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BiliBili - HD Anime, Videos app (v.2.81.4)

Check out the exciting lineup of new anime premiering in January 2024:

- Solo Leveling: An adaptation of the popular comic series where you can embark on a journey to become the most formidable hunter.
- Ragna Crimson: Join the dragon hunters as they strive for victory in this epic tale.
- The Daily Life of the Immortal King S4: Witness the hilarious antics of an immortal cultivator as he navigates through his daily routine in disguise.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases featuring hot-blooded battles, isekai adventures, cheat plots, romance, and comedy!

Plus, exclusively on BiliBili, don't miss the highly anticipated One Piece Egghead Arc.

Get ready to indulge in a plethora of fantastic anime by downloading BiliBili today!we



USER_JF9WOTO2KD I used to adore this app, but due to the recent update, I'm considering uninstalling it. The update is a complete downgrade! Subtitles in downloaded videos are problematic; they don't appear even after downloading, and the download limit is frustrating. Now, you have to watch ads just to download. Plus, ads show up in the search section, which was never the case before, and it's incredibly annoying. Please revert this update and bring back the old one. Thank you.
USER_FK82ITO2ODIA This app was almost perfect; it's such a shame. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but once I couldn't download a 720p video, and whenever I select it, it automatically switches to 420p resolution. Then, another issue arose, or perhaps it was an unannounced update, but suddenly the 720p option (which used to be free) was labeled as a purchase option, forcing you to subscribe. I'd reconsider my rating and opinion if these issues were resolved. Thank you.
USER_XN828TKD9Q I would have given a 5-star rating before, but since the March update, subtitles no longer appear on my downloaded videos, even those I've already watched, and it's really frustrating. I was planning to go premium in April, but thanks to the update (which feels more like a downgrade), I'm having second thoughts. Unless the issue with disappearing subtitles is fixed, I guess I won't be using the app for a while. I hope you can address this problem soon.
USER_JF829GKZ9D9 I'm really disappointed with the update; how can you enjoy watching if the screen freezes? I have a good internet connection, yet this issue persists. Additionally, another problem arises when the screen goes black while the video continues playing, especially after finishing an episode or when an ad pops up. It's incredibly annoying because I have to restart the app repeatedly. Please fix these issues.
USER_JD828GK8Z8W I love this app, but almost all the new anime from 2023-2024 are premium, and they change the subtitles. Personally, I find it quite annoying that they alter the subtitles. I've been using this app for four years, and I liked it more initially because the anime wasn't premium. Thank you for the anime, but please consider making some changes, Bilibili.
USER_JF829GKX99QOR The ads are bothersome; I never intended to update because of this, but it auto-updated. I can't watch peacefully because the annoying ads freeze the screen. Just a few hours ago, I was watching without any ads, and everything was perfect. However, after the update, the lagging returned. The audio plays, but the video lags, which was the problem before, so I uninstalled it. I uninstalled it again today, reducing my rating from 3 stars to 2 stars.
USER_NF8T9QFKFOOS I agree with the comments below; the ads keep appearing every 20 seconds, causing the video to freeze while the sound continues playing, forcing me to exit the app. It's becoming a recurring issue, quite annoying, to be honest. I understand the need for ads to generate revenue for those who choose not to subscribe, but every 20 seconds? Imagine watching a one-hour video with an ad every few seconds. Also, sometimes the app becomes laggy upon opening.
USER_JXIE8FKSIQ9F Despite frequent updates, the app consistently freezes after playback, requiring me to manually rewind to where I left off. This issue persists regardless of a stable internet connection or changing the video resolution. Strangely, ads play smoothly without causing freezes. However, sometimes even after the ad, the video restarts, leading to numerous interruptions. It's infuriating to constantly readjust the playback position due to these issues.
USER_NC9T92LDKFOW Giving the app another try proved to be worse than when I uninstalled it. Even after purchasing Premium, intrusive ads continue to disrupt the experience. Ads persist after locking the phone, downloads pause unexpectedly, closed captions turn off when the next episode begins, and landscape mode doesn't function properly, requiring a convoluted process to fix. The Premium theme also negatively impacts the user interface.
USER_JCIWIDI839W While updates are meant to improve the app, it consistently freezes upon initial use, preventing direct playback. This issue has been reported by other users and is experienced across multiple devices. Playback starts for a few seconds before freezing, requiring a replay or rewind/forward to resolve. This problem has persisted since last month or earlier.
USER_VSO73GWIS Despite having enjoyed this game for over a year, frequent interruptions have become unbearable. Randomly, while watching anime, playback stops, and the only solution is to play another video and return to the original anime. This workaround used to be effective, but now the issue occurs more frequently, causing significant frustration. Please address this bug promptly.
USER_267EGEISH3H Downloading videos is a struggle as the app consistently freezes. Despite a stable internet connection and proper functionality of other apps, downloads fail to progress. Upon checking the download status, the file size remains at 0kb, even for videos that should be much larger. Numerous bugs need immediate attention and resolution.
USER_HW7TDV3IEU The app fails to function properly when using Wi-Fi. While ads load without issue, anime content does not load. Despite other apps functioning normally with the same Wi-Fi connection, this issue persists, requiring multiple attempts and ad views to finish watching an episode. Despite frequent updates, this critical issue remains unresolved.
USER_627SGSGSO The recent update on March 18 drastically changed the app experience for the worse. While I didn't experience lag like others, the absence of subtitles is a significant concern. Reluctantly updating the application often feels like a downgrade. After updating, I regretted paying for a premium subscription as videos would stop while subtitles continued, indicating the issue isn't related to internet or device performance. Other apps function normally.
USER_G5X83HEHEH In my opinion, the new version of the app differs significantly from the old one. The new version inundates users with ads, leading to frustration and occasional freezing or lag upon opening the app. Additionally, the shift towards more premium content limits free options. Conversely, the old version was ad-free, smooth, and offered more free content. The frequent updates seem to be changing the app for the worse, making the old version preferable.
USER_G751UGEFUW Yet another disappointing update prompts me to edit my review for the third time. Despite promises of improvement, the app remains unchanged, with audio continuing while the video freezes and exits the anime being watched. Even lowering the quality setting fails to alleviate the issue. Since its initial launch, the app has only deteriorated, leading me to consider deleting it altogether.
USER_52UHEBEKS692 The app's performance has been deteriorating lately, with frequent freezing and lagging despite regular updates. While I understand the necessity of ads in a free app, the excessive interruptions detract from the viewing experience. Please prioritize resolving the freezing and lagging issues to enhance user satisfaction.
USER_G996RGKKGFV Although I appreciate the content and user interface of the app, improvements are needed in functionality and design tweaks. I lean towards a more minimalistic approach. Despite the appealing annual subscription offer, the persistent appearance of ads even with a subscription is frustrating and diminishes its value.
USER_B754GI9YHH This app used to be my go-to for daily anime enjoyment, but recent updates inundate me with ads every 20 seconds, disrupting the viewing experience. Additionally, frequent video freezes necessitate downgrading resolution, making premium subscription feel essential for uninterrupted viewing. While the app had potential, its current state is questionable for daily use.
USER_ While the app serves its purpose for watching anime, optimization is sorely needed. Lagging, bugs, and flickering screens upon opening detract from the user experience. Moreover, discrepancies in download sizes and occasional subtitle issues require attention for smoother operation.
USER_B965YOLJVD6I Despite opting for premium subscription to eliminate ads, their persistent appearance upon app opening or when the phone reactivates is disappointing. Moreover, erratic download behavior, including sudden pauses despite stable connections, undermines the subscription's value. Rectifying these issues is crucial to retaining subscribers.
USER_H74GIJFTOKJD Initially providing a smooth experience, the app's frequent crashes and severe lagging in recent months have become intolerable. Despite regular updates, performance remains subpar, leading to wasted time and frustration. Considering switching to alternative streaming platforms due to diminishing patience with ongoing issues.
USER_V75YIHFVBJ While the app was once reliable for series and movie streaming, its current state is chaotic, with video lagging, crashing, and unexpected interruptions. These issues significantly disrupt the viewing experience and warrant immediate attention for improvement.
USER_B875UOJHV Even as a premium user, the persistent annoyance of ads, especially when pausing videos, diminishes the enjoyment of the app. Unforeseen interruptions during playback and sporadic subtitle disappearance further compound the frustration. Considering alternatives due to the declining user experience.
USER_B7578JGDJK As an avid anime fan, I've relied on this app for quite some time. However, with each update, the influx of ads becomes increasingly bothersome. Recently, I've encountered a persistent screen issue that delays my access to content, sometimes taking up to 30 minutes to resolve. It's disheartening. I truly hope the team addresses these issues soon.
USER_H866HPLNFHII After being a loyal annual premium subscriber for two years, I've decided not to renew. Despite the premium status, ads persist, including unskippable 30-second ones. It's frustrating to see ads promoting premium features when I'm already subscribed. For those considering premium, I'd advise against it. Look elsewhere for a better experience.
USER_H096HNLOJGG While the app functions adequately, the allure of its cheap premium subscription is tarnished by recurring ads. Consider using ad-blocking extensions on a PC or exploring alternative apps, as the premium version fails to justify its cost.
USER_H64YGJO9UKK This app has been my sanctuary for years, but the recent inundation of ads is unbearable, especially the requirement to watch ads for downloads. Though I've grown somewhat accustomed to the ads, I've noticed missing features over time, like the picture-in-picture mode, which adds to the frustration.
USER_BYTGIYGVKOBF Despite its merits for anime viewing, the app's download speed suffers even with a stable connection. While the premium subscription is attractively priced, the persistence of ads, even for premium users, detracts from its value. Subtitle disappearance post-update further compounds the frustration.
USER_B75YOOKJBH Recent months have seen a surge in intrusive ads, often followed by glitches and lagging, disrupting the viewing experience. While ads are a necessary evil, their frequency is becoming intolerable, prompting a preference for the previous version of the app.
USER_V64UHBBCGHO Continual interruptions from ads during video playback, even for premium subscribers like myself, are exasperating. Additionally, attempting to add a backup payment method proves futile, hindering access to premium content. I implore the developers to address these issues promptly.
USER_B7680JGCNKJ While I empathize with the necessity of ads due to copyright concerns, their prevalence has become overwhelming. From ads between episodes to interruptions during pausing, they've become a constant source of frustration, detracting from the app's role as a stress reliever. Please consider reducing their frequency for a more enjoyable user experience.
USER_BI876GHO875G Despite the app's great video quality and timely updates for new episodes, the abundance of ads is becoming quite bothersome. It's disheartening that almost all anime content is restricted to premium users, making it inaccessible even with the latest updates. While I don't mind the ads, I hope the developers address this premium issue or reduce the number of premium episodes. Thank you. ♡♡♡
USER_G75IKJBVJ99 Initially, I loved this app, but with each update, it's becoming increasingly frustrating. The constant lagging, freezing, and repetitive opening and closing of the app have become unbearable. I adore this app, but...
USER_H654FHITFHU This app has been my go-to for watching anime and series for a long time. However, recently it's been plagued by freezing issues, making it nearly impossible to use. Like many others, I'm experiencing glitches and freezes, especially during video playback, disrupting my viewing experience. I hope there's a solution to this problem soon.
USER_BI96TGJKK I had to remove this app from my phone. It seems the creators have become too focused on monetization, with most content now behind a premium paywall and restrictive download limits. The excessive ads everywhere, even when opening the app or pausing a video, make it unbearable. I've found a new anime app that's much better.
USER_G4ESSFYU756H While this app used to be good for watching series, recent updates have inundated it with ads, even appearing with simple button presses. I understand the need for ads, but it's become difficult to enjoy the app. Additionally, downloads are unreasonably slow despite fast wifi. It still has its merits, but there are downsides.
USER_BJO976BBJKKG I regret updating the app due to a disappointing change. Previously, subtitles were included with downloads, but now I have to download them individually for each video. It's an inconvenience that detracts from the overall experience. I hope this issue gets addressed soon.
USER_G8GVVBJIHBN The app's functionality on Android TV boxes is lacking. The exit button on the player doesn't work with the remote, trapping users without an exit option. Landscape viewing isn't optimized, and prolonged use can cause device lag, unlike other streaming apps like Netflix or Prime.
USER_CNIWOGM3ODO One of the main issues with this app's decline is the excessive use of premium features, restricting access to specific anime and imposing daily download limits. Additionally, the inability to access high-quality content without premium further diminishes its appeal. It's a disappointing trend for what was once a great app.
USER_JF82ISKFKSKC Losing 17 days of premium due to a bug is frustrating, especially when trying to use the subscription on another device. The lack of certain anime titles and the absence of dual audio options like Crunchyroll make the subscription feel like a regrettable decision.
USER_JF828FKXOOA Why can't I watch short videos anymore? Now, I have to manually scroll and select a video to watch, and I no longer enjoy watching user-edited videos in this app. I'm unsure if this is a bug or if the BStation team removed this feature. If it's a bug and it's been fixed, I'll update my rating. However, if it's not a bug, I'll unfortunately have to delete this app. Thank you for creating this masterpiece app.✌🏻
USER_UD72JFISIFJ Overall, I'd rate this app 1 star because it's quite disappointing. The subtitles glitch out unexpectedly, sometimes not appearing at all. Additionally, despite purchasing premium, ads still appear frequently. The abundance of ads and the requirement to buy premium for certain shows are major drawbacks for me. These are just my opinions, and I don't mean to be rude.
USER_JF8WIFK8WKX I'm giving this app 1 star because it's really disappointing. After being prompted to update, the app started lagging, and video downloads became difficult, sometimes resulting in black screens. Additionally, there's an excessive influx of ads that weren't there before. While ads are tolerable, these issues need to be addressed by Bilibili.
USER_JC82KSKIAKFOE There's a recurring issue with excessive ads causing the app to freeze frequently. After watching for some time, an ad appears, causing the app to freeze before eventually crashing. This has happened multiple times, frustratingly interrupting my viewing experience. Furthermore, videos I've been binge-watching are mysteriously deleted, which adds to the frustration.
USER_JF8292OKFKF While I appreciate this app, it's plagued by severe lagging and freezing issues, making it nearly impossible to watch videos properly. Even after the recent update on March 8, 2024, these bugs persist. Despite these drawbacks, I continue to use the app, hoping for improvements.
USER_JF8QIKFJFIS This app is highly recommended, but it would be helpful to receive a warning before ads appear. Suddenly encountering an ad while watching with full sound can be disruptive. Providing a heads-up would enhance the user experience.
USER_JCIW8XIOAOFKK I'm deeply disappointed with the recent update. The frequent appearance of ads causes videos to freeze, forcing me to change episodes and endure even more ads just to unfreeze the app. It feels like the app is monetizing our inconvenience, which is disheartening. Please reduce the number of ads.
USER_JD8QIFKAIFJIE I've uninstalled the app for now. I'll reinstall it if the picture-in-picture feature is reinstated in the future. For now, I'll use HITV, which offers all the anime and movies for free. The removal of this feature led me to uninstall the app, despite using it for over three years.
USER_JD8WI8FXJKAID Despite paying for premium, there's no skip button for ads on the startup page, which can be incredibly frustrating. It feels pointless to pay for premium when unskippable ads still appear.
USER_J84ISICKSIX While it's commendable that previous issues have been addressed, a new problem has arisen. The app feels laggy on my new phone, likely due to the excessive number of ads. I urge the creators to optimize the app for a smoother experience.
USER_JFNJWIID8838Q The app has been lagging for quite some time now, even with premium. Additionally, I encountered an issue where I paid for monthly premium but received no benefits until I purchased a 3-month premium subscription. The lack of refund for the initial payment is disappointing.
USER_KF8W9AODKKEOO This app is quite good, but there's room for improvement in organizing uploaded content. There's a need to filter out certain social media advertisements that contain suggestive language and images, particularly those enticing viewers to access mature content. Hopefully, the developers can address this issue soon. Other than that, it's a solid app suitable for ages 15 and up, offering a user-friendly interface and a vast selection of anime series and movies.
USER_JD8X8WIKF9ZOSI Following the latest update, the developers have significantly increased the number of intrusive ads. Opening the app prompts two ads, starting a movie results in another four ads, and even skipping forward triggers two more ads. Every interaction with the timeline triggers ads, disrupting the user experience. Unfortunately, there's no option to skip these ads.
USER_IE8XIFIWKOXO I've been paying for a subscription every month to avoid ads while watching, especially when the anime I want to watch isn't available on Crunchyroll or Netflix. However, despite being a premium member, ads still interrupt my viewing experience. It's frustrating to pay for a service and still encounter ads. Perhaps it's time for me to cancel my subscription.
USER_8W8SIFIKWIKC Bilibili is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for watching anime, but the premium features are becoming increasingly frustrating. Previously, users could access content in 720p, but now it's limited to 480p. Moreover, many newly released anime titles are restricted to premium users, and the frequency of ads has become more irritating.
USER_UX7WIDJJXKX While this app was initially reliable, it's become increasingly frustrating. Subtitles frequently disappear, making it difficult to understand the dialogue. I urge the developers to address this issue promptly. Despite these challenges, I remain hopeful that Bilibili will resolve these issues.
USER_JF8W8QJDJSIS The abundance of ads in this app is becoming overwhelming, especially when clicking on a new episode. Additionally, the majority of anime content now requires premium membership, which is disappointing for users who prefer to watch for free. It's disheartening to see popular shows restricted to premium access.
USER_JF8WIFJISJCIS I've used this app for years, appreciating its HD quality and extensive content library. However, after updating my phone, I've encountered a recurring issue where subtitles disappear when the screen locks. This forces me to restart the app frequently, disrupting my viewing experience.
USER_72JIXIFIIAKKDKC It's disheartening to see the app prioritize premium features over user experience. Locking 720p resolution behind a paywall seems unnecessary, especially when higher resolutions are already available. This greed may drive users to seek alternative, free options elsewhere.
USER_JF8E818DIIFIWJDJ The frequency of ads in this app has become excessive, with every action triggering an ad. While ads before content are understandable, the constant interruptions are frustrating and detract from the user experience.
USER_JC8W8QIDJFJID Despite offering a premium subscription, the app still bombards users with ads, making the subscription feel redundant. Furthermore, the premium price is higher compared to other apps offering similar services.
USER_IW8DIK2OZKID While I initially enjoyed using this app for its free anime content, recent updates have made it less appealing. Limiting the number of videos users can download is disappointing, especially considering its previous functionality. I hope the app can revert to its previous version.


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