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GCash App (Mynt - Globe Fintech Innovations) v.5.76.3 android and iOS

Experience the convenience of a mobile wallet app that enables instant bill payments, purchasing load, money transfers, shopping, and more—all from the comfort and safety of your home!

Simplify your transactions with GCash! It's a secure mobile wallet linked to your mobile number, ensuring accessibility wherever you go. Download GCash today to efficiently handle your tasks without violating quarantine protocols!

For android Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globe.gcash.android
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USER_HD973HDI9W Logging in triggers at least two pop-ups, sometimes more, bombarding me with promos and features every time, which can be overwhelming. The app's performance on a midrange phone like the Dimensity 920 with 8GB RAM is sluggish, and the main screen feels cluttered with excessive ads and promos, resembling a neon billboard parade, which detracts from its appeal and usability. These issues need addressing for a smoother user experience.
USER_VS82JT02JD The app's recent performance has been disappointing, with frequent errors hindering essential tasks like transferring funds from any bank to GCash. It's frustrating when the app becomes inaccessible during critical moments, and the frequent unlinking of linked banks without usage exacerbates the inconvenience. Such unreliability is unacceptable for a financial app relied upon for everyday transactions.
USER_VD735IHSS The app's laggy performance and frequent error messages make simple tasks like opening the app and sending money time-consuming. Despite a stable internet connection, the app often prompts to retry later, adding unnecessary delays. Additionally, its restriction on sending the same amount to the same number repeatedly can be frustrating for users, especially when intentional. These issues need urgent attention for a smoother and more reliable experience.
USER_GW6X4WHID8 Commanding users to turn off developer options is unnecessary and intrusive, especially when these options may be essential for certain functionalities like enabling both Wi-Fi and data for faster internet connections. Such features are unrelated to GCash's core functionality and should not be imposed upon users. The app should prioritize user autonomy and functionality without unnecessary interference.
USER_VD971HRI8X Despite its user-friendly interface and functional aspects, the app's performance issues, such as bad image scanning and bugs, persist. While some may attribute these problems to device compatibility or outdated hardware, addressing these issues promptly is essential for maintaining user trust and satisfaction. Overall, the app's efficiency is marred by these unresolved issues, necessitating improvements for a better user experience.
USER_VD961G4ODJSJ Persistent issues like the inability to reset MPIN despite entering the correct OTP, along with the app's reluctance to open on the first try, contribute to a frustrating user experience. Despite efforts to troubleshoot, such as disabling developer options and limiting downloads, the app's performance remains subpar, warranting urgent attention and improvement to restore user confidence and satisfaction.
USER_V073HQNSKOW The experience is abysmal, to say the least. I often find myself having to restart either the app or my phone just to access it or perform a simple Paypal transfer. While I understand the need for security measures, it's incredibly frustrating to constantly log in and reconnect my Paypal account every few weeks. This level of inconvenience earns it a 0 review from me.
USER_VS6428SHHS The app's reliability, convenience, and speed are deteriorating rapidly, trailing behind its competitors in key areas like performance, accessibility, security, and user experience. Without its international payment system, I would have abandoned the brand entirely by now.
USER_BS8Q5WHEHS While the app used to be adequate and essential for financial matters, it has now become significantly worse. It's plagued by bugs, frequent crashes upon opening, and the frustrating inability to utilize developer options due to a perplexing device security error.
USER_BD825357WH Despite its convenience, the app remains overloaded with excessive content, including ads, tutorials, and unnecessary features, which detracts from its usability. Providing an option to disable these elements would streamline the experience and make it more appealing, particularly for younger users like myself.
USER_VS8Q635GW The app is riddled with bugs and unnecessary features, such as disruptive pop-ups upon opening, frequent onboarding restarts, and persistent "unsecure system" alerts despite having adequate security measures in place. Additionally, favorites are reset arbitrarily, and the app often crashes without warning, leading to a disappointing user experience.
USER_VS99163HSJS The app's tendency to close unexpectedly, accompanied by vague warnings about phone security, is alarming and erodes trust in its reliability. Locking users out of their accounts without clarification or recourse is unacceptable, especially for a financial app. Google's approach of using security questions instead of outright locking users out seems more reasonable.
USER_VS642817EG The unavailability of bank cash-in when needed the most renders the app ludicrously unreliable. Disabling Developer Options doesn't justify the app's lack of user-friendliness, excessive bloat, and overwhelming array of unnecessary features. It's a drain on time, energy, and data, offering little in terms of convenience.
USER_VS7253GSH Attempts to verify my account are thwarted by the system's insistence on incorrect ID numbers, leading to frustration and the inability to seek help due to an unavailable help center. This experience is nothing short of terrible.
USER_VD81653VSHS If there were a 0-star option, I wouldn't hesitate to select it. The system is abysmal; even the verification process is overly cumbersome, struggling to scan pictures accurately. Customer service is practically non-existent, and the inundation of ads highlights a clear priority on profit over user experience. The app's incessant maintenance, unhelpful customer service agents, repetitive tutorials, and failure to utilize biometric login despite being enabled, are just the tip of the iceberg. The list of grievances is endless.
USER_VS7W63GQHSH While I've previously conducted online transactions without issue, the verification process has become a headache. After multiple failed attempts due to the app deeming ID pictures as distorted or blurry, I'm left frustrated. Allowing users to submit their ID pictures directly would simplify the process immensely, as the current scanner is unreliable and overly sensitive.
USER_BS7W53HWHS8S Simply opening the app is a chore, with delayed pop-ups and menus causing further frustration. The "Load" option often refuses to function, requiring multiple attempts or app restarts, exacerbating the delay. The persistent issue with Developer Options only adds to users' irritation. These issues need immediate attention and resolution.
USER_GS715E7EH Although my initial verification was relatively quick, subsequent updates have rendered the app virtually unusable. Crashes, incessant device security warnings, and the inability to perform basic functions like sending money or loading funds are major concerns. This level of inconvenience is unacceptable for an app meant to streamline transactions.
USER_BS7W53GWHSU The recent update has rendered the app practically unusable, with constant crashes and persistent device security warnings making simple tasks impossible. Despite attempting to address the issue by turning off Developer Options, the problems persist, leaving me no choice but to withdraw all funds and abandon the app entirely.
USER_VS7Q53YWGS While I've rated the app 4 stars for its importance in facilitating money transactions, the persistent lag, prolonged update processes, and disappearing load promos are significant drawbacks. These issues create unnecessary stress and inconvenience, undermining the app's otherwise positive attributes.
USER_VS6W6367WH The app's frequent crashes, coupled with incessant device security warnings, have rendered it nearly unusable. Despite following all recommended steps from the help center, including factory resets, the problems persist, causing immense frustration and inconvenience.
USER_VS8W726WGH The latest app update has introduced numerous technical issues, particularly with account verification. Despite the app's convenience, these persistent bugs undermine its utility, leaving users like myself frustrated and dissatisfied. Implementing a root checker and addressing existing bugs is essential for restoring confidence in the app.
USER_GS6527WUWG Improvements are desperately needed for this app. From frequent errors at the loading screen to the necessity of disabling biometric login to prevent the app from disappearing entirely, the user experience is severely lacking. Accessing transaction history is needlessly complicated compared to banking apps, highlighting the need for significant investment in UX/UI improvements.
USER_VS8S736WHHS The Gcash UI operates at an unacceptably sluggish pace. Initially reluctant to adopt this app, I found myself compelled to use it due to its prevalence as the primary online payment method in my local area. As echoed by other users, the focus on aesthetics should be secondary; paramount instead are improvements in accessibility and speed. It's incredulous that it takes 5-8 minutes (yes, I counted) just to open the app, not to mention the additional time required for payment verification.
USER_GS8W636WGHS While this app offers access to all features, including online transactions, its overall service leaves much to be desired. Customer service responses are inadequate, resembling automated replies rather than genuine assistance. Unlike competing apps, there are no free vouchers offered to users, and despite tight security measures, the balance of service quality is lacking. If no improvements are made, I will have no choice but to seek alternatives.
USER_BDIF737HWHS Although initially a convenient app for payments and transactions, the necessity for frequent updates proves cumbersome, particularly considering the significant memory consumption on devices. The situation has only worsened over time, with numerous bugs and prolonged loading times persisting despite each update, rendering the process futile.
USER_BD746WUHSUS Initiating a support ticket proves challenging, especially for non-tech-savvy individuals, as phone support is unavailable. RFID transactions consistently fail, causing significant inconvenience, exacerbated by the slow response times of the help center. This poor service exacerbates the overall dissatisfaction.
USER_BD736EUEHDIQ Upon attempting to register my account, I encountered persistent issues as the system failed to recognize my ID image, leading to multiple unsuccessful attempts. Despite various troubleshooting efforts, including app reinstallation and device settings adjustments, the problem persisted, impeding my progress over several days.
USER_GD72537W7EG Despite my efforts to address technical issues, including app reinstallation and device setting adjustments, the problem persists, indicating errors related to jailbreaking or rooting. These persistent issues hamper my ability to effectively utilize the app's services.
USER_VD7W63YGWHS The incessant pop-up ads upon app launch are incredibly frustrating, particularly when attempting to complete a payment. The wasted time spent closing or accidentally tapping on these ads, especially in areas with weak data signals, is infuriating and disruptive.
USER_HS7W737WHS While the app offers ease and speed in money transactions, the profile limit restriction is a significant drawback. The cumbersome process to upgrade limits, unlike competitors, necessitates completing numerous tasks rather than a straightforward verification process. This inconvenience contrasts sharply with other apps' user-friendly approaches to limit upgrades.
USER_5DYE82YDFW This app is incredibly frustrating. It constantly crashes, kicks me out for no reason, and the screen remains black until it finally loads, which takes forever. Dealing with this app is a real struggle; it's slow and chaotic, really testing my patience.
USER_GE826RHDUW7 I've been facing issues with verifying my account since last year. Even though I provide my valid National ID, it keeps getting rejected for being blurry, which it isn't. This happens every month when I try, and despite multiple attempts to scan it, it always ends the same way. It's essential for my allowance, especially since I'm studying far from home. I'll reconsider my rating once my account is verified.
USER_GE8362HHD Despite numerous attempts, the app still won't open, and the "securing environment" signal persists. How many times do I have to update it? Even after updating, it keeps prompting for more updates. The excessive ads are also infuriating.
USER_VID73TH2HS The recent update to the GCash app has been disappointing, particularly its system performance. It now lags and stutters, making it frustrating to use. Despite having a secure device, the app falsely claims insecurity, which is concerning. The previous version was simple, fast, and useful, but this one falls short. It's clear that the changes made have negatively impacted usability.
USER_VD8364UWHHS The constant pop-ups about system errors and unsecured systems are infuriating. Despite its convenience, the app is plagued with bugs, like the unsuccessful transactions with the Visa card. I hope the developers address these issues promptly.
USER_BD8273YWHHS The repeated warnings about system security are driving me crazy. It interrupts tasks like buying load, forcing me to start over. My account and phone are secure, so I don't understand why these warnings keep appearing.
USER_BDID764H3HS Developers, prioritize fixing the bugs and errors over making the app visually appealing. Its functionality is more important than its appearance. Many people rely on this app, so don't squander the opportunity to improve it.
USER_HD92KAP02JD While the app was initially good, it has become unreliable. The constant requests for updates are frustrating, and the customer service is unresponsive, especially when money is lost. GCash needs to take action regarding lost funds.
USER_GD735WHWGS The app used to be good, but now it's terrible. The tutorials are repetitive, it claims there's no internet service despite a stable connection, and enrolling my bank for easier transactions is impossible. Fix these issues promptly.
USER_GD7D736WHJSJ This app used to be excellent, but now it's becoming frustrating. Despite turning off my developer options and unknown sources multiple times, it still won't let me proceed. With each update, the app slows down, and they're changing features people liked, such as the messaging function for sending and receiving money. Please fix this, or many of us will look for alternatives. It's unacceptable that we can't access our own money because of the app.
USER_HS7W73HEHSUQ There are numerous features in this app, but it's incredibly annoying always receiving prompts to check my internet connection, even though the signal is strong. It continuously processes and loads for an extended period, despite troubleshooting. Users end up frustrated due to the numerous bugs and errors. Many are switching to other e-wallet applications due to these issues. Despite frequent updates, the service is slowing down, resulting in delayed OTPs and double transactions. It's very inconvenient.
USER_YE7262GEUS This situation is incredibly frustrating! I've been trying to resolve the recurring error when relinking my GCash and PayPal accounts. Despite sending multiple tickets to your Help Center and following online tutorials, including ensuring all information matches across both accounts, the issue persists. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, to no avail. I'm still hoping for a positive resolution.
USER_BF863HW8D A few months ago, the app worked perfectly. Now, it continuously claims my device is "not secure," despite my efforts to disable developer settings. It forcefully closes the app, seemingly randomly, making for a highly unpleasant experience. It seems many others are facing this issue as well. Please address it promptly.
USER_GD74627SH While convenient, the app takes too long to load and frequently requires lengthy updates before returning to normal. Additionally, errors consistently occur upon opening, sometimes rendering the app unusable for days without prior notice.
USER_BD726367WG The recent updates, particularly those related to security, have made the application a hassle. It's slower and frequently encounters issues like "Account Secure" or "Network connection error." Even the steps provided by GCash support are ineffective, requiring resorting to Developer tools or clearing cache. Contacting support only redirects to the support center, which is often down when accessed.
USER_HD82647WG This app is unfriendly to users like me who utilize "developer options" on Android. It's acceptable to lose or deactivate root access, but losing developer options is not. It lacks flexibility for a variety of users. 2. Notifications are delayed. 3. Performance worsens with each update. 4. It consumes a large amount of internal memory and operates slowly. Tutorials repeat after every update. 5. Constantly indicates internet connection issues despite being connected to a fast network. A truly frustrating experience. If possible, I would give it 0 stars.
USER_GD727647EV The app frequently disappears from the App Drawer, leading to frustration. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it works for a short time before disappearing again. This cycle has persisted despite resetting the phone, indicating a severe issue with the app's stability.


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