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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto apps (v.28.85.13)

Coinbase Wallet serves as your gateway to the future of cryptocurrency. It's a secure web3 wallet and browser empowering you to manage your crypto, NFTs, DeFi activities, and digital assets with confidence.

SUPPORTED ASSETS: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), BNB Chain (BNB), Optimism (OP), and all Ethereum-compatible chains.

With Coinbase Wallet, you can effortlessly and securely engage with NFTs, earn yields through crypto staking or DeFi, and explore thousands of decentralized applications (dapps). Your private keys are safeguarded on your device using Secure Element technology, ensuring you maintain complete control. Since Coinbase Wallet is a self-custodial solution, your funds are never accessible to anyone else - you're always in charge.

Download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.toshi


USER_BD84H2DU8W I'm a beginner user, and my experience with Coinbase Wallet has been disappointing. There are frequent charges, unclear instructions, and the app is hard to navigate. Support is nonexistent, and even the free quest rewards require additional purchases with transfer fees. Recently, the app stopped working entirely, showing only a black screen with a white spiral. If someone were to become frustrated and damage their phone, would that be covered under the fine print? Please fix the app.
USER_63GRHWUFHW9RU I'm new to crypto and wanted to buy some altcoins during dips. However, using my seed phrase to log in to my wallet results in a perpetual loading loop. Attempts to create a new wallet lead to the same issue. This delay is frustrating, causing me to miss opportunities. I thought Coinbase was reputable, but this experience suggests otherwise.
USER_HR8274HRUW Despite Coinbase's layers of security, the platform's usability issues are concerning. While it offers helpful educational resources, the experience navigating the Web3 Browser is frustrating. It continuously reverts to previous pages or crashes, hindering my ability to make informed decisions. Please address this issue.
USER_BD76481NDP Coinbase Wallet worked initially but eventually stopped functioning. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't resolve the issue, and finding the app for uninstallation was challenging. Despite these setbacks, others might have different experiences. I still use Coinbase but find the wallet's malfunction frustrating.
USER_HD929RHD Coinbase is a poor choice for beginners. It's confusing and lacks reliable customer support. The inability to complete transactions due to platform issues is frustrating and feels like a loss of money. As soon as possible, I plan to transfer my crypto out of Coinbase.
USER_63Q95FHS920 Avoid using this wallet at all costs. Verification problems and unresponsive technical support make the process inconvenient and time-consuming. I strongly advise against wasting time on Coinbase Wallet based on my experience and other reviews.
USER_HD653UWHDU Recently, the Coinbase app has become extremely buggy. It lags, constantly refreshes, and appears to have a hidden "back gesture" similar to iPhones, which is irritating. Overall, it's so laggy that it's nearly unusable, despite my flagship phone running on the latest Android OS 14. Please address these bugs, Coinbase. Also, bring back the nonce field. There have been instances where I wanted to cancel or overwrite a transaction but couldn't do so anymore.
USER_HD72EHDIA9 I'm having trouble connecting my wallet to my Coinbase account. When I tap "Authorize," the buttons blink briefly, and nothing happens. Update: It turns out the wallet app needed an update, but there was no indication of this upon opening the app. The main Coinbase app should display an error prompting users to update the wallet app instead of doing nothing when "Authorize" is pressed.
USER_7482JDJFA Avoid Coinbase Wallet at all costs. Not only is the user interface and control terrible, but it's also outright dangerous. Despite being associated with the supposedly trustworthy Coinbase, old ERC20 token versions are being sold/swapped without clarification. Once swapped, these tokens cannot be reverted or sent to another wallet, making them one-way money pits.
USER_HD8F6WJSISI Update on my dissatisfaction with Coinbase Wallet: I've encountered issues connecting to dapps and projects within the wallet. Despite previously enjoying using it, I'm now unable to perform certain functions. Please address this issue promptly as I'm missing out on participating in various projects.
USER_N083NSOW9U4 I'm experiencing problems with swapping coins as the app keeps prompting me to top up additional coins to cover network fees. The function to find the best price is also not working. This could pose a significant issue for users, especially during coin price spikes, preventing them from swapping coins to ETH or Bitcoin to send to the Coinbase app.
USER_638WJFIG52 I advise against using this wallet. It has locked up my assets, preventing me from swapping, converting, or sending any assets to another wallet. Additionally, Coinbase's customer service representatives lack English proficiency and product knowledge, offering unhelpful responses. Trust Wallet is a better alternative.
USER_ Some quests in the app seem worthwhile initially, but they end up being confusing, resulting in loss or proving not worth the effort. Otherwise, the app is decent for certain tasks.
USER_5381JDOS9S This crypto wallet is absolutely terrible. I'm attempting to transfer funds from my wallet to my Coinbase account, but every time I click "send," I receive a message stating that biometrics haven't been set up in my settings, despite them being set up. When I try to adjust my security settings, I encounter the same issue. It's impossible to perform any actions with the app.
USER_GR736HWOG9 There's an ongoing issue with this app; whenever I try to perform tasks like checking my balance or viewing other assets, it consistently displays an error message. My funds are trapped in the app, and reinstalling it made things worse because now my passphrase isn't accepted. Please improve the app so users can access their funds.
USER_GT8W74NDKFOS I've been attempting to withdraw BTC from the wallet to another platform but haven't received any response from customer support. My account got frozen without explanation, and attempts to contact support have been futile. The lack of customer service during critical situations is unacceptable.
USER_B85272HDOSI My experience with the Chinese wallet has been dreadful. Despite having a stable connection, the app constantly reports connection issues. Reinstalling the app didn't resolve the issue. I'm at a loss for what to do next.
USER_BD8364I2JS Sending unsupported crypto to this wallet results in the loss of all funds, which is unacceptable. Transactions to unsupported wallets should fail instead of being completed. Additionally, the app fails to show completed transactions, leading to confusion and frustration.
USER_BEIS9W83J This app is a scam. A transfer from Binance to my wallet address never showed up in the app, despite being confirmed on Etherscan. Furthermore, my TetherUSD balance is misrepresented, indicating a scam. The lack of transparency and functionality is alarming.
USER_BR837438J Transferring money from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet has resulted in my funds being stuck. Despite reaching out for assistance, the virtual assistant provided no helpful solutions, leaving me disappointed and frustrated.
USER_BR93758WIEJEJ This wallet is pointless and frustrating. Despite transferring tokens from Coinbase, they don't appear in the wallet, rendering it useless. The app's design makes it cumbersome to use, and the redundancy of having two wallets is baffling.
USER_B38572NDKS I'm encountering difficulties transferring funds to another wallet and consistently receive the error message "Something went wrong." Attempts to contact support have been unsuccessful, and my funds are now stuck, causing frustration and inconvenience.
USER_GR736QNDP9T8 This app was functional initially, but after reinstalling it, it stopped working, and attempts to fix it have been unsuccessful. Losing my passphrase due to these issues is incredibly frustrating. Coinbase needs to address these issues promptly.
USER_BR0197RJSPW This app is among the least user-friendly I've encountered. Third-party instructions and tutorials surpass the material provided by the app itself. While seasoned crypto traders might find it adequate, it's frustrating for newcomers to navigate.
USER_NE9384IEJJS Security is lacking; I had at least $50 phished from my wallet without any interaction on my part. I can't block the wallets the funds were sent to, access certain DeFi cryptos owned on Coinbase, or dispute fraudulent transactions. Additionally, the web3 feature runs slowly, although it allows transfers and connections to other wallets.
USER_BEID9Q8NROWOR I encountered an issue where I couldn't open my wallet using secret words due to a "Third-party keyboard detected" warning. There's no option to bypass this warning, leading to frustration. Furthermore, certain assets like TRX or USDT TRC20 are missing, rendering the app useless for those purposes.
USER_7492ND0Q9RJ3 During critical trading periods, the system often experiences downtime, leaving users without access to customer service and no investor phone numbers to seek assistance. Glitches such as false notification icons and lags in the built-in browser add to the frustration.
USER_62U1JDOD9S The web browser functionality is problematic, as swiping a certain way causes it to go back a page, and it frequently switches between the last two pages visited. This requires closing and reopening the app to resolve.
USER_HS9T882ISJDS5 Despite its flaws, the Coinbase Wallet offers access to DEXs and low-cap coins not available on the exchange. Integration with the exchange for transferring funds across multiple chains is seamless.
USER_19742HD917R While improvements have been made to enhance user-friendliness, the support service remains lacking, and the recent removal of free USDC sends is disappointing. Additionally, frequent issues such as automatic logouts and password errors hinder the user experience.
USER_5428JS9RU3J This wallet falls short compared to alternatives like MetaMask. Issues include automatic logouts and password errors requiring reuploading private keys almost daily. The lack of a tab view option is also inconvenient.
USER_74BDOQ04T The embedded browser frequently glitches out after a few minutes, cycling through the last three taps made across various pages. This occurs across different platforms, indicating a broader issue with the browser functionality.
USER_93JT9DKW44 Since last year's update, some improvements have been made, but the app still frequently freezes or refreshes every few seconds, especially when making changes or transactions. For example, while attempting to upload an NFT, the app froze or refreshed repeatedly, causing frustration.
USER_82JW9DIWKO4 This wallet is currently inadequate. Real-time price updates are absent, making it impossible to convert profits to other coins effectively. I've been experiencing this issue for three years, and despite numerous attempts to access my wallet, I'm prompted to accept a user agreement for a new username without success. This recurring problem is unacceptable and needs urgent resolution.
USER_H4964HDISI While the app offers some benefits, such as comprehensive features and user-friendliness, recent changes have made it less convenient. For instance, my debit card, which I used for almost four months, was suddenly removed without explanation, forcing me to rely solely on PayPal for cash-to-crypto transactions, which is inconvenient. Additionally, customer support is lacking, with agents often struggling to understand queries and repeating requests multiple times.
USER_6353828EHEI Although the app provides comprehensive wallet functionalities and user-friendliness, there are some issues. Premium Coinbase users should receive gas-free transfers to and from the exchange and private wallets. Furthermore, the app should support XMR storage to cater to users' preferences. The absence of support for XMR contradicts the principles of cryptocurrency and privacy rights.
USER_73BROSJWO284 I've had a terrible experience with this wallet, especially when attempting to address hacking incidents. Despite several attempts to contact support, I've received no assistance, leaving me unable to close the wallet or recover stolen crypto assets.
USER_27HR83JSIW The app is frustrating to use due to frequent error messages like "there was an error." Despite troubleshooting attempts, the issues persist, eroding trust in Coinbase.
USER_6301KJROSOW Customer service is difficult to reach, and the app's purchasing and withdrawal features are limited and accompanied by high fees. There is no transparency regarding transaction breakdowns, further complicating matters for users.
USER_64J9SKWJ4 I'm unable to purchase the desired coins on this app, despite transferring USDC from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet on the ETH network. Attempts to buy result in errors, wasting money on network fees. Coinbase should support purchasing these assets within the main app, which is more reliable.
USER_74H7F5SBQIIR This wallet contains numerous scam coins, and the high fees make it untrustworthy. The swap feature often fails, even after waiting as advised.
USER_NOA83DD15 I continue to encounter the "something went wrong" message when using the app, despite having a strong connection. This recurring issue needs immediate attention from Coinbase support.
USER_M0183HSA After verification, I was told I needed reevaluation. Two months of attempting to resolve this issue later, my account remains restricted. Customer support has been unresponsive, providing no assistance and leaving me with unresolved problems. I've lost money and endured immense frustration. I'm switching to a different wallet—thank you, Coinbase.
USER_53BQISKD This app forces me to use the default keyboard instead of my preferred one when entering the passphrase. My phone is designed for the Chinese region, but I have no intention of using a Chinese keyboard that I can't understand. This limitation is baffling and frustrating.
USER_73IWIJEIE Don't waste your time and money on this terrible app. The support is poor, and currency swaps are impossible. Despite converting to the ETH network and paying transaction fees, I still can't swap currencies. I'm transferring my assets to another wallet to avoid further losses.
USER_NEOD7EJEJ For over two weeks, I've tried to contact customer service to update my address contract for Shido (new). Despite multiple attempts, no one has been able to assist me. As a result, I've missed out on airdrops and most of my tokens don't appear in the wallet due to the old address.
USER_YE72BAJALLRO Following a crash, I'm unable to access my Coinbase Wallet. Customer service was unresponsive, claiming high call volumes, and the automated chat provided no assistance. This experience has left me frustrated and without access to my funds.
USER_47WIJDJDJDQ While I generally like using your wallet, there's a crucial flaw that's incredibly frustrating: whenever I swipe right or attempt to drag something to the right, it acts as a "Back" command, returning me to the previous page. This issue is significant and makes me reconsider using the app.
USER_ND019382JDO This wallet is a scam. After keeping BTC in my wallet for only two weeks, I attempted to swap and encountered issues. The app prompted me to add money to the wallet, and it's impossible to withdraw without additional purchases. I recommend avoiding this wallet.
USER_NSOQ092KRKRS This app is the worst. It cost me $98 in Ethereum fees to withdraw $20 in Ethereum. You can't even withdraw the Ethereum you have; you must purchase an additional $100 worth. Once you deposit money, it's nearly impossible to withdraw. In my opinion, Coinbase Wallet is the worst crypto wallet available, with abysmal customer service.
USER_NEIE91O2KL3KS While it integrates well with Coinbase, this wallet has a steep learning curve due to its extensive functionality. However, it offers helpful resources and support sections overall.
USER_7489292JRJE A glitch occurred where verification phrases were applied to a changed account ID, resulting in the addition of a "2" after the original ID. This error caused the balance to disappear, leading to significant losses. Additionally, transfer requests were directed to the account with the altered ID, further complicating the situation.
USER_U374892IEODOOS The wallet falls short of expectations, offering a user experience akin to Chrome, which deserves a thumbs-up. However, it's selective about connecting to other platforms, such as Launch My NFT, crucial for accessing assets like @PNDY_NF mints and WL. Unfortunately, it doesn't link to LaunchMyNFTs.io or several Solana marketplaces. Nonetheless, Coinbase Wallet has its merits.
USER_HBAP0741NRIE Initially impressed by this wallet, especially as a beginner, until I read less favorable reviews. One stood out, highlighting slow transactions taking hours or days to confirm and the scarcity of program data. While I'm navigating the steep learning curve of Crypto, it's only temporary. Assuming otherwise does a disservice to beginners and seasoned investors alike.
USER_JW9RJDJJA2 Encountered a major issue where the app prevented me from swapping, prompting online forums to suggest uninstalling it. Upon reinstalling, it demanded a 12-word recovery phrase, which was never prompted for setup, resulting in the loss of my wallet and crypto assets. My advice: steer clear, don't download!
USER_NEPC03OQOKDKD It's been over two months since I submitted my KYC and required documents, yet they remain unapproved, with no assistance from customer support. Multiple tickets were opened and closed without resolution, leaving me frustrated and stranded.
USER_HR826EBSOQ9 This app is unreliable and should be avoided. I lost a significant amount of coins when advised by support staff to open a new wallet and sync it. Now, despite connecting the new wallet to the account, it shows a balance of 'Zero.' Authorities should intervene until Coinbase proves itself reliable and secure.
USER_UE8573JJDKAP Experiencing a recurring problem where the rewards page on mobile Android 13 doesn't display the entire page, making it impossible to proceed to the next step. This issue, previously encountered a year ago, has resurfaced, leaving rewards unfinished.
USER_H38T73NDJQOW Exercise extreme caution with this app, especially if you're unfamiliar with its intricacies, as it can lead to financial losses. Always read the fine print before proceeding, as I learned the hard way. High fees, uncancelable transactions, and unexpected purchases like NFTs instead of coins can quickly drain funds.
USER_82743NDOOW The fees associated with this wallet are exorbitant, including bank transaction fees, Coinbase fees, transfer fees to the wallet, and final transfer fees to the seller. I ended up paying 40% more in fees than usual and couldn't cancel or close the transaction. I strongly advise against using it.
USER_BEOR83NDPPQ Although once an excellent wallet, Coinbase Wallet has become sluggish and unresponsive, hindering fluid interaction. This slowdown, allegedly affecting only 2% of users, has cost me thousands in potential gains. It's a deliberate move by Coinbase, implemented around three months ago, impacting users' experiences negatively.
USER_8572KODJFWOE Experiencing difficulties attempting to send crypto to any address. While I can select what I want to send and how much, upon hitting the bottom button to proceed to the next page, nothing happens. It fails to register that I've pressed the button to proceed. However, if I touch anywhere else, it works fine. This issue renders the app useless for me, causing significant annoyance.
USER_84819DKNRW Customer support is severely lacking. I reached out after a transaction failed but my "fee" was deducted. It's been over a week, and I haven't received any response, despite confirmation that they received my issue.
USER_73NLHPSLQPOR It's surprising that wallet assets can be sent on many smaller chains, whereas the main Coinbase app only accepts major ones. This inconsistency feels backward, not entirely compatible with Coinbase.
USER_85829JENDKS The app consistently prevents me from sending Bitcoin, showing a generic error message "Something went wrong." This issue has persisted for over a month, even after reinstalling the app, and support inquiries are closed without response.
USER_73Q99EKDOS0 Despite emailing support for assistance, I never received any help. I wouldn't recommend it, as I don't have access to the invested funds. Save yourself the trouble and opt for another wallet. It hasn't worked for me, even after updating.
USER_HE83NROZWKEK This app is riddled with terrible glitches. It's unreliable and should be avoided. In a realm where every fraction of a second counts, Coinbase Wallet frequently malfunctions, leading to significant losses. It's time to switch to a different platform for crypto transactions.
USER_H38FUAMOWOT While the interface is impressive and packed with features, critical functionalities are missing. The absence of the nonce field makes it impossible to replace transactions. Additionally, the transaction ledger often falls out of sync with the network.
USER_74O1KWMFOW Despite having this app installed on my phone for nearly a year, it has never loaded or opened. Even with a new Galaxy Note 20 5G, it fails to load. I recommend choosing a different platform.
USER_72WIKDJW0RK Encountering login issues consistently, with the app displaying "Invalid Credentials" despite entering correct information. Attempts to update credentials via email have been unsuccessful, as the email for password change isn't received. Furthermore, accessing the profile where mail and details are configured is also problematic.
USER_BFLPA93U5JEKD Coinbase's lack of accountability is alarming. They can potentially access your wallet, drain its contents, and evade responsibility. Claiming that the app is a separate entity absolves them of any legal obligation to ensure security. Consequently, users could lose thousands to hacks without recourse.
USER_739QOSJDJDNS The app disregards "product recommendations" notification settings, sending notifications about NFTs being minted despite having the setting turned off. Additionally, it would be beneficial if the app displayed the value of coins at the time of purchase to track their performance accurately.
USER_6492JRJFIDO This wallet's limitations are frustrating. It rejects every program, including Cash App, for sending profits, leaving users unable to access their earnings. Support offers no assistance, exacerbating the situation.
USER_85929DKXKLW Overall, it's an excellent wallet/app developed by a highly reputable source. I use this wallet on a daily basis. However, the user experience could be enhanced to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Nevertheless, the app already offers a wide range of functionalities beyond just storing and transferring digital assets. As a flagship product of the successful and trusted exchange platform of the same name, I anticipate that this app/wallet will maintain high quality and continue to adapt and improve as its user base and operations grow.
USER_84JSJKKSKKDO My experience has been frustrating. Despite residing in Colorado, USA, I'm told that I'm trying to log in from a restricted region when attempting to access my account. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get assistance, and I have funds in the wallet. This app is incredibly frustrating.
USER_HD98Q47JEJD The fees for swapping or selling are exorbitant! It's unbelievably ridiculous! If you don't have a significant amount, but want to sell or swap, you're essentially stuck with them and out of luck!
USER_74829RJDOAO The fees for every transaction are excessively high. Whether it's sending money, receiving funds, or selling assets, the fees are unreasonably steep. This discourages newcomers from learning to use crypto, as the high fees make every transaction feel unprofitable.
USER_741ONDPAPFK For over four weeks, I've been attempting to log into my wallet using the passphrase, but consistently receive the error message "SOMETHING WENT WRONG." It's becoming tedious and frustrating, especially with no customer support center to address complaints. The concept is very poor.
USER_HDOD919RJDJKD The app refuses to open; for days, I've been encountering a black screen with a rotating circle and nothing else. It's incredibly frustrating.
USER_HRBDO19742JJD The app has high fees, poor design, numerous bugs, and frequently fails to open. It freezes frequently, making it difficult to use.
USER_BD9539QJDKF Most of my previous complaints have been addressed. They've added features like "send all," fee management, and the ability to export addresses/xpubs. However, a significant issue remains: for Bitcoin and possibly Litecoin, pending incoming transactions are not displayed. This omission could cause panic for inexperienced users who may think they've provided the wrong address.
USER_BDOS9E8RJSK I'm completely confused by terms like "copy barcode," "12-word phrase," and "security code." I have no idea how to find or create them. UPDATE 13-03-24: I'm still struggling to access my assets and withdraw them. I desperately need assistance.
USER_41074JXPQ0 Since the recent glitch, I've been unable to access my wallet. I've been trying to revert to the old version without success. My funds are inaccessible, and I'm incredibly frustrated. If this issue isn't resolved soon, I may consider switching to another platform.
USER_BLGW95G3JQPD The app doesn't function at all. Even with the app open, I can't connect to Coinbase. The support provided is AI-driven and utterly useless. I strongly recommend using a different wallet app.
USER_HF106GEJ39D The wallet quests are malfunctioning; it gets stuck prompting me to transfer funds. However, when I attempt to transfer funds, a small amount is left behind due to "gas fees," rendering it immovable. Moreover, the Coinbase fee for cashing out is excessive, resulting in minimal profit and feeling scammed.
USER_DH9W742IND As I continue learning, I appreciate the availability of tutorials provided. So far, my experience with the company has been very trustworthy, which is rare to find online nowadays.
USER_BDOS019EJ Suddenly, the basic Coinbase app is no longer compatible with my phone. Although it functioned properly yesterday, I can't access it in the app store or use the version already downloaded.
USER_BDOE84JJFIA I'm unable to reset my password because I'm not receiving instructions via email or phone. Consequently, this app, developed by an incompetent developer, is utterly useless.
USER_830JDPW9RJE This app is incredibly frustrating to use. I can't navigate it for even a minute without encountering a "something went wrong" error message. Additionally, I've been unable to send my assets since March 1st, 2024, without any explanation.
USER_HD8E649QJDKS Please address the notification settings; despite turning off all non-essential notifications, I continue to receive promotional content, which is bothersome.
USER_UD716RJDNSO Throughout transactions, there's no indication of the asset's cost being purchased. Basic information like prices against each crypto is lacking, making the app rudimentary.
USER_XHOW9RJEDJOS I attempted to purchase crypto unavailable on Coinbase by transferring Matic to the Coinbase wallet. However, the desired crypto wasn't on the Matic network but on the Ether network. After transferring Ether, I realized it was on the Basic network, necessitating an additional $15 fee to bridge it to the correct network. This fee is excessive, prompting me to uninstall the app.
USER_NS0184NFO9A Despite experiencing significant gains in my coins after transferring them from Coinbase to my wallet, I encountered difficulties cashing out to PayPal. The process is convoluted, and fees are exorbitant, leaving me feeling robbed.
USER_DU828RNDOOQKD Coinbase remains my favorite platform in the crypto realm, offering comprehensive services with detailed instructions and walkthroughs. It was the first account I opened and still use daily. The crypto debit card feature is convenient, allowing assets to be spent anytime, anywhere. Withdrawals at ATMs are remarkable, demonstrating Coinbase's superiority in the industry.
USER_BD919R8NRID Using this app is not worthwhile; the interest rates and exchange rates, coupled with fees, result in minimal returns. I'm frustrated by the high fees incurred for exchanging funds back to money.
USER_ND8Q93NEKD Every attempt to access the app results in a prompt to try again. Despite reinstalling and attempting to recover my wallet through various methods, I consistently encounter errors preventing access.
USER_DH82748WJDJ This app is garbage; it consistently fails to function. Every attempt to swap assets results in repeated "something went wrong" errors, with no solutions provided.
USER_BSI29RKKZ9 Overall, my experience with the app has been terrible. Persistent errors have locked my funds, preventing any transactions, including swaps.


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