additionally, the option to disable VOOM would be appreciated as it currently takes up unnecessary space.
USER_J38F7SJIQUR Come on, I've been a long-time user of this app, and every update just seems to disappoint. Recently, I accidentally uninstalled the app, and now I can't recover my account. Unfortunately, there are only two sign-up methods available—Google and Apple—making it difficult for me to log back in. Despite my efforts, I've been unable to regain access to my account.
USER_JD728QDJUWIS The application keeps crashing consistently. Initially, I couldn't even create a new account because I wasn't receiving any of the SMS messages. Even after several months, when I finally managed to create an account, I encountered another issue—I couldn't add any friends because both the search page and the QR code scanning feature were malfunctioning. This renders the app completely unusable.
USER_JF7R7I1JSJFI I'm extremely frustrated with this app. As someone living in Thailand, I'm compelled to use it due to the insistence of everyone around me. However, I can't seem to stop spammers from bombarding me with friend requests or job offers. When I try to block them, I encounter errors. I even uninstalled the app hoping to reinstall it and block these numbers, but I was forced to wait 30 days before trying again with my phone number. What a hassle!
USER_JF728QJDURIW Logging into your own devices has become overly complicated. Even with 2FA enabled, the login measures are too stringent, causing inconvenience for users. Moreover, my former account was inexplicably banned despite only communicating with two close contacts. I reached out to customer support, but they provided no explanation and did not lift the ban. While LINE is a decent app, it's not very user-friendly, and there are better alternatives available.
USER_UE72UZJFIWUD I'm a LINE user from Australia, and I recently purchased a new phone. However, I'm unable to use the LINE app due to the message stating, "your region doesn't allow adding a phone number." Despite multiple reinstallation attempts, the issue persists. This needs to be addressed promptly.
USER_6ENGISJ1IRUFUS Initially, everything was functioning smoothly, but now I can't send or receive texts through the app. Although I receive notifications, the messages themselves are nowhere to be found. This issue is causing significant inconvenience, especially considering the importance of the app in my daily activities. I urge the developers to address this problem promptly.
USER_UF7CJSJJRI18DJ The QR code scan feature is utterly unreliable—it never works on any phone. Additionally, the limit of 1200 photos per month is unreasonably low, especially for professional photographers. There's no option to upgrade this limit, and the app seems to be encountering more issues with each passing day. Recently, it started refusing to open Facebook links in the Facebook app, forcing users to use the browser instead.
USER_BVKQOOG2ISID I still enjoy using this app, but with each new update, it seems to inconvenience me more. The removal of Facebook login and the discontinuation of account transfer for those who registered with FB previously came as a surprise, leaving me unable to access my LINE account. It's frustrating that options are being removed without warning. I've invested a significant amount of money in stickers and LINE themes, and I would appreciate a refund for those purchases.
USER_JFL0t82ksiif Discord surpasses LINE in every aspect, especially for managing large groups where you can assign mods and other roles for assistance. The inability to edit messages is a deal-breaker for me.
USER_519GJ184JDQ I hope that phone number and timeline features become available in my country soon. I have posts there and would like to add my friends using my number since I don't have any other means of contacting them. Occasionally, the app fails to send notifications, but they come through when I open the app, indicating a possible bug. I hope you'll address and improve these issues because I genuinely love your app. Thank you.
USER_NGLSKFOWITJEJ LINE, your actions are contradictory. Your FAQ states that email and Facebook logins are possible, but the actual app does not support them. As a result, I've lost access to my account, which had exclusive stickers that are no longer available for purchase. There's no valid reason to restrict email login on a social app. Please reintroduce this option.
USER_JR8VWO0LTOWID The app was functioning fine until it suddenly stopped working one day, and I received no explanation as to why. Upon reaching out to customer support, I was informed that I violated their terms, but I never received any communication regarding this matter. This incident also raised concerns about privacy, as it seems my messages are being monitored. Consequently, I'm switching to a more secure app immediately.
USER_7RJWUZIJFIWID Overall, I'm disappointed. Losing my account due to the lack of Facebook login support is frustrating, and the app's performance has deteriorated significantly. Notifications are unreliable, and the app drains battery excessively. During calls, echoing occurs after a certain period, making communication difficult. LINE used to be much better than WhatsApp, but that's no longer the case.
USER_BCMQOEJTN2IDI Messages sometimes arrive with significant delays. Despite receiving a notification for a new message, when I open the app, the timestamp indicates that the message was received much earlier. Adjusting settings on my Android device hasn't resolved this issue, making it difficult to rely on the app for time-sensitive or important messages.
USER_HF7WUWJQIUGJ3IW I'm puzzled by the persistent call pop-up that refuses to disappear, making it challenging to manage incoming calls. Additionally, when switching phones, only a few contacts were transferred, and the chat history with those contacts started from the middle of a conversation rather than the beginning. This inconsistency is frustrating and makes it difficult to track conversations.


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