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Home Credit Online Loan App (v.9.35.3)

Introducing the installment app from Home Credit, the Philippines' go-to loan provider! Our product installments and cash loans come with flexible and hassle-free payment terms. With the My Home Credit app, you can conveniently shop in installments on the Home Credit Marketplace, top up load, settle bills, utilize QR payments, and more.

Access Product Loans Up to P60,000

Secure a loan for a new phone, laptop, gadget, home appliance, or furniture with loan options of up to P60,000! All loan applications are conveniently processed through the Home Credit online loan app, with loan results provided in as little as 1 minute!

The Go-To Loan App for "Buy Now, Pay Later" Options



USER_NCOW9T4IWKFI Please address the issues in your app. Sometimes, when filtering encounters, certain choices like "apple" won't consistently filter out. Additionally, there are instances where opening a product results in lag and prolonged loading times. There's also a problem with viewing pictures; although it shows "1/16," only one picture can be viewed, and scrolling isn't possible. Is this a widespread issue or just affecting me? Moreover, it would be beneficial to have a comparison tab to compare two products before availing a plan. Thank you.
USER_FJ838592KDKDI I haven't encountered any issues with the app so far. Paying in advance for my product loans reflects instantly in my account without any payment issues. I'd like to highlight the benefits of their protection plans, which extend not only to the availed product but also to the borrower. The borrower's protection plan stands out for me. Despite the relatively high interest rates, the service and consumer-friendly terms and conditions are commendable.
USER_FJ8383I1MFIS The app is generally good, but I encountered a bug during the sign-up process for two closely identical persons. It seems that if there are two closely identical pieces of information, the existing account gets overwritten. I've raised and escalated this concern to Home Credit customer service, as it may affect other accounts as well.
USER_1985KOFIIWID While the app is helpful for purchasing dream devices with convenient payment arrangements, the frequency of marketing calls is excessive and inconvenient. These marketing calls occur even when I don't have a loan, and they interrupt me during various activities such as commuting, working, and having lunch. It would be more appropriate to send marketing notifications through the app rather than frequent calls.
USER_GJ8W8RISKF99W The app serves its purpose, but there are areas for improvement. Firstly, providing complete information for each item, including dimensions, weight, and specifications, would be beneficial. Secondly, improving navigation with better search filters for categories, specifications, and price/budget would enhance user experience. Additionally, ensuring that the app retains the user's position rather than always returning to the top when tapping the back button would reduce frustration.
USER_JF7W8T2KIDID My initial experience with this app was frustrating due to slow loan registration, login process, and page loading times. It took over an hour of repeatedly entering credentials, refreshing pages, and encountering error messages. If the issue lies with the app, please improve it for the majority of users. Edit: The app was undergoing maintenance during my experience, and it's functioning well now.
USER_JF88492IFKKF Despite weeks passing, I still can't log in successfully. The app keeps buffering and eventually redirects me to the login page without any indication of what went wrong. If the app is undergoing maintenance, the team should expedite the process to prevent further loss of clients.
USER_JF8848QKDKDI It's been weeks, and I'm still unable to log in successfully. The app keeps buffering and eventually redirects me back to the login page without any indication of what's wrong. If the app is undergoing maintenance, the team needs to expedite the process immediately. It's taking far too long, and this delay is causing you to lose clients.
USER_FJ74882IFKFK While the interface design of the app looks good, there's a major issue. It's the only app I've encountered that rarely responds over cellular data when attempting to log in. Whether the cellular data is fast or slow, there's no error message indicating login failure, just offline status. It's also inconvenient to have to enter the PIN code each time the screen is locked or unlocked or when switching apps.
USER_8692058FIW This app is frustrating and concerning. It requests access to a vast amount of information on your phone, including phone numbers, contacts, messages, photos, location, calendar, and even email management. This extensive data access raises serious privacy concerns. I've never encountered an app with such abusive data access.
USER_FJ7391KG919DO While the service itself and the mall staff are excellent, the app is annoying and poorly maintained. It frequently displays system maintenance messages even when not actively used, disrupting other tasks. This constant interruption is more irritating than ads on other apps. Additionally, despite being on auto-payment for three years, I continue to receive unwanted calls.
USER_OAKG92IFKS The service is appalling. Automatically rejecting an application because the verifier couldn't contact the applicant, even with a strong mobile signal, is unacceptable. The verification process needs improvement, as it unfairly penalizes applicants due to communication issues beyond their control.
USER_MGOWPXKF9291 Upon opening the app to check my credit balance, I was prompted to update it. After updating, I couldn't access my account, with repeated messages blaming the issue on me. The app has become increasingly unreliable and burdensome on my device's memory. Future updates must address these bugs and improve functionality.
USER_NG78491OD This app is the worst I've encountered. There's no option to skip updates, and users are forced to update before accessing it. After updating, it insists on logging in via Facebook, which I'm uncomfortable with. Furthermore, the setup process prompts me to enter my stored information but then claims my phone number is incorrect, despite having an existing account. It's a waste of data and extremely frustrating.
USER_19592JFSC The Home Credit app was initially fine, and I appreciated being able to track my balances. However, the latest update requires reconfirmation of my information, which was not an issue for me initially, as I understand it's for security purposes. However, I encountered a problem during the process because my last name contains the character "ñ," which the system flagged as an invalid character. Unfortunately, I couldn't proceed to the next step or edit my last name, resulting in the inability to log in. This situation is frustrating, and I hope Home Credit will address and resolve this issue promptly.
USER_84K2KDMKAOD The app offers the opportunity to acquire your dream device, but there are inconsistencies with the offers displayed. When clicking on an offer, it disappears, leaving users feeling deceived. Additionally, some users, including myself, have experienced difficulties in updating profiles, leading to missed offers. Furthermore, the absence of a bill payment option in the app is a notable drawback compared to similar apps.
USER_JFI38WIFJDI I haven't encountered any issues with the app; logging in and conducting transactions have been smooth and efficient. However, I find it bothersome when staff members start calling several days before the due date, seemingly prematurely. It feels like an unnecessary disturbance, especially considering that payment isn't yet due. Additionally, the automatic addition of extra interest if payment isn't made on time can be frustrating.
USER_NC784929ORKF Home Credit is one of the best loan apps I've used, offering longer terms and user-friendly features such as longer payment periods of up to 18 months, even for first-time loans. The app's straightforward interface makes transactions easy, and payments are promptly credited, with instant notifications. Having a unique account number adds to the convenience, making payments hassle-free.
USER_NG84919ODKF While the Home Credit app has improved since my last use in 2018, it still has some issues, such as occasional bugs and unresponsiveness. The app tends to display incorrect information and presents too many pop-ups upon opening. Despite these drawbacks, I find it preferable to similar apps like Citibank's due to its user-friendliness.
USER_7QIFJJFIID Although I appreciate the company, the Home Credit app is inconvenient and lacks useful features. Users can only view payments and contact customer service, with no option for paying bills within the app. Additionally, the login process is inconvenient, particularly if you forget your pattern. Allowing logins via email and enabling payments via online banking or debit cards would enhance the app's utility.
USER_CNIT829SOFK The Home Credit app isn't functioning properly; I've been unable to access my account for about a week now. Despite updating the app, it remains stuck on the loading screen, making it impossible to use. This ongoing issue is highly inconvenient for app users and urgently needs to be addressed and resolved.
USER_JG85010DLDOOD I didn't encounter any issues with the app before the latest version, but since I couldn't access it without updating, I had no choice. The first problem arose when I repeatedly received the prompt "mobile number is not registered," despite entering the correct digits without altering my contact information. Secondly, during Step 2 of securing my account, the OTP didn't arrive, even after resending it nearly 20 times.
USER_VJ7838QIKDKD The app is supposed to be convenient, but I've been facing persistent issues with online payments. Every time I try to pay with my debit card, an error pops up, and I've attempted numerous times at different times of the day and days of the week, even removing saved cards, to no avail. This online payment problem has persisted for months, and it's becoming increasingly frustrating. Please address this issue promptly.
USER_JCI8Y89WKXKGKKA It's a great app overall, reminding me of my credit status and keeping me informed about updates. I applied for ADA and received schedules for dues up to my last payment. However, a voice call continuously reminds me of my dues five days before they're due, for 36 months straight. It seems they lack trust in ADA and their clients, which diminishes the overall experience, despite the app's positive aspects.
USER_VN7R88QIFKA The new update is riddled with bugs. The login screen often gets stuck on loading, and viewing loan details also leads to a perpetual loading loop. Additionally, the main home screen occasionally loops back and forth between notifications, making it difficult to navigate. I regret updating the app and suggest Home Credit roll back these updates to resolve these issues.
USER_JC7A83MTOW9DOFI Although they added a loan application feature, tapping "Apply" causes the app to crash, necessitating reopening the app to encounter the same issue. Fixing this promptly would enhance the customer experience and satisfaction. I'll reconsider my rating once these app issues are resolved.
USER_JC7E8Q8JDJAIA Every time you open the app, you're required to update, causing delays in accessing crucial account information. Unfortunately, there's no option to cancel the update, and without sufficient data access, this process becomes inconvenient.
USER_JF738QIDKFKS The app worked fine until the recent update prompted me to update again. However, upon checking the loan status, all I receive is a "SOMETHING WENT WRONG" message. Despite several attempts to resolve this by uninstalling the app, clearing cache, and restarting my phone, the issue persists, with no response from Home Credit support.
USER_MG8H8939QODKKFK My recent experience applying for a pre-approved loan through the app was disappointing. Despite seeing a discount/bundle promo in the marketplace, the selected store didn't honor the advertised price, leading to higher monthly payments than expected. This discrepancy undermines trust in the app's advertised deals and impacts the overall customer satisfaction.
USER_JF85992ODLFLA You shouldn't have updated the app. It was perfectly fine the way it was before. We went through the registration process with your representative, ensuring every detail was accurate. Now, people can't access their accounts simply because the system fails to recognize a single letter in the details previously provided and acknowledged by your app. I hope you can resolve this issue promptly.
USER_KC8E9QODKDK9Q The app is decent, but there are a couple of features that need improvement, particularly the chat box. The first one lags, and the second disappears when I clear my used apps. It would be more convenient if we could keep the same chat box open regardless of leaving the app. Additionally, it would be beneficial to automatically update additional payment details, such as late payment fees, once overdue, as the collection department is slow to respond to queries.
USER_MG8T8929DKFOS I had an excellent experience with the customer service and loan process. I recommend the company to everyone due to their reliability and widespread representation in the city. However, I encounter issues with the app, as it crashes randomly and sometimes prevents me from logging in even with a strong signal. Despite this inconvenience, the application process and the confidence in data protection outweigh the app's minor flaws.
USER_GK8399QODKFKKF I recently downloaded the app, and it's pretty straightforward. However, there's an issue with entering birthdays, as users have to switch the month one by one until reaching the desired year. It lacks the option to select the year directly, which can be cumbersome, especially for users born in earlier years like 1960. Simplifying the registration process would enhance user experience.
USER_NF88T9W9DLXLSO This app is solely for monitoring monthly loans, so it should be simple, but it's unnecessarily complicated. Please avoid session expiration to eliminate the need to enter the 10-digit loan number repeatedly. Memorizing or finding it every time is time-consuming. Also, allow users to access the app without forcing updates. It's a simple app, so don't complicate things with a poor user experience.
USER_KF8I4O19DKCOS After completing loans in 2019 and 2020, I haven't received any offers for over two years. Despite inquiries with agents and customer service, the response remains the same, "It's system-generated. Keep checking your app for offers." This lack of offers persists, even though the delay in my 2020 loan settlement was due to the pandemic.
USER_UF7W8IQXKKGKWIXI I recently updated the app due to login issues, but the problem persists. Forgot Pin doesn't work, and attempts to use the payment site and create a new account for chat support have also failed. It would have been better if the app and site were fixed separately, with a backup database for users to log in online while the app is being repaired.
USER_CH7T891OFKAOFKEO I'll consider changing this review once the issue is resolved and I can log in to my account. Every month, I encounter problems with the app failing to log in to my account, despite correct login details and a strong internet connection. The frequent updates have rendered the app unusable.
USER_JF7388WOXKGKOWOD The updated version is overly complicated. It repeatedly claims my phone number isn't registered with the MyHomeCredit App, despite me using it for months. This is incredibly frustrating! I prefer the old system, using the account number and 4-digit PIN for logging in, as it was much more convenient. Bring back the old system and allow customers to decline updates on the app. I want the old system back without hassle or complications.
USER_JG8Y92FMHKXOWOKTKT The agent asked what happened, and I explained everything, taking me two minutes to type it out. Then the agent disconnected. Meanwhile, other agents "verified" my account, taking 30 minutes. This is ridiculously bad customer service. This is my first time writing a review, and it's just ridiculous. Sprint in the US can respond within minutes, while Home Credit takes an hour and then disconnects. Total nonsense.
USER_JC7W88Q8FIFKWID I was stuck at step 1 because my name contains an invalid character, and the field is not editable. I contacted them via email to address the issue, but even after a tech upgrade, the problem persisted when I tried to use the app again after a month. UPDATE: I'm changing my rating from 1 to 5 since I am now able to log in again. I'm a bit disappointed it took around three months for the issue to be fixed. Anyway, thank you to the HC tech team for resolving this!
USER_MVJL0283KQKOFOR It's a disaster. The app repeatedly asks for correct information even when provided accurately, such as debit card account numbers and birthdays. When I selected the option to receive cash over the counter, it got stuck, refusing to continue no matter how many times I clicked. Such a waste of time filling out information.
USER_JFIW8CKIAOQ9IFKSX Verification is a pain. Scanning documents is a hassle, and capturing often results in "oops, try again," with the app crashing on occasion. While the design and marketplace are good and easy to navigate, the verification process is underwhelming and inconvenient for first-time users. Improving the verification features of the app would be beneficial, especially for new users and younger individuals, to enhance ease of use.
USER_JC8Q83L1OF9GI3OFO The payment options are very convenient and flexible, much better than a credit card. I've financed four appliances with them already. Thank goodness for the HomeCredit developers for providing assistance to those without immediate financial capacity to pay. The app is easy to navigate, and I haven't encountered any issues with it.
USER_JF7ROOEKHIE8QOD I'm giving this app a 4-star review because it does what it's supposed to do. I can perfectly see my loan payments. After finishing my 1-year loan (11 months only, with 1 month free for early payments), I'm celebrating. All my payments were recorded, and the support speed on their Facebook page is satisfactory. However, the app is slow, likely due to slow servers. I hope they improve server speed in the future.
USER_JF8W8IDKXKAKIGK After fully paying for my Samsung Galaxy buds, I'm deleting the app and not using Home Credit anymore. It was convenient at first, but now it's too much of a hassle. The app doesn't work properly, and I had to input three cellphone numbers just to log in, spending four hours with various agents walking through sign-up and log-in processes. My mental health is affected because of this app. Worst experience ever.
USER_JF7288Q9FLZKGKIF This app really helped me in times of need. Although I found the interest a bit high when I first availed of a cash loan years ago, I realized it all depends on how long I choose to pay it off. Nevertheless, it always depends on the borrower, like me, and how we manage our finances to meet our obligations.


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