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Dictionary - Merriam-Webster App (v.5.5.1)

Access America's most esteemed and practical dictionary, tailored for your Android device. Continuously refreshed with the latest vocabulary additions and meanings, this top-tier Android application stands as the pinnacle for English language reference, education, and vocabulary enhancement.

Excitingly, we've introduced new word games! Learning new words and putting your vocabulary to the test has never been more enjoyable, catering to everyone from English learners to avid word enthusiasts.

The app is free to use and supported by advertisements. For an ad-free experience, a subscription option is available.

Offline functionality: Enjoy full access to definitions and synonyms whether you're connected or not. While illustrations, audio pronunciations, and voice search require an internet connection, all other features remain accessible offline.



USER_HD963HDUIEJ This application stands out due to its extensive word database and user-friendly interface. The definitions provided are concise and easily understandable, complemented by illustrative examples that enhance comprehension. I appreciate the convenience of being able to access definitions offline at any time and from anywhere. Additionally, the inclusion of vocabulary-enhancing games adds to the app's appeal, making it truly exceptional.
USER_72GDHDII2H Upon reinstalling this app on my new phone, I've encountered an issue with the word definition feature being overly sensitive. While attempting to read the definition of a word, I find myself inadvertently redirected to another word almost every time. This frustration is compounded by the app's behavior when I try to return using the back button—it consistently takes me back to the home page instead of the word I was initially exploring.
USER_HD827EBHDJD M-W has long been synonymous with dictionaries, and its app is generally satisfactory. However, there are some drawbacks. Despite the presence of ads, which can be tolerable albeit annoying, the functionality that automatically redirects you to the definition page upon tapping a word can be intrusive. This feature disrupts the reading experience by constantly redirecting you when scrolling through definitions, requiring you to swipe back to your intended page and start scrolling again from the top.
USER_BD928YEBDISI Overall, this app is commendable, but I've deducted one star due to the sensitivity of word touch interactions. It becomes increasingly bothersome when attempting to scroll through definitions, only to be redirected to unintended words due to accidental taps. I hope the developers can explore alternative solutions to address this issue. Nevertheless, the app's regularly updated library, unobtrusive ads, and offline accessibility make it a valuable tool, especially since it doesn't rely on an internet connection.
USER_EJ8D7EH2OS9UDJW Considered one of the essential apps for your smartphone, this dictionary app has become indispensable to me. I've transitioned from relying solely on traditional paper dictionaries, of which I owned multiple copies. Now, with just a few taps, I can access definitions instantly, saving both time and effort. The inclusion of pronunciation guides, both in text and audio formats, further enhances the app's utility and convenience.
USER_HD8C6EHIE9D8DJ As someone passionate about expanding my vocabulary, this app is invaluable to me. It not only helps me enhance my word bank but also allows me to save words for future reference. The included games provide an engaging way to reinforce learning. However, the persistent issue of ads, particularly when they cannot be dismissed by clicking the exit button, is a significant annoyance. This often necessitates relaunching the app or disconnecting from the internet. Despite this drawback, I'm considering investing in the premium version in the future
USER_HD7C5B2IEIDHEIEI The dictionary app is undoubtedly useful, but the extreme sensitivity issue is becoming increasingly frustrating. Whenever I scroll through the app, it inadvertently clicks on words, opening their entries. This occurs so frequently that I find myself deleting the app immediately afterward to prevent my search history from becoming cluttered. This "bug" or "feature" significantly detracts from the user experience and warrants a lower star rating. I urge the developers to address this issue promptly.
USER_U827EHEIIDIWJ This app is my go-to whenever I encounter unfamiliar words, and its offline availability is incredibly convenient. However, I find the sensitivity of the word selection to be a persistent annoyance. While scrolling through the page, even a slight touch on a word will suddenly redirect me to its definition page, disrupting my reading experience. Additionally, the timing of ads could be less intrusive. Imagine being engrossed in reading, only to be interrupted by an ad for a juicy burger. It's jarring.
USER_GD7X6EHWI8D7S While the app has always been reliable and helpful, the latest update introduces unwieldy features that detract from the overall experience. I frequently find myself accidentally tapping random words while scrolling, which immediately redirects me to their definitions. This inconvenience has become increasingly frustrating and time-consuming. Additionally, it would be beneficial to introduce dark and pastel themes for improved readability and aesthetics.
USER_HD7C6EUIW98S I've relied on this dictionary app for years to understand new words, and its offline functionality has been a lifesaver. However, the online experience is marred by slow loading times and intrusive full-screen ads. I also wish for seamless synchronization of saved words across devices and a search bar widget for easier access from the home screen. It's disappointing that some word descriptions are only available with a premium subscription.
USER_GE7X5WBEI8SIE While the ads are tolerable, the lack of a "dark mode" feature strains the eyes, especially when using the app at night. Additionally, an app head feature, similar to Messenger's chat heads, would enhance usability by allowing users to access the dictionary without exiting their current reading app.
USER_YX7VJEO8EUE Although the app is feature-rich and user-friendly, I miss the previous version's presentation of synonymous words for contextual understanding. Restoring this feature, with the distinctive blue box, would greatly aid users in grasping word meanings more effectively.
USER_B28X6EH2ISJJE This app has been invaluable in expanding my vocabulary, but the recent update has introduced a frustrating issue. Every time I swipe down in the thesaurus, it inadvertently redirects me to the links of the words. Despite being aware of this issue, it persists, making navigation through the thesaurus window cumbersome. I hope this problem can be resolved soon, as I genuinely appreciate and support this app.
USER_62YDVDJIW3H I've noticed that the 'Word of the Day' feature is missing from this application. Please address this issue promptly. This feature has been incredibly beneficial to me as it introduces unfamiliar words and their definitions randomly, aiding in my vocabulary development. While I understand that the app contains ads upon opening, I hope you can prioritize restoring the 'Word of the Day' feature as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
USER_XJ82IFJWIIF The new interface doesn't quite suit my preferences. I find the previous layout to be much more user-friendly. The emphasis on bold letters seems unnecessary and can be distracting. Additionally, there are new "link" words that sometimes inadvertently get clicked while scrolling, which disrupts the browsing experience. The interface separation between the Dictionary and Thesaurus sections might be worth considering. Furthermore, I've noticed that the app tends to slow down when online, even with data enabled, which diminishes its usability. Overall, these changes have made the app less helpful and more frustrating to use.
USER_749173JD8WIR As a student, encountering unfamiliar words can be challenging. Merriam Webster's Dictionary has been invaluable in improving my proficiency in English terminology. It boosts my confidence in speaking, reading, listening, and writing correctly. Thank you for providing such a helpful resource.
USER_HF7E8JSIFIR82 While this app used to have a simple interface, the recent update has made it difficult to read certain definitions due to the compacted letters. Additionally, the sensitivity of the touch feature sometimes leads to unintentional clicks on words while scrolling, which can be quite annoying. Despite these issues, the app remains a handy tool for word lookup.
USER_HC71ISKJG8W I've been using this app for quite some time, and while it's generally helpful, I've noticed that some words lack examples or sentences, which can be frustrating. While I understand the challenge of adding examples for every term, it often leads me to search for additional information on Google, defeating the purpose of using the app. Despite this drawback, the app remains a useful tool for expanding my vocabulary.
USER_BC8AL2PIGJSJW This app has been indispensable to me since my college days, and I continue to rely on it even now that I'm working. While I haven't encountered any significant issues thus far, I appreciate knowing that the developers are responsive to any concerns that may arise. As someone who values having a dictionary readily available, whether virtual or physical, this app has become an essential part of my daily life.
USER_JC8QITMOWIXIF This app used to be my favorite, but recent changes have made it less enjoyable to use. While the addition of quizzes is okay, the frequent ads disrupt the reading experience. Previously, the app provided a fun and ad-free dictionary experience, which I preferred. I find the current version to be downgraded and less appealing.
USER_HF7W78QIDKJFJWI I'm experiencing frustration with the app as I continually encounter an error message stating, "Sorry, not enough storage space. Please free up space and retry," whenever I attempt to search for a word. Despite having sufficient storage space available, the message persists, making the app unusable. I installed and registered the app anew in hopes of resolving the issue, but to no avail. This persistent error is preventing me from utilizing the app effectively.
USER_HF7V6WIKA9RK1IF While this app is undoubtedly helpful for expanding my vocabulary, the touch sensitivity issue detracts from the overall experience. I often find myself inadvertently opening other words while reading through definitions due to the slightest touch. If this issue is addressed, I would gladly rate the app five stars.
USER_HF76QJSJFO29KD Overall, this app delivers on its promise and fulfills my primary needs; it allows me to search for words along with their synonyms and antonyms. Additionally, I appreciate the feature of audio pronunciation, which enables me to hear how a native speaker articulates the word. Moreover, it's convenient that I can access all these functions on the go, even when I'm offline and away from home without WIFI or mobile data.
USER_JC7Q8DJQOOFKW I've reached my limit with this. I'm removing it from my device. This issue has persisted for quite some time, yet the developers seem unresponsive. Original: Loading word definitions takes an eternity when online. I've resorted to using it exclusively offline. And no, it's not an internet issue on my end. My data speed is fine.
USER_ID7VU3QPLXLFKOW The latest update has significantly slowed down the loading process. Previously, I relied on the dictionary for instant word definitions whenever I encountered unfamiliar terms or needed clarification on context. Now, this inconvenience disrupts my reading experience.
USER_JC7W8QJFJIWID I used to enjoy using this app, but everything took a turn for the worse after the latest update. I can't even utilize it as a dictionary anymore. Whenever I attempt to open it, I receive a message stating, "Not enough storage, free up space." Even when I type in a word, the app consistently responds with "word not found." I've tried searching for even the simplest words to no avail. The only accessible features are the games, which, while educational, are unnecessary if I can't use the app as intended.
USER_HF772ISJJFIW I've found this app incredibly useful and have been a loyal user for over five years. However, I'm compelled to leave this review now because I'm dissatisfied with the new design. The previous layout was more organized and easier to navigate. I hope the developers reconsider the design to improve readability and user experience.
USER_HF8WK2MIE8GIWIJX I've been using this app for quite some time, despite encountering a few bugs along the way. However, there have been instances where certain words were unavailable. Nevertheless, I've stuck with this app. While the games are entertaining, I hope to see more diverse words and illustrations, especially at higher levels. Additionally, a dark mode would be a welcome addition. I eagerly anticipate future updates.
USER_JXUQ8ZP4OQ99XIDO After using the old version for an extended period, I decided to update it today. While the visual changes are appealing, I'm not fond of the new definitions. They are more complex and difficult to comprehend compared to the previous straightforward explanations. While I don't mind the visual changes, I strongly urge the developers to revert to the old definitions for better clarity and understanding. I would gladly give five stars if this change were implemented. Please consider it.
USER_JF8WIZ19JF8ZIQ While the app serves its purpose, the search engine can be frustrating. It would be less cumbersome if the saved words and their meanings were immediately visible when clicked in the menu. This would eliminate the need for additional clicks, streamlining the user experience. Additionally, incorporating daily word reminders or periodic notifications with quizzes could enhance the app's utility. Some word descriptions also seem slightly inaccurate, which can be off-putting.
USER_JD8WIJGIACKOAOS What's with the latest update? Sometimes it crashes, and it takes longer to load the entire app compared to the previous version, especially when switching between this app and others using windows. Also, please address this issue: when switching back to the dictionary from another app via windows, it always takes you to the top of the page, which is frustrating because you have to scroll down repeatedly. I'll give it 5 stars once this is fixed...
USER_JF81OAKFIRKKD I appreciate this app; it's useful and fulfills its purpose well. However, I wish there was an option to browse words from A-Z. Sometimes, I want to discover new words by skimming through, but the search feature limits this ability. Having an A-Z option would be convenient for forgetful users like myself.
USER_JD8FI39QODKFKKQ This app has everything you need, but accessibility could be improved. Adding a floating widget or a one-tap access feature would make it accessible wherever you are. Just one tap, and a search bar appears. Thank you for considering my suggestion.
USER_JD7Q8SK2OS9F8 This dictionary is fantastic. The definitions are clear and understandable, but more examples for complex words would be beneficial. Additionally, adding pictures of tangible objects would enhance the app, allowing users to view images even without WIFI or data.
USER_JD828IQKDKSIIE Unfortunately, the app has become inundated with advertisements. Once full-page ads start appearing after every word search, it's impossible to use it as a dictionary. Constantly closing and reopening the app to check new words is inconvenient. I'll be deleting this and finding a more functional dictionary app.
USER_JF8A83NGKOXOQ As I progress in my studies, this app remains an essential tool. It helps me understand unfamiliar words in my schoolwork and suggests related terms when I search for a word. Highly recommended for students looking to expand their vocabulary and improve their essays.
USER_IF8WIGJIACIIDQ I've relied on this dictionary for years, but recently, it keeps crashing upon opening, displaying a message that the app keeps stopping. I hope the developers address this issue promptly. Despite the recent problems, I'm still giving it 5 stars for its past reliability.
USER_JF8AIQMFJG9QKD While this app has its merits, I've encountered several issues while using it. One major problem is that it frequently scrolls to a different word when I try to scroll up or down. I hope the creators address this issue soon, as many users seem to be experiencing the same problem.
USER_DJIQ8NCKA8R2 It's frustrating when clicking on a word within the text and then using the back button redirects me to the starting page instead of returning to the word I clicked. This lack of attention to detail in design is enough for me to consider deleting the app.
USER_JF8QOFJIWD My experience with this app is mixed. On one hand, I love it and consider it essential on my phone. On the other hand, the latest update seems to have caused significant issues, leading to crashes and poor functionality on one of my devices. While it performs exceptionally well on one phone, it's nearly unusable on the other. I give it 4 stars for its performance on one device and 0 stars for the other.


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